how to connect tzumi led lights to phone

How to connect Tzumi led lights to phone? Tzumi has a variety of LED lights, all of which can be connected to a phone. 

Tzumi has many apps. The easiest to use are the auraLED and the Go LED. If you have many smart devices at home, then the Tzumi Smart Home is great. Further, you can use any other IR and Bluetooth apps to connect to Tzumi LED lights.

If you want to learn which method is the best, keep reading. As we teach you how to use each app, we will also comment on its effectiveness.

How To Connect Tzumi LED Lights To Phone? – Guide

how to connect tzumi led

Tzumi fabricates many LED light models for many environments. You can use a light bar, LED strip, bulbs, or anything else the brand has in store.

If all you want is to control your Tzumi LED lights via your phone, we have put the perfect guide for you. 

Check below how you can control each Tzumi product from the palm of your hand.

Method #1: Using the AuraLED app

Perhaps you already went into the PlayStore/AppStore and checked that Tzumi offers more than one app for their products.

One reason that explains that is that Tzumi has apps with different functionalities. For example, some of them connect only to certain products.

use the auraled app

The AuraLED app is designed to work with AuraLED products. You can find them on Tzumi’s webpage and on many retailers such as Amazon.

Do you have any Tzumi AuraLED products? Then, we will show you how you can set it up and control it from your phone.

  1. Open the AppStore/PlayStore
  2. Find auraLED app
  3. Download it
  4. Plug your AuraLED product into a power source
  5. Activate Bluetooth on your phone
  6. Open the app

As you can see in videos around the web, some Tzumi products automatically connect once you open the app.

However, sometimes, no notification will show up. Instead, you must play with the color patterns to see if it affects your product.

Tip: If it didn’t connect automatically, check your Bluetooth settings and see if you can find your LED light. Pair it if possible.

Method #2: Using the Go LED app

use the go led app

As already mentioned, Tzumi boasts many different apps for its products. This time we will show you how to use the Go LED app. 

The Go LED app is developed for all Tzumi products, not only the auraLED series.

That means you can connect a wider variety of their LED lights, such as the Mood Light and the Xtreme USB Light Strip.

According to tests performed, the Go LED app also functions Bluetooth-based.

Similar to the auraLED app, though, it should connect automatically. Let’s see how you must proceed:

  1. Open the AppStore/PlayStore
  2. Find the Go LED app
  3. Download it
  4. Plug your Tzumi product(s) into a power source
  5. Activate Bluetooth on your phone
  6. Open the app

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Issues

troubleshoot the bluetooth

If nothing happens, you must Find your device:

  1. Open Bluetooth options
  2. Check available devices 
  3. Connect to the desired device

Is your device not showing up? Perhaps it is not Bluetooth-enabled, or it is too far away.

Method #3: Use Tzumi Smart Home

Those with plenty of Tzumi devices at home will find that the best option is controlling all LED lights via the Tzumi Smart Home app.

One major advantage of the Tzumi Smart Home app is that it has received more updates than the other two already listed apps.

Thus, getting support for it from the official devs should be easier.

use the tzumi smart home

To install and set up Tzumi Smart Home with your LEDs:

  1. Head to the PlayStore
  2. Find Tzumi Smart Home
  3. Download and open it
  4. Sign in or register

Once you are registered, browse the app’s menu:

  1. Click on Add Device in the upper right corner
  2. Click Lighting
  3. Choose the type of LED light
  4. Follow the instructions
Note: The Tzumi Smart Home app does not work with all the LED lights that Tzumi manufactured over the years. 

For example, the auraLED Light Bar is not available on the menu, so you can’t connect it.

Method #4: Use A Generic IR App

use a generic ir app

Tzumi LED lights might sometimes not work correctly with Tzumi proprietary apps.

That is because some Tzumi apps are already a bit old. 

Further, some LED lights do not specify their technology: is it Bluetooth or IR?

Because of that, we advise you to use a generic IR app for LED lights that refuse to connect to any of the apps mentioned in the other methods.

  1. Open your App/Play Store
  2. Find the vRGB – LED IR Remote Control app
  3. Download and open it
  4. Control your LED lights with the app
Note: You can only use such an application if your phone has an IR blaster.

Method #5: Use A Different Bluetooth App

use different blueototh app

If you can’t or don’t want to use the apps shown in the two first methods, you can resort to a universal Bluetooth app. 

The LED Magic Blue app is very popular because it connects to Bluetooth LED strips and other LED lights.

Here is what you must do:

  1. Search for the app on your Play/App Store
  2. Download and open it
  3. Ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is on
  4. Pair with your LED lights
  5. Now you can control from the app

With a non-Bluetooth-enabled LED strip, you will need a Bluetooth adapter. You can find those very easily on retailers such as Amazon. 

To use them, you must connect the adapter to the LED strip and to a power source.

Then, follow the steps above.

Method #6: Enable Wi-Fi On A Tzumi LED Strip

The only native Tzumi app that would let you control your Tzumi lights via Wi-Fi is the Tzumi Smart Home.

However, if you can’t control your lights with it, you must buy a Wi-Fi adapter.

Keep in mind that Wi-Fi adapters will only work for LED strips. So, once you get your hands on such an adapter, you must connect it to your LED strip and a power source.

That way, your LED strip will be reachable via Wi-Fi. 


  1. Open the App Store/Play Store
  2. Look for Magic Home Pro
  3. Download it
enable wifi on led app

Now connect everything:

  1. Open the app
  2. Click the + at the upper right corner
  3. Select Add Device
  4. Choose the device showing up
  5. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter your credentials
  6. Change the name of the adapter if you want
Tip: You can integrate Magic Home Pro into Alexa and other smart hubs, making your Tzumi LED lights controllable via voice.

What We Learned

How to connect Tzumi led lights to phone? Connecting any Tzumi LED light to your phone requires an app. Tzumi has many apps, some of which are better than others. 

This guide taught you how to use the best apps offered by Tzumi.

However, if they don’t work for you or don’t have the features you are looking for, you can still use third-party apps to customize your experience.

Nicole B