how to change led light color without remote

How To Change LED Light Color Without Remote? You have plenty of luck if you are looking for a more convenient solution to change your LED colors without a remote. 

Nowadays, you can change LED light colors with Alexa, Google Assistant, or apps on your devices. Most methods, of course, require Bluetooth- or WiFi-enabled LED lights.

Are you eager to control your LED lights with technological sophistication? Then follow the guide below to learn the most creative methods!

How To Change LED Light Color Without Remote? – Guide

how change led light

How to change LED lights without a remote? Fortunately, many different and amazing ways to control your LED lights without a remote.

You can do it whether you lost the remote control, broke it, or don’t like using it. 

Method #1: Use Alexa

Controlling your LED lights through Alexa is the coolest way of getting rid of the remote control.

You can do it through your phone or other preferred Alexa-compatible devices such as Echo Show.

use your alexa

You can find many different Alexa-compatible LED lights on Amazon and other retailers.

Such compatibility will be advertised as one of the main features, making it easy to spot.

Once you have your LEDs on, you must:

  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Go to Devices
  3. Click All Devices
  4. You will see a button saying Lights or find your lights at the end of the list.
  5. Click either of those.

With your lights connected, you will see the options for controlling them on your Alexa app. 

From there on, you can also set voice commands. For example, you can create commands to turn the lights on whenever you enter the room. 

Tip: You can create setups such as dimming the lights when you are ready to watch Netflix.

Method #2: Use An App To Control Via Infrared

use control via infrared

Suppose you have very simple LED lights with only infrared and nothing else.

In that case, you can substitute a remote controller with a phone app.

That will require that your phone also has an infrared blaster. Nowadays, the feature is no longer so common.

However, if your phone has it, do the following:

  1. Download the app Remote for LED Lights on PlayStore
  2. Open the app
  3. Choose a layout that matches your previous controller
  4. Get close to your LED lights
  5. Point the phone
  6. Play with the configurations to see if it works

Note: Infrared doesn’t have much range, so ensure you are close to the LED lights.

Method #3: Control Via Magic Home

control magic home app

Magic Home is an incredible app that lets you control your LED lights via Wi-Fi.

You will need to buy a Smart Wi-Fi LED Controller and a Wi-Fi adapter for any LED strip.

Once you have this Wi-Fi adapter, do the following:

  1. Connect it to a power source
  2. Connect the other end to your LED lights

The QR code on the device shows it is compatible with Magic Home. However, the app it prompts you to download is an outdated version.

So, instead, you must: 

  1. Open the App Store/Play Store
  2. Look for Magic Home Pro
  3. Download it

Note that you can perform this on your phone or any other Wi-Fi-enabled device that can download apps.

You could do it on your Android tablet or iPhone too.

Add the device

add the device

With the app installed, you can now add your LED lights to it:

  1. Open the app
  2. Click the + at the upper right corner
  3. Select Add Device
  4. Choose the device showing up
  5. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter your credentials
  6. Change the name of the adapter if you want

After you set it all up, the LED lights will show up on the homepage of your Magic Home app. 

Magic Home Pro will allow you to do all you can with the remote control and even more.

Further, it also allows you to add multiple LED lights and control each separately.

Tip: If you have an Alexa-enabled device, you can add Magic Home as a skill and control your LED lights via voice!

Method #4: Connect Via Bluetooth

connect via bluetooth

Bluetooth remote control is an option for certain LED strip lights. Bluetooth-based remote controls have a few distinct benefits compared to Wi-Fi and infrared.

  • If your Wi-Fi goes down, you can’t access your LED lights
  • Infrared requires you to be too close to the LED lights

The quality of your Bluetooth devices will determine how close you need to be for them to work.

If you want to use your new Bluetooth LED strip lights, you’ll need to switch them on and install the accompanying software on your mobile device.

Do your LED strip lights have Bluetooth but no specific app? Then, the generic LED Magic Blue app is available in the Play Store and may be used in place of a specific app.

Do the following after downloading the app of your choice:

  1. Turn your LED lights on.
  2. Turn your phone’s Bluetooth on
  3. Open the app
  4. Detect the LED lights
  5. Pair the app with them

Any app you use to control via Bluetooth will let you change colors and set different configurations.

Tip: Like the previous method, you can do this on any Bluetooth-enabled device with a Play Store that can download LED Magic Blue.

Method #5: Integrate Into Google Nest/Home

integrate your google home

This method is similar to using Alexa. However, it will require that your LED strip light has native compatibility with Google Assistant.

Fortunately, many models you can buy from retailers are compatible.

To connect your LED lights to your Google smart hub, do the following:

  1. Turn the LED lights on
  2. Open the Google Home app
  3. Tap Add/+
  4. Click Set up device
  5. The app will recognize the lights right away

Once you connect the lights to the app, you must set up your preferences and play with the many configurations.

Method #6: Control Via Computer

Computer software to control LED lights is usually more complicated and directed toward professional use. 

You will need to connect your LED lights to your PC’s motherboard via USB or any other connection your LED strip lights have.

After that, you can download any of the following:

  • Madrix
  • LED Strip Studio
  • Aqua Computer Aqua Suite

Installing The Software

install the software

Installing any of them is very intuitive. You just need to go to the software’s main page and download the installer.

After installing it, the software will detect compatible LED lights connected to your computer.

From there on, you can choose the colors and changing patterns in each software.

Madrix and LED Strip Studio will be the best options if you are geared toward professional usage

Now, if all you want is to add a nice touch to the light pattern in your environment, Aqua Computer is great enough.

Note: Software such as ASUS Aura Sync is made for ASUS products. That’s why we didn’t list it or any similar option.

What We Learned

How to change LED light color without remote? You can do that in many interesting ways.

The most common is via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but you can also use smart hubs such as Echo Dot or Google Home.

You can even control LED lights through your computer, but that is recommended for professionals or gamers only. 

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