how to cancel a pending transaction on chime

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To cancel a pending transaction on Chime you’ll need to use the browser version (official website) or the smartphone application to log in to your account. From there you’ll need to find the “pending transactions” page and cancel the one you want to be stopped.

Let’s next learn what’s possible in regard to cancellation and how to get a refund!

Can You Cancel a Transaction On Chime?

can cancel a subscription

Canceling a pending transaction on Chime is relatively easy, as long as you haven’t been charged yet.

It is possible to cancel a pending transaction on Chime, but getting your money back works a little differently. 

About Refund?

In order to get a refund, you will have to get in touch with the merchant that purchased the product or web service first.

Most of the time, merchants and manufacturers who work with Chime have a different policy on refunds and they will guide you through the process.

You will definitely need to provide identification and identification documents!

Knowing this, let’s proceed with learning how to cancel a pending Chime transaction:

Chime Cancel Pending Transaction – Complete Guide

can cancel pending transaction

You could cancel a Chime payment or a transfer, either through the Chime application or the website version.

Both work the same way, but using the application may offer you a quicker process overall.

In addition, you could also cancel a payment by contacting Chime.

Let’s begin with the first method of canceling a Chime transaction through the app/web:

Method 1. Cancel Transaction Through the App/Website

If you have the Chime application installed on your mobile device, all you have to do is sign in to your account and head to a specific “transactions” page.

There, you will be able to check all of the information in relation to your regular and pending transactions.

Here’s how to cancel Chime through the app:

Step #1 Enter the Chime App/Website

enter the app or website

The first step is to enter the Chime application (or the website) on your mobile device.

If you have it installed already, simply press its icon on your device’s home screen and the application will start.

You can download the Chime app anytime from your mobile device’s app store! 

  • Use the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices. 

Once you have the application downloaded, proceed with the next step:

Note: Make sure that your Chime app is updated to the latest version.

Step #2 Log-in to Chime

log in to the chime

Now that you’ve opened the Chime on your device, the next step is to sign in.

Remember that you have to use the account that has the pending transaction.

Logging in with a different account, won’t allow you to cancel any upcoming payment related to another profile!

On the Chime login screen, insert your email and password and press “Sign In”.

 You may have to wait a couple of seconds to log in to your account.

Tip: You can use the “I Forgot my Password/Username” button at the bottom of the login screen if you’ve forgotten your credentials.

Step #3 Locate the Pending Transaction

locate the transaction

After signing in to the Chime app or the web version, your next task is to locate the pending transaction that you wish to cancel.

On both the app and web versions, there is a specific tab that you have to access.

Here’s how to go to the pending transactions page within the Chime service:

  1. Once signed in, go to “View Transactions” by pressing the button at the top.
  2. Scroll down a bit in the Transactions List.
  3. Locate a button where it says “Pending”. (located beneath the amount).
  4. Press the “Pending button and you will be sent to the pending transactions list.
Note: With older versions of the Chime application, the interface could be a little bit different but the navigation buttons remain the same.

Step #4 Find Your Pending Transaction

find your pending transaction

Once in the “Pending Transactions” list, your next step is to locate the payment you wish to cancel.

Within that list, all of your pending transactions will be displayed, along with their time window and value.

If you have multiple pending transactions, locate the one you wish to cancel

If you’re not sure which one it is, look at the value of the transaction, the merchant it is sent to and the exact time it was created.

This will help you identify which one you want to cancel.

Once you’ve found your transaction, move on to the last, cancellation step!

Tip: Keep in mind that pending transactions are only found under the “pending” section!

Step #5 Cancel Pending Transaction

cancel the pending transactions

After finding the transaction, there is an easy way to cancel it.

Remember that canceling a transaction will result in you not being charged any further, therefore any subscription privileges and perks will disappear at the end of the billing period.

Here’s how to cancel your pending transaction in the Chime app or website:

  1. Click on the pending transaction you wish to cancel.
  2. Go to “Settings” of the transaction.
  3. Press on “Cancel Transfer”.
  4. Once again, click on “Cancel” to verify.
  5. Wait for the transaction to be canceled.

This is how to cancel a pending transaction on Chime and if your case is rather different than the normal cancellation, feel free to check method #2.

Alert: If you don’t verify the cancellation of the transaction, it will still be pending.

Method 2. Cancel Through a Phone Call

An alternative way to cancel your Chime transaction is to get in touch with Chime directly.

Keep in mind that this option is only available if the funds in the transaction were included using the “Pay Friends feature.

Here’s how to cancel a pending transaction by calling Chime:

Step #1 Save Chime Phone Number

Chime has a customer service number, that you can call to ask questions, receive information, or cancel certain transactions.

The Chime customer service might expect a rather unusual case when users are calling them to cancel the subscription.

The phone number you will have to call is 1-844-244-6363

At this number, a customer service employee will pick up and collect your information in regard to the cancellation.

Jump to the next step to learn how their live line works!

Note: Make sure to prepare your Account and Identity information.

Step #2 Get in Touch with Chime

get in touch with chime

Keep in mind that in order to get in touch with Chime, you will have to call at specific hours. 

The announced business times and working days of Chime are Monday through Saturday from 7 AM to 7 PM CT.

On Sunday 9 AM to 5 PM CT. You will have to call Chime during those hours in order for them to pick you up.

Check-in with your location’s time zones if you are outside of the US and make sure it matches the working hours of Chime. 

Once you’re done, move on to the next step to learn about the required information!

Note: If you are from the US, make sure to call Chime between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Step #3 Chat With the Chime Employee

chat with chime employee

Your final step to cancel a pending transaction on Chime is to talk with the employee.

Here’s how your conversation with Chime should go:

  • Let the Chime employee know what is the reasoning behind your call
  • Provide Chime with the required information for canceling the transaction
  • Wait for the representative to explain what’s next

Keep in mind that if the Chime employee has canceled your transaction, it may take up to 2-3 business days for the payment to be completely removed.

Only then, you will get the funds back that was used for the transaction.

Note: The Chime employee will require your credentials and details regarding the transaction. It’s recommended to prepare a screenshot of the transaction at your disposal.

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Quick Recap:

Thus, to cancel a pending transaction on Chime you’ll need to log in to your Account from the mobile app version or the web and locate the “Pending Transactions” page. From there you’ll be allowed to stop a pending transaction from executing.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned how to cancel a pending transaction on Chime we no longer have to pay for something that we don’t use.

You can re-subscribe anytime but keep a note of your subscription to never allow paying for a service without you knowing.

If you’ve learned something new and this post was helpful, find more content in our blog!

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