how does siri suggestions work

If you’re not aware of how does Siri suggestions work, then in this guide you’ll learn about the machine learning algorithm and how it functions.

The Siri suggestions are based on your interests and can be really helpful but also annoying sometimes.

In this post, we’ll explore the Siri suggestions, how they work, how to manage them, and most importantly how to get the most out of them.

The Siri suggestions mechanism collects information about your routines and applications use behavior to determine what you might need next. You can receive suggestions about what you need at the right time and help you do daily tasks faster.

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of how Siri suggestions perform their functionality let’s learn more about their mechanism.

How Does Siri Suggestions Work?

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As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Siri suggestions work by collecting data regarding your behavior and daily routines.

For instance, Siri might help you when you do the following:

#1 – Unlock Device

Based on what application you open most frequently right after unlocking your device, Siri’s suggestions might include that app.

#2 – Call Identification

When you’ve got an email containing a number but don’t have that number in your phonebook, Siri would suggest who might be calling when you see an “unknown number”.

#3 – A Glance at the Face ID

With newer models of iPhone and iPad, only when checking notifications, Siri might suggest something that you frequently do at this time.

#4 – Use GPS

use gps

When leaving your home, Siri will let you know the traffic conditions concerning your destination.

#5 – Type Text

When entering text, Siri will suggest auto-completion of names, movies, or anything recently viewed by using the Safari browser.

#6 – Creating Events

When you’re creating events Siri’s suggestions would often include people from previous meetings that you might be forgetting to add.

#7 – Searching

based on your activity, Siri would make suggestions on what you might be trying to search based on recent activity in Safari and device settings.

#8 – Reading News

reading news

Using the Apple News application, Siri would often recommend reads that you might be interested in by comparing them to previously read topics.

#9- Creating Appointments

When creating an appointment, Siri would suggest that you add it to your calendar so you won’t miss the schedule.

Enable/Disable Siri Suggestions?

There are many algorithms working in the background with the only purpose of simplifying your work on the Apple device.

Sometimes Siri suggestions can be extremely helpful and sometimes it could be just another prompt to click “Cancel” on.

Depending on the work you’re doing on your Apple device you can either enable or completely disable Siri suggestions. The feature can also be configured as per your preferences but more on this topic later in the post.

Note: Siri is designed to keep your information safe so all of the above-described ways of acquiring data are local and secure.

How Does Siri Get Search Suggestions Work?

works siri search suggestions

In case you’re surprised by how accurate or incorrect Siri is regarding your search suggestions, then you’ll definitely want to read what’s next.

To explain as concisely as possible, Siri “learns” from what you’re searching when using Safari on ALL devices, connected to your Apple ID (account).

When enabled the Siri suggestions’ will monitor your activity in order to improve the suggestions popping up after you begin writing something.

When Siri Search Suggestions Appear?

The suggestions can appear while searching in Safari or when searching for documents and applications on your Apple device.

Another place where you would receive search suggestions would be your email or simply when writing notes or reminders.

The Siri search suggestions are a safe and secure feature, protecting your personal data with the intention of keeping your work simple.

You can enable/disable ONLY Siri search suggestions in the settings of your Apple device and leave other helpful suggestions enabled.

Note: Siri search suggestions will NOT auto-correct a text that you’re typing in.

How Does Siri App Suggestions Work?

suggestions siri app

You’ve probably seen the Siri app suggestions under the search bar of your Apple device.

Well, the same as the search, the suggestion apps are there because Siri obtains information about your schedules and attempts to recommend the best application at the right moment.

The Siri application suggestions are based on factors such as:

  • The weather
  • Your current location
  • Upcoming calendar event
  • Remainder, or
  • Time of the Day

Then depending on what you’ll need most at certain moments, suggestion applications might change.

App Data Suggestions

For instance, if you’ve got a distant meeting later today, while it will rain, Siri might suggest checking the Weather app, to learn that you’ll need an umbrella.

Every evening Siri would suggest checking the Clock application to prevent forgetting to set an alarm.

Behavioral App Suggestions

Another example would be when you’re following a daily routine, for instance, you always check your reminders first, then you do your shopping list, and then go to work.

In such a case, Siri would suggest that you open your shopping list after you’ve viewed your reminders since this is what you most commonly do.

Note: Siri might even suggest that you might want to call someone, in turn, you’ll see your Phone application as a suggestion.

How To Manage Siri Suggestions?

manage suggestions

When you go to your Apple device’s Settings > Siri & Search, you’ll see three different toggles under “Suggestions From Apple”:

  • Suggestions in Search – enables Siri suggestions in search fields.
  • Suggestions in Look Up – online related suggestions using the Web.
  • Suggestions on Lock Screen – notification and app suggestions.

By disabling and enabling the three toggles you’ll be able to configure your Siri suggestions as per your needs.

Feel free to disable one and leave another active in case you’re befitting from the suggestions you’re receiving.

Below the 3 control toggles, you’ll see ALL applications that are involved in your Siri suggestions data.

You can press the arrow, at the right end of each application and enable or disable the Siri suggestions for this particular application only.

You’ll be able to control – learn from the app, show in-app search, show content in search, show on the home screen, suggest app and suggestion notifications.

You can enable/disable each of these suggestion controls to adjust all applications as per your requirements.

Tip: Siri should be activated in order for Siri's suggestions to work.

Quick Recap:

Siri suggestions work by gathering information about what you’re interested in, your routines, and how you’re using your Apple device. Based on this information Siri can suggest searches, applications, and notifications of what you might need next.

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Last Thoughts:

Here is everything about how does Siri suggestions work.

We hope that you learned something new about your Apple device functionalities and we hope that you’ll get the most out of your Siri assistant.

Keep in mind that Siri suggestions are nothing to be concerned about even if it gathers information about you.

Apple’s privacy and policy state that nobody has access to your data and that it’s local and safe.

Nicole B