how much does it cost to repair a tv screen

Asking how much does it cost to repair a TV screen? Keep reading to find out!

The average cost for a TV screen rarely extends over $300. Depending on the TV model and how bad the TV screen is damaged, the price could always vary.

You should also consider whether the problem is with the screen or your TV’s functionality.

The lowest cost for a TV screen repair would be ~$60 (scratches and small cracks) and the highest of all which includes regular damage wouldn’t exceed $300 (horizontal lines and big screen cracks). For comparison, a flat-screen type (LED, 4K, OLED, Plasma) is from $150 up to a solid $300+.

We will cover all of the types of damage you could have done to your TV and how much does it approximately cost to repair.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A TV Screen?

The national average cost of a TV repair that doesn’t include lethal damage to the device, is around $200, which is not much based on what you could pay for a higher state of malfunction.

However, we will sort the different damage relevant to the type of your TV so you could come up with a basic idea of what your repair cost.

How Much It Costs To Repair A Flat Screen TV Display?

cost to repair a tv screen

Nowadays, you can rarely come by anyone that doesn’t use a flat-screen TV (plasma).

Since the display is the most delicate and highest-priced part of your TV’s hardware, the average repair cost escalates from $200 up to $400.

Regardless of this, keep in mind that you could rarely get lethal screen damage fixed by a technician.

If we’re talking about water damage, for instance, there is almost no chance that anyone could get this fixed.

Even if they do, you will be prompted to replace half of your TV’s hardware, plus, pay the technician for the work they’ve done.

Let’s now review the different types of display damage you could have inflicted on your flat-screen TV and how much would their repair cost you.

The Screen Lights Up And Then Goes Blank

This casual screen damage can have from $60 up to a $400 price tag with the labor of the technician included.

It usually indicates that the pixels of your TV isn’t getting enough power.

Vertical Lines

Vertical lines on your TV are mainly caused by hardware damage and can cost from $75 up to $200 with the technician’s work adding up.

Horizontal Lines

This is one of the more serious damages you could cause to your TV. If you’re after repairing horizontal lines on your flat TV screen’s display, you might have to give $150 to $400 to repair service.

Cracked Screen

If you’ve cracked your TV screen, it is recommended to buy a replacement.

If you’re asking how much does it cost to repair a cracked TV screen, the repairs can go from $400 up to $1000 and above, based on your flat-screen TV type.

Water Damage

We can conclude that water damage is one of the most expensive repairs out there.

Since water is a fluid that can go through the hardware and damage the entire TV, you might be due for a replacement.

Screen Scratches

This lesser form of damage you can inflict to your TV doesn’t cost much, although it might require you to replace the entire screen.

If you’re getting any of the bullets, don’t make conclusions that your TV screen is broken.

The cause of these problems can come from faulty inputs, third-party devices, or even problematic startups.

Make sure that you have gone through a complete troubleshooting check before coming up with the fact that your TV’s display has gone faulty.

How Much To Repair Different Types Of Flat-Screen TVs?

repair tv display cost

Except for the repair-price formators above, there are other important factors you must consider before concluding your repair price.

It depends on the type of your TV’s display, the height, and the length of the damaged section.

Down below we have extracted the average display repair prices with different TVs:

Display Repair Cost of OLED TV

According to the prices above, an average repair of an OLD TV would cost you around $150 up to $275.

However, keep in mind that this is very relative and if the damage is more serious, the cost would increase.

Display Repair Cost Of A Plasma TV

The average repair cost of a plasma TV varies from $100 up to $400, based on the damage you’ve done to the television.

Plasma TVs can sometimes be victims of color distortion due to their higher and dynamic color ratio.

For hardware damage, the price above remains stationary.

Display Repair Cost Of A 4K TV

If your 4K flat-screen TV’s display has gone faulty, you will be looking at a price tag of around $250.

Since 4K TVs are usually bigger, in most cases you may have to pay over that price tag for the complete display replacement.

Display Repair Cost Of a LCD TV

The LCD TV’s average display repair cost can be up to $250 easily. This is because of the sensitive pixels and dynamic color ratio like with the plasma TVs.

Display Repair Cost Of A Smart TV

If you’re after repairing the display of a smart TV, your approximate repair price can vary from $100 up to $400.

Taking under consideration the model and size you would be able to come up with an approximate cost.

How Much To Repair The Display Of A Non-Flat-Screen TV?

cost to repair non flat tv screen

If you’re still using a non-flat screen TV (tube TVs), you aren’t looking at a big display pay range. Averagely, we can say that regardless of the damage, you shouldn’t pay more than $200.

Although technicians nowadays are more than happy to take a non-flat screen TV for a repair, since the price of those TV’s repairs has gone up lately.

Basically, you won’t be paying much for the new display parts, but more for the technician’s work.

The average price range for display damage on flat-screen TVs shouldn’t exceed $400, although the type of the TV and the malfunction itself is taken into consideration. For non-flat screen TVs, you shouldn’t be looking at more than $200 for display repairs.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know how much does it cost to repair a TV screen, we hope you were able to come up with the estimated price of your repairs.

Since most of the damage you could do to your TV’s display is lethal to the hardware, it is best to consult with a technician for the price!

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