how to add arlo to homekit

Looking for how to add Arlo to HomeKit? You’ve found the correct guide! Adding Arlo to HomeKit is, in fact, possible in two ways.

We’ll clear up everything for you later, but as for now, we could mention that the compatibility between Arlo and Apple has been increasing for a long time and has reached an ultimate functionality level!

To add Arlo to Apple’s HomeKit, you could scan the HomeKit setup code at the bottom of the Arlo device, through Apple Home.

Your second option is to add the Arlo device manually, by creating a “Home” and a “Room” in the Arlo Secure app!

Let’s hear more about the compatibility between Arlo and HomeKit, as well as how it works!

Must Know About Adding Arlo to HomeKit!

Before we review how to set up your Arlo with Apple HomeKit, it’s appropriate to discuss some basics first.

Nonetheless, Arlo’s lineup of wire-free device units are fully compatible with Apple HomeKit and can connect to each other by following just a few simple steps.

must know about adding arlo to homekit

The convenience of having your Arlo device wirelessly controlled by a HomePod anywhere in your house makes it really convenient to set up schedules, and record review motions. 

What users are really in love with is how easy it is to set up your Arlo with HomeKit and control it afterward.

By far, hooking up your Arlo to HomeKit requires little to no effort, based on how experienced you are with your smartphone and the variety of apps.

Let’s learn all about the setup of your Arlo with HomeKit in the upcoming instructions guide!

How to Add Arlo to HomeKit – In Easy Steps!

Adding your Arlo to Apple’s HomeKit is possible in two ways – with and without a setup code!

The setup code is usually included on a sticker, on the bottom panel of your HomeKit Arlo accessory. By scanning this code, you’ll automatically add the accessory to your Home.

Important: Before proceeding, your Arlo must be added to the “Arlo Secure” mobile app!

Let’s first learn how to add an Arlo device with a setup code in detail…

Method #1 Setup Arlo With a Setup Code

get the apple home app

The first method is considered the easiest way to complete a setup between an Arlo device and Apple’s HomeKit.

In fact, all you have to do is scan a sticker underneath your Arlo device through Apple’s Home application and everything will be done automatically!

Step #1 Check/Get the Apple Home App

Adding your Arlo accessory to HomeKit is only possible through the HomeKit apple platform.

Available only for iOS devices, this is the application you’ll be controlling the connected third-party accessories, along with the associated HomePods.

  • The HomeKit app is installed by default and goes by the name “Home”!

Keep in mind that system apps could be uninstalled and to bring them back, you must head to the App Store of your iPhone or iPad device.

If you did uninstall Apple’s “Home” application or suppressed it, check the “System Apps” tab in the settings of your phone.

Note: You should be able to really quickly locate the app, using the software search option!

Step #2 Find the HomeKit Setup Code on your Arlo

find the homekit setup code on your arlo

The HomeKit-compatible Arlo devices tend to have a sticker on their bottom panel that has setup codes for all third-party services, including Apple’s Home.

In this step, we’ll require you to expose the sticker containing the HomeKit setup code, on the bottom of your Arlo device.

Here’s how to locate the HomeKit setup code:

  1. Lift up your Arlo Device.
  2. Place the devices laying on its front panel.
  3. Find the sticker on the bottom panel and search for “HomeKit:

Among all the information you could find on the sticker at the bottom panel of your Arlo device, there’s a line that should start with “HomeKit”.

The code will follow up and it should also contain a scannable QR code

Alert: If the sticker is too worn-out or it got ripped, code setup may not be possible.

Step #3 Add the Arlo Accessory to HomeKit

add the arlo accessory to homekit

And now for the last and easiest step, all there’s left to do is scan the sticker containing the setup code and add your Arlo device to HomeKit.

For that purpose, you must access the HomeKit application on your iPhone or iPad and navigate through the settings.

Here’s how to add your Arlo to HomeKit:

  1. Launch the HomeKit app
  2. Press the “+button.
  3. Tap on “Add Accessory”.
  4. When the camera shows, scan the setup code.
  5. Follow the setup and wait for verification.

Once the code has been scanned, Apple HomeKit will guide you through some simple setup instructions, to create the profile of your Arlo device within HomeKit.

Note: Once the setup is complete, test your Arlo through a HomePod or the Home app!

Method #2 Setup Arlo Without a Setup Code

If adding your Arlo device by scanning the setup code wasn’t possible, we’ll show you the second method of completing the setup.

This is how to add Arlo camera to HomeKit the old-fashioned way for users who wish to simply include add the camera without many steps.

Let’s learn about adding your Arlo without the usage of a setup combination!

install the arlo secure app

Step #1 Launch/Install the Arlo Secure App

In this method, we’ll be primarily using the Arlo Secure App for connection purposes.

Unlike when using a setup code, you’ll have to allow your Arlo device to scan and connect with the HomeKit service, through the Arlo application.

  • If you already have the Arlo Secure app, open it, otherwise install it!

The Arlo Secure app is available for all iOS devices through the App Store and does not cost anything. Without the app we can’t add the camera to HomeKit so this is important.

Alert: If you’re just now installing the Arlo Secure app, register and add your Arlo device!

Step #2 Add your Arlo Base Station & Devices

add your arlo base station and devices

The Arlo Secure application requires you to have an installed home and room to add devices.

The advanced technology of Arlo uses the room and home features, to furthermore extend your abilities and control level over the smart-home devices.

Follow these instructions to start adding your Arlo device to HomeKit:

  1. Get into the Arlo Secure App.
  2. Go to Settings > My Devices.
  3. Select your Arlo Base Station (or other appliance).
  4. Choose “HomeKit” by scrolling into the device-specific settings.
  5. Choose the base station you want to add to HomeKit.
  6. Add the station to an existing “Home” or create one.
  7. Add the station to an existing “Room” or create one.
  8. Press on “Continue to add Devices to HomeKit”.
  9. (Optional) Select an additional base station or other Arlo smart devices.
Note: To add any Arlo devices to HomeKit, you must first acclimatize your base station!

Step #3 Create Arlo Device HomeKit Profile

create arlo device homekit profile

For the last step, all you have to do is create a profile for your Arlo device!

Since the HomeKit service is not linked to Arlo in any way in terms of configuration, your Arlo appliance requires a whole set of different settings once added to HomeKit.

Just follow the prompts and instructions the Arlo Secure and HomeKit app give you, and you should be alright in setting up your Arlo devices!

Note: Once an Arlo device is added to HomeKit, configure it through the Apple Home app!

Quick Recap:

After we’ve answered “how to add Arlo to HomeKit”, you could either use a setup code or set up the Arlo device with HomeKit directly.

If you have a HomeKit setup code on the bottom of your Arlo device, scan it through Apple Home’s app.

Don’t forget to follow us for much more HomeKit guides!

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