how to cancel dofasting subscription

In case you don’t know how to cancel DoFasting subscription, this is the guide for you!

In case you’ve subscribed to DoFasting but you’re not enjoying their services or you’re not satisfied with what comes along with the plan you can cancel your subscription.

In addition, you can also receive a refund, under the correct circumstances so let’s learn more!

To cancel the DoFasting subscription, you need to reach the official DoFasting webpage or open the mobile application and log in to your account. Then you need to find the plan you want to stop and press the “Cancel” button to prevent any further billing.

Can You Cancel a DoFasting Subscription?

can cancel a subscription

DoFasting is a weight-loss program that has a lot of flexibility for anyone’s needs.

They tend to build up a plan specifically for your necessities, body weight, physical activity, and other parameters.

But many users lose interest after a while and wonder about one thing!

Canceling the subscription is possible and easy!

There are two different methods to cancel the DoFasting subscription and this is exactly what we’re going through.

It does not matter if your subscription just started or is about to expire, you won’t be charged further if you don’t want to.

Let’s jump into the steps!

How Do I Cancel DoFasting Subscription In Easy Steps?

how can cancel my subscription

As we’ve already mentioned, canceling a DoFasting plan is possible and relatively easy.

However, you could also get a refund for the money you’ve paid for the plan/product only within 14 days of actual scripting. 

You can find refund information at the end of the guide!

Here’s how to cancel a DoFasting plan if a refund is no longer available:

Method 1. Cancel DoFasting Without Refund

If 14 days have already elapsed from the moment you purchased your DoFasting plan, you can still cancel the subscription without getting a refund.

All you need is access to your DoFasting account that has the subscription in it, and the cancellation page.

Follow these instructions to cancel your DoFasting plan:

Step #1 Open DoFasting Page/App

open the fasting app

Canceling DoFasting could both be done through the official website or the application.

Since DoFasting has a mobile application that actually contains your plan in it and where you could perform the task, the cancellation page could also be found there.

  • To open DoFasting on mobile, press the app’s icon on your device’s home page.
  • To open DoFasting on the web, go to Do Fasting Login area.
Note: Accessing through the DoFasting application may not require logging in if you’re already signed into your account.

Step #2 Login to DoFasting

Once accessing the source from where you will be canceling your DoFasting subscription, your next task is to log in with the account that has your subscription.

In a case where you own multiple DoFasting accounts, find out which one you want to cancel.

Can’t Log In?

can not login

If you happened to forget your DoFasting login credentials, don’t worry. 

On the login page of the service, all you have to do is press “I forgot my password”.

There, a confirmation message will be sent to the email inbox that you’ve associated with the registration.

You will get a chance to choose a new password for your account.

Alert: Proceed ONLY after logging in to your DoFasting account!

Step #3 Cancel The DoDasting Subscription

Once you’re logged in DoFasting, canceling your subscription is an easy task.

All you have to do is head to the subscription status through the home screen of the DoFasting app/website and press the “Cancel” button.

You will be asked whether you’re sure that you want to cancel your subscription and once you’ve verified, you will no longer be part of the DoFasting plan.

Your account will still exist, but it will be inactive and your DoFasting plans will be canceled.

Tip: If you cannot cancel your subscription by any means, consider getting in touch with the DoFasting team.

Method 2. Cancel DoFasting With a Refund

can cancel with refund

If you want to learn how to cancel DoFasting subscription and get a refund, that has to happen within 14 days after the purchase.

That means that if you were using DoFasting for 15, 16, or more days after the purchase, you won’t be able to get a refund.

A refund is possible, only if you get in touch with DoFasting with proof of payment, account credentials, and anything that can prove that the subscription was for your account.

Follow these instructions to get a refund for your DoFasting activity plan in easy steps:

Step #1 Go to your Email

You will have to contact DoFasting through email. In their privacy policy, they state that a refund is only available if the correct information is sent to their official business. 

Head to your email and sign in to your account to send them the inquiry!

There are no set preferences towards what emails DoFasting replies to.

Although it would be good if you were to use your Gmail account to send the refund letter.

Note: Make sure that you’ve got permanent access to the email used to ask for the refund.

Step #2 Create the Refund Email

create a refund email

The most important step is to include the refund information correctly.

If you were to miss something important, DoFasting would reply to you to inform you of a failed refund due to missing or not appointed information. That will only slow the operation!

The email you will be messaging is

You will receive any replies from this email for your DoFasting subscription and the refund.

What To Include In The Refund Email?

Follow these instructions to properly describe the refund in your email:

  1. Go to “Send message” and set the destination of the letter to DoFasting’s inbox.
  2. First, go to your bank and take a screenshot of DoFasting’s purchase.
  3. Go back to the letter and write down your registration password.
  4. Open the DoFasting app and screenshot that you’re logged in with the email.
  5. Next, write a couple of sentences inquiring about a refund.
  6. Underline that 14 days have not yet passed, from the email-sending date!
  7. Make sure there are no mistakes in the text and send the message.
Note: It’s important that the screenshot from your bank includes the direction to where the money was sent. DoFasting must be included in the screenshot.

Step #3 Wait Out a Reply

wait for the reply

Once you’ve sent the email, all you have to do is wait.

It may take a couple of hours, up to a couple of days for DoFasting to reply to your refund message and potentially provide you with the funds used for the purchased digital content.

What Should I Know About the Refund?

There are a couple of things you should know about the refund:

  • By getting a refund, you will automatically cancel your DoFasting subscription.
  • If the refund is accepted, funds will be sent to your bank account directly.
  • By requesting a refund, you agree to DoFasting’s terms and conditions

Any further details or missing credentials that you didn’t include in your refund email, will be included in the reply you will get from DoFasting.

Will My Refund Be Approved?

will my refund be approve

Even if you send your refund email on the 13th day of your subscription, yes the refund should be approved and paid to your financial account.

It’s important to send the inquiry email, containing ALL information that we’ve listed above before the 14th day of your subscription.

From there on, it does not matter how long it takes for them to reply so be patient!

DoFasting says that you should be ready to provide them with some information as to why you are canceling the subscription so early.

In that regard, be prepared to answer some questions before they return your money.

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Quick Recap:

Hence, to cancel a DoFasting subscription you need to enter the official website or the smartphone application, log in to your account and choose a plan you wish to stop. From there you only need to hit the “Cancel” button and you won’t be charged any further.

Final Thoughts:

In this guide, we learned how to cancel DoFasting subscription and how to acquire a refund if we’re eligible for such a.

Your DoFasting account will remain in existence so when you find the need for their services in the future you always resubscribe!

We hope that this post has helped and for more related content check out our tech blog!

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