how to change screen size on philips tv without remote

Asking how to change screen size on Philips TV without remote? Changing the screen size of your Philips TV is easy and is possible in different ways without having the hardware remote.

Let’s learn more!

To change the screen size of your Philips TV without a remote, use the MENU button on the TV’s hardware to access the main menu. Then, press the Volume/- and Volume/+ buttons to select horizontal items of the menu. Go to Menu > Settings > Picture > Picture Size and configure the setting from there.

Let’s now proceed further where we’ll look into how to change the screen size on your Philips TV without using the remote in steps.

How To Adjust Screen Size On Philips TV Without Remote?

change screen size on philips tv without remote

Generally, there are a variety of ways to adjust the screen size on your Philips TV without actually using a remote.

One of the possibilities is using the in-built hardware buttons, which is the easiest method after the remote.

Let’s begin with changing the screen size using the hardware buttons on your Philips TV to adjust the screen size.

Tip: For adjusting the screen size, we suggest using the AUTO-ALIGN feature, which will automatically fit your screen size without setting each option one by one.

Method #1 Use Hardware Buttons

On the side of your Philips TV, there are hardware buttons that will allow you to browse through the settings.

The buttons you will need are MENU, both of the VOLUME buttons, and the CHANNEL “-” and “+”.

Once you’ve located these buttons, let’s quickly review their functionality:

Hardware Buttons Functions

use side buttons

Each of these side panel buttons is necessary to browse through the menu and reach the desired settings.

It’s recommended to get familiar with these buttons beforehand:

  • MENU button – Pressing the MENU button on your Philips TV will take you to the main menu.
  • VOLUME -/+ buttons – These buttons generally control the volume of your TV, while at the home screen. However, when in the main menu, they will let you select horizontal items of the menu.
  • Channel “-” and “+” buttons – Same as with the volume buttons, while at the menu the channel buttons will allow you to select vertical items of the menu.
Note: Remember that you have to be in the main menu for the volume and channel buttons to start guiding you through the settings.

Otherwise, they will simply perform their general actions, hence, controlling the volume and changing channels.

Navigating Through The Settings

Now that you know what each of the hardware buttons on your television does, let’s guide you to the picture settings and adjust the screen size.

Here’s how to access the picture settings on your Philips TV:

  1. Press the “MENU” hardware button on your TV.
  2. Using the channel/down button, scroll down to the “Picture Settings” tab.
  3. Select the tab, using the “Volume/+” button.
  4. Once in the picture settings, you can either use the “AUTO-ALIGN” feature or adjust the screen as you like.

You might have to play around with it until you get the combinations correct, but essentially, this is how you navigate through the settings using the hardware buttons.

Method #2 Use Philips TV Remote App

use tv remote app

Philips has created an accessible and user-friendly mobile application that works the same way as a regular remote.

It really comes in handy, especially in situations where you’ve lost your original hardware remote and desperately need one.

Let’s begin with installing the Philips remote app:

How To Download & Setup Philips Remote App?

The application is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android units in their respective app store.

You first need to download the application and here’s how to do it:

  1. On your smartphone or iPad, head over to the Google Play/App Store.
  2. In the search field, do “Philips TV Remote App”.
  3. Download the first result, released by Philips.
Important: Make sure not to download any unofficial applications, since they can be carriers of viruses for your smartphone or device.

Now to set up the Philips application, follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure that your TV is up and running.
  2. Open the Philips remote app on your smartphone.
  3. Wait for the scan to complete and click on your TV’s connection.
  4. Wait for the pairing.

Now a digital remote, the same as your hardware remote, will appear on your smartphone’s screen.

It would allow you to control and browse through the TV settings, so let’s proceed with locating the screen size options and adjusting them.

Navigating Through The Settings

Now that you have the remote application ready to go, your next step should be to guide you through the settings using its features.

Here’s how to navigate through the settings of your Philips TV using the remote application:

  1. On your Philips remote app, press the MENU button.
  2. Using the arrowsand the “OKbutton, navigate to the Picture Settings tab.
  3. Either use AUTO-ALIGN or adjust the picture to your liking.
Note: Remember that you must be close enough to your TV in order to use the Philips remote. The recommended distance is up to 10 meters maximum.

Let’s now learn how to change screen size on Philips TV without remote, using an IR blaster on an Android phone.

Method #3 Use IR Blaster On Android

use your android

Some Android smartphones have an in-build IR blaster. This is the same infrared signal that your average remote uses to communicate with the television.

There’s a high possibility that your own phone has an IR signal and is capable of communicating with your Philips TV.

Here are some of the Android phones that have IR blasters:

  • Poco F3 and F3 GT
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 series
  • Vivo X70 Pro Plus
  • Xiaomi 11T series
  • Poco M4 Pro
  • Redmi Note 11 Pro and Pro Plus

You can Google your own phone to determine whether it has an IR blaster equipped or not.

How To Control Philips TV With IR Blaster On Android?

To put the IR blaster into use, you must download the AnyMote Smart IR Remote application from the store.

You don’t have to connect your phone to the Philips TV, since the IR blaster doesn’t need a connection in order to work.

Simply download the application and wait for the digital remote to appear. You will have arrows, Menu buttons, and everything there is on a regular remote.

Follow the instructions from the methods above to access and adjust the picture settings.

Note: Ensure that you’re pointing your phone towards the television when pressing any buttons otherwise the IR functionality won’t work.

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Thus, to adjust the picture on your Philips TV without a remote, you can either use the hardware buttons, the Philips remote app, or the AnyMote Smart IR remote. To access the picture settings, go to Menu > Settings > Picture Settings > AUTO-ALIGN/Adjust.

Bottom Line:

After learning how to change screen size on Philips TV without remote, the execution is the easy part.

As long as you’re following our steps correctly, you shouldn’t have a problem adjusting the picture settings using any of our 3 different approaches.

Nicole B