how do you find out your tv code

Are you wondering how do you find out your TV code? The four-digit code for the universal remote is the easiest way to program your remote control.

If you just bought a universal remote control and you don’t know the four-digit code to use it, here’s the ultimate guide to help you. 

The easiest way to find out your TV code is through the TV manual. Locate the right code from the list and explore which matches your TV remote. This process can take a long time, though. You’re lucky if the code is written on a piece of paper that comes with the manual.

Universal remotes control audio and video devices of almost any brand and model.

To program this type of remote control, you need to enter a computer code between 2 and 5 digits. Take note that each code is different for every device.    

Why Do You Need a TV Code for Your Universal Remote?

With the correct TV code, you can program your universal remote, allowing you to turn ON/OFF your TV, change channels, and control the volume.

Each device has a list of potential codes that may work.

Finding the correct code for every device requires a little trial and error.

Start with the first code on the list and work your way down until you discover the valid code.

When you find the correct code, you need a key to set the remote. The key varies based on the model and brand of your TV. Once done, your remote should be able to control each device individually.

How Do You Find Out Your TV Code – Steps!

find out your tv code

There are four ways to find out your TV code. The easiest way is to look through the manual with your device.

It is essential that you acquire the proper code to program your universal remote.   

Step #1: Get the Code from the Manual

Instead of having the remote scan through all codes automatically, you can program it by reading the user manual of both the remote and your TV.

  1. Check the User Manual of your remote or TV.
  2. Locate the Code Section.

Note: The list of codes for every remote differs depending on the manual.

You may find some codes in the manual. Others are written on a piece of paper that comes with it. Find the code that matches your TV by entering them one by one. 

Step #2: Get the Code from the Internet

get tv code from internet

The second easiest way to get the TV code of your universal remote is a website search.

If you have misplaced the manual, look up the brand of your TV and the universal remote on the Internet.

  1. Type the brand of your TV and the word universal remote codes in the search bar.
  2. Click any of the links to search for the codes by TV brand.
  3. You will also see the steps to program the remote.
  4. Follow instructions and try the codes until you find the right one.

Step #3: Get the Code Using Code Search

Another way to get your TV code is using an auto code search. The universal remote will search through its database and test several codes one at a time.

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Click Code Search on the remote until the indicator light turns on.
  3. Press and hold the TV button until the TV switches off then on again.
  4. Click on Enter to save the code.  
  5. Once done, you can proceed to complete the programming.

Note: If your remote has found the correct code, the control will turn off. If it hasn’t, it will remain on. Repeat the process until your device turns off. 

Step #4: Get the Code from the Universal Remote Manufacturer

code from universal manufacturer

Call your remote manufacturer if you still haven’t found your TV code. The list of codes will be sent to you.

Just make sure you give them the correct model number of your remote and TV. You will find the remote number at the back of the remote or in the battery compartment.

When you have the code, you should be able to program the remote with your TV. You will usually have a couple of options here: Auto-programming and direct code.

If your remote supports the automatic option, you’re in luck as it will save you a ton of time and effort.

If your remote offers the direct code programming option, then you will have to manually look for the code to enter on your remote.

Once you have it, this will link the remote to your TV allowing you to use it.

Note: Try various functions, including the channels and volume, to ensure that you have successfully programmed your universal remote.

Finding TV Codes of Popular Brands

Here’s how you can find the TV code on your TV with different brands.

How to Find Samsung TV Code

Newer Samsung TVs come with universal remote support allowing you easy control of all your entertainment devices.

The most common TV code for Samsung TVs is 0000. However, this is not always the case.

You should be able to set up a universal remote on your Samsung TV by clicking on the Home button and selecting Source, and Universal Remote.

This will start the setup process where your TV registers the remote, essentially pairing them.

If this does not work, you can find remote control codes for Samsung TV online and try them on your remote and see which one works.

How to Find Sony TV Code

Sony TVs don’t come with a universal remote set up similar to Samsung TVs.

However, they make it a lot easier for you since you can search for the code on their website.

You can access their Remote Control Programming page and search the model number of your TV. It will display the code that you can plug into your remote.

The most common Sony TV universal remote codes are 1001, 1036, and 1093. 

If these three don’t work, you can use the page to help you find out what the code for your TV is.

How to Find Vizio TV Code

Similar to Sony, Vizio offers its own Universal Remote Code page on its support website. They provide a list of the most common codes you can use for your universal remote.

Now, you should have no trouble looking for the codes on other websites as Vizio has its own official list.

The most common Vizio TV codes are 1758, 0178, and 1756. 

If none of these work, you can check out their list and try the rest of the codes.

Note: Not all universal remotes have the same functionality as the manufacturer’s remotes.

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Last Thoughts

The TV manual is the easiest way to find the code for your universal remote. You can simply read through it and locate the code that matches your brand as long as you have it. Although it takes time, you will find a list of codes that you can use.

If you want to know how to find out your TV code, this post explains the importance of remote codes and how you can get them.

If you can’t find the TV codes in the user manual, on the Internet, and through the auto code search, call the manufacturer of your remote and ask them to send you the codes for your device.

If you think this article is useful but you have another problem with your universal remote setup, our blog can surely help.

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