how to cancel lookfantastic subscription

Wondering how to cancel LookFantastic subscription? Keep reading!

There are many options that you can use in regard to managing your LookFantastic subscription.

These methods are available on the My Account page on their official website and you not only stop the subscription but also configure Auto-Renew and Pause feature!

To be able to cancel a LookFantastic subscription, users need to log in to their accounts on the official webpage. From there, by reaching into the My Account Page, users can manage their subscription including a complete STOP or PAUSE.

Let’s next learn whether it’s possible or not to completely stop LookFantastic subscription:

Can You Cancel LookFantastic Subscription?

can cancel the lookfantastic subscription

Quite frankly, Lookfantastic is giving you a particular time interval after subscribing, during which you must cancel the subscription.

14 days after subscribing, there will be an option that will let you cancel the subscription. 

After these 14 days, you must ride out the rest of the term!

Another important thing you should do when canceling your subscription is to disable the auto-renew.

Even after canceling your subscription, if the auto-renew is enabled, funds will be withdrawn from your financial account on the renewal date set within your account.

Let’s first get your Lookfantastic box subscription canceled:

How to Cancel LookFantastic Beauty Box Subscription?

how to cancel the subscription

Remember that you have 14 working days after subscribing to Lookfantastic to start a subscription cancellation.

Initially, the cancellation is done by contacting the Customer Service of LookFantastic if your subscription is fresh and the 14 days haven’t elapsed yet.

Keep in mind that even if an employee cancels your subscription, you should still disable the “Auto-Renew” to avoid resuming your subscription at the next billing date.

Here’s how to stop your beauty subscription to Lookfantastic easily:

Step #1 Login to Your LookFantastic Account

Your first task is to sign in to your LookFantastic account. This will enable you to reach out to Customer Support and initiate a cancellation of your subscription.

Since LookFantastic doesn’t have a released mobile application, you could do that only through the web.

Follow these instructions to get into your LookFantastic account through the web:

  1. Open an internet browser on your phone/desktop.
  2. Go to the official website of LookFantastic.
  3. Press the “Sign In” button.
  4. Wait to be redirected to the login screen of LookFantastic.
  5. From there, insert your username and password.
  6. Once you’re done writing, press the “Sign In” button.
  7. Wait to log in LookFantastic.
Tip: If you cannot recall any of your credentials, use the “I forgot my password/usernamebutton on the login screen.

Step #2 Go to “My Account”

go to the my account

In order to get in touch with LookFantastic customer support, you will have to go to the “My Accounttab.

There, you will find all types of configurations for your account, including an option that will connect you with customer support.

The “My Account” tab will be accessible from the quick navigation menu!  

Simply press the account button and then go to “My Account” by pressing the button that has the label on it.

Once there you’ll be able to choose a cancellation method.

Once you’re in the “My Account” tab, proceed with the next step:

Tip: The Quick Navigation Menu is located on the top of the LookFantastic web page!

Step #3 Choose Contact Method

choose the contact method

Upon scrolling down a little bit from the “My Account” tab, you will see all options through which you can get in touch with LookFantastic.

Initially, you will have two methods of contacting LookFantastic and those are through a live chat or by writing a message.

Of course, chatting through a live chat can get your subscription canceled way more quickly than by leaving a message.

It is well-known that companies and most online services tend to respond less quickly to messages rather than to live chats.

Once you’ve chosen a method of contacting LookFantastic, proceed with the next step.

Alert: Live chat is only available from Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM.

Step #4 Contact LookFantastic

Once you’ve chosen your method of getting in touch with LookFantastic, you will have to provide the required credentials that will link you to your account.

No matter what option you choose, the fields with the required information will be brought upon you to fill them up.

Here are the methods of contacting LookFantastic and what to do during each one:

Chatting Through the Live Chat:

contact thu live chat

Here’s what to do if you’re contacting LookFantastic through a live chat:

  1. Press on the “Live Chatbutton only if it says “Online” at the top.
  2. Write down your email address at the prompt that will appear on your screen.
  3. Choose the cause for your contact (“questions about my account”).
  4. Fill up ALL other fields that are required.
  5. Press the “Contactbutton.
  6. Wait for a LookFantastic customer service employee to get in touch with you.
  7. Let them know of your willingness to cancel the subscription.
  8. Follow the employee’s instructions.

You might have to provide the LookFantastic representative with some additional verification information but after you get in touch you’ll be able to request a subscription cancellation.

Creating a Support Message:

If you want to leave LookFantastic a message about your cancellation, here’s how to do it:

  1. Press on the “Messagebutton underneath the “Contacts” dashboard.
  2. Choose a category behind the reasoning for your reach out.
  3. Select the “Messagefield.
  4. Write down a couple of sentences about canceling your subscription.
  5. (Optional) Attach any supporting images or documents regarding your messages.
  6. Press the “SENDbutton once you’re done.

Check replies, under the “Messages” category in the “Contacts” section!

Note: A reply through a sent message may take up to a couple of hours or business days.

How to Cancel LookFantastic Subscription Or Pause It?

how to pause subscription

There is also a possibility to “pause” your subscription (freeze it) without getting it canceled.

Pausing your LookFantastic beauty subscription box practically means stopping it from expiring for a certain amount of time. 

You could resume it at any time from the settings of your account!

Here’s how to pause your LookFantastic subscription in easy steps:

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to your LookFantastic account.
  2. Go to “My Account” from the quick navigation tab at the top.
  3. Once in “My Account”, go to “Subscription”.
  4. View your subscription details.
  5. Scroll down and locate the “Pause” button.
  6. Read out the confirmation letter and freeze your subscription.

If you wish to resume your LookFantastic subscription after pausing it, go to the same “Subscriptions” account and press the “Resume” button.

The “Pause” button should be gray since your subscription is already paused.

Note: You could check the FAQs of LookFantastic about pausing your subscription for further details.

How to Disable Auto-Renew On Lookfantastic?

how to disable auto renew

Disabling the “Auto-Renew” feature is essential when canceling your subscription.

If your LookFantastic beauty subscription box got canceled by an employee, you should still disable the auto-renew to avoid re-billing at the annual date.

Here’s how to disable “Auto-Renew” in LookFantastic:

  1. Sign in to your LookFantastic account.
  2. Go to “My Account”.
  3. From there, head to “Subscription”.
  4. Disable the automatic renewal option displayed within the subscription settings.

Although you could disable the “Auto-Renewal” at any time, it doesn’t completely cancel your subscription.

Let’s say that you’ve subscribed for 12 months’ beauty box and decide to cancel it on the 8th or 9th month. 

If you don’t turn off “Auto-Renewal” then, you will still be charged for the remaining months.

Note: For better clarity of how the auto-renewal in LookFantastic works, you could go to the FAQs page on the official website of the service.

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Quick Recap:

To cancel your LookFantastic subscription, sign in to your account and go to “My Account”. Choose a contact to get in touch with LookFantastic. Enter your credentials and either leave a cancellation message or inquire about the cancellation in a live chat.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned how to cancel LookFantastic subscription you no longer need to pay for something that is not in use. 

If you plan to return shortly to LookFantastic, simply PAUSE your subscription.

In contrast, if you need to completely cancel the service go ahead and also disable the Auto-Renewal.

We hope that this post was helpful for you to cancel the LookFantastic subscription and for more relevant guides, make sure to check our blog!

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