how to cancel youtube tv subscription on iphone

How to cancel YouTube TV subscription on iPhone? You might be confused about how to cancel your YouTube TV membership via the iPhone App.

This guide will teach how you can circumvent that.

YouTube TV doesn’t allow iOS users to cancel their subscriptions via the app. Rather, it is necessary to access your subscription details with another method.

It is inconvenient that YouTube TV functions that way for iOS users.

Keep reading to learn why that happens and what you can do about it.

How To Cancel Youtube TV Subscription On iPhone?

how can cancel youtube tv subscription

When you type “cancel youtube tv on iPhone” on any browser, you probably won’t find much aside from this article. 

We hate to be the bearer of bad news. That happens because the app you access via your iPhone does not allow you to cancel your membership.

It also does not allow you to change some important details.

Now, don’t go thinking that is a restriction for iPhone users. In reality, the reason is very different.

Plus, as we will teach you, you will still find a way to cancel your membership. Before that, however, it is crucial to understand why you can’t cancel via the app.

Why Won’t YouTube TV App Allow You To Cancel Your Subscription?

When you want to cancel your YTTV benefits, you will probably look at every possible setting on the app.

And then you will scratch your head, thinking, “why can’t I find it?”

why cant cancel my subscription

Most streaming platforms don’t present a way to cancel the membership on the app itself.

That happens for some reasons:

  1. User data protection
  2. Transactions are dealt with via Google Play, Apple Pay, or something similar
  3. To save your phone’s storage

This method protects your user data because, that way, there is no credit card info in your app.

So if someone steals your phone or hacks your app, they won’t get access to your money.

Also, it saves your phone's storage because developing a paying system for each app would require even more MB on your phone.

The iPhone’s YouTube TV App

Perhaps you know that Android users can cancel their YouTube TV account directly via the app.

In that case, you must be curious why that isn’t the same on the iPhone.

In the specific case of YouTube and iPhone, one more reason counts: YouTube usually syncs with Google accounts on Android phones.

Since you are not using an Android phone, the process becomes a bit different.

Note: You can still cancel your YTTV membership. It is only necessary to dig a little deeper!

Ensure You Are Referring To The Correct App

ensure the correct app

Right now, YouTube has a few different apps. The most used is certainly plain and simple YouTube.

However, the company has grown and joined different niches over the years.

Because of that, nowadays, we have the following apps to choose from:

  • YouTube
  • YouTube Music
  • YouTube Kids
  • YouTube TV
  • YouTube Go
  • YouTube Gaming

If you have a YouTube TV plan, you can’t cancel it through other YouTube apps, even if they are from the same company.

Each subscription is managed individually. Thus, you must check the guide near the end of this article.

What Happens When You Cancel YouTube TV

what will happen if cancel susbcription

If you cancel your membership, you will continue to have access until the conclusion of the current billing cycle.

After that time, you won’t be allowed to join any supplementary networks. After all, you can’t access the add-on channels without a paid membership.

All of your library’s recordings will delete themselves after three weeks.

Your library settings (including the programs, sports teams, and events you’ve added) will remain in YouTube’s system, however, if you decide to re-register later.

Suppose you deactivate YouTube TV and then reactivate it later. Perhaps you won’t be able to watch any of your recorded shows or get discounts.

Lastly, Google may retain restricted information for accounting and fraud prevention (such as your home address).

What Pausing The Subscription Entails?

pausing the subscription entails

When you try to cancel your subscription, the service shows you the option of pausing it instead.

You may temporarily stop paying for access to the service by pausing your membership. At the same time, you can keep accessing its services until your pause concludes.

During that period, you may also manually reactivate your membership.

The best part is that you won’t be charged again, and all of your previous library recordings will remain accessible. 

You should realize, however, that this will cause all of your YouTube TV accounts to be put on hold. 

Full functionality will be available once the service is restarted.

Methods To Cancel Your YTTV Membership On iPhone

methods to cancel subscription

Now you understand why you can’t cancel your YTTV plan easily on your iPhone app.

Next, it is time to learn how you can effectively do that.

Method #1: Cancel Your YTTV Subscription Via Browser

Since you can’t cancel directly on the app, the first method is opening a browser. It is the method recommended by Google, by the way.

Here is how you must proceed:

  1. Open any browser on your iPhone
  2. Head to “” and log in
  3. Select your avatar
  4. On the “Settings” menu, choose “Membership.”
  5. Now you can select either PAUSE or CANCEL your membership

When you cancel your membership, you can still enjoy any days you have left.

After all, if you paid for a full month and still have ten days left, it is fair you can use the service for the next ten days.

Method #2: Cancel Your YouTube TV Subscription Via Settings

cancel subscription via settings

Here you will find a more direct approach to canceling your YTTV plan on your iPhone.

However, you can only do it if your Subscription is managed through Apple.

If that is your case, here is what you must do:

  1. On your iPhone, open Settings
  2. Click your name on the top of the screen
  3. Go to iTunes and AppStore
  4. Press your Apple ID account
  5. Click on View Apple ID
  6. Click on Subscriptions
  7. Choose YouTube TV
  8. Click on Cancel Subscription

Suppose you still have some days of YouTube TV left from your paid membership.

In that case, your YTTV membership will still show up on your Subscriptions when you access Settings.

Alert: Don't delete the YouTube TV app instead of doing the above! The membership will keep active even if you don't have the app installed.

How to Verify That The Cancellation Process Is Successful

how verify cancellation process

To be extra sure, you can verify whether your cancellation procedure went through.

To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open any browser on your iPhone
  2. Head to “” and log in
  3. Select your avatar
  4. On the “Settings” menu, choose “Membership.”

It is the same place where you went to cancel your subscription. Here, you will find all the info about your subscription.

If it is canceled, you will be immediately able to spot it.

What To Do When You Can’t Cancel Your Membership

what to do when cant cancel

Usually, iPhone users notice that they can’t cancel their YouTube TV membership via the app.

Then, they must cancel via Settings on the iOS or a mobile browser.

If you can’t cancel via Settings, it is because you didn’t start your subscription using the iPhone.

In such cases, canceling via your iPhone’s subscription management is impossible.

Further, suppose you are facing difficulty canceling via the mobile browser. In that case, something might be wrong with your Internet connection or iPhone.

If you check that neither is the case, you must use the mobile Youtube site to contact YouTube support.

Tricks Or Hacks Regarding YouTube TV Subscription On iPhone

tips or hack regarding the subscription

You might be wondering if there are tricks or hacks you can try to make YouTube TV cancellation easier on iPhone. Unfortunately, you can do nothing beyond all we have said before. 

However, there is a way you can keep your downloaded videos from YouTube TV.

Through the iMazing app, you can access any app's backup folder and access its files. 

If you can navigate through YouTube TV’s backup files, you must be able to find your downloads and extract them to keep them as long as you want.

  1. Download iMazing on your iPhone
  2. Download iMazing on your PC/Mac
  3. Perform a backup of your iPhone using the app
  4. Check YouTube TV’s backup files
  5. Any downloaded videos must be there

What We Learned

How To Cancel Youtube Tv Subscription On iPhone? Now you know you can’t cancel your YouTube TV membership directly on the app.

Rather, you must go to your iPhone’s settings.

Alternatively, you must open a tab on your favorite browser and enter YouTube TV’s site. There, you can manage all account details.

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