how do i increase storage on my samsung smart tv

Wondering how do I increase storage on my Samsung smart TV?

Look no further and keep reading. Here we’ll discuss possible ways to increase the Storage of your Samsung TV and possible ways to free up some space!

You cannot increase the storage on your Samsung TV with a cloud service and users often dedicate USB flash drives for this purpose. You only need to plug an empty USB drive into your Samsung TV to enable the space from the storage manager.

Can You Increase The Storage On Samsung TVs?

Unfortunately, the answer is No, you cannot buy a physical or cloud storage carrier for your Samsung TV that you can later install to the main storage.

There isn’t a cloud service, such as Apple’s iCloud that can boost the capacity of the storage on your Samsung TV.

However, you can add storage to your Samsung TV using a flash drive or an SD card that is compatible with the inputs of your Samsung TV.

Keep in mind that removing the flash storage from your TV, will remove everything stored on your television until you insert the dongle back.

Let’s now learn how you can boost the storage capacity of your Samsung TV:

How Do I Add Storage To My Samsung Smart TV?

increase storage on my samsung smart tv

There are two methods that you should use and boost the storage capacity of your TV internally or externally.

We will review both of these methods so you can choose how to add storage to your Samsung smart TV.

Let’s begin with adding storage to your Samsung TV the external way:

Method #1 Convert External To Internet Storage

This method of adding storage to your Samsung smart TV is by far the best working approach taken by users.

You will need a flash drive that connects to the Samsung TV and as long as the stick remains connected, your Samsung TV will have additional storage.

Here are the instructions for setting up external storage with your Samsung smart TV:

external to internal storage

Step #1 Prepare A Suitable Flash Drive

The first step is to acquire a suitable flash drive for your Samsung TV that can convert from external to internal storage.

The recommendation is to use a flash drive that is above or at 64 gigabytes of storage. Less storage flash drives would also work.

The flash drive must be clean of any virtual items. On that flash drive, you will keep only files that are stored by your Samsung TV.

They won’t be in a format that your PC or laptop can recognize so this flash drive is only going to be used only for the TV from now on.

Tip: Plug the flash drive into a computer and format the storage to make sure it's empty.

Step #2 Connect The Flash Drive

Once you have your flash drive formatted, connect it to one of the USB ports on the back of your Samsung TV.

Choose a USB port that you’re not frequently using to avoid disconnecting the flash drive every now and then, which can lead to corrupted data.

Tip: Use one of the back USB ports of your Samsung TV to leave the side entries open for use.

Step #3 Go To Samsung TV’s Storage Manager

storage manager samsung tv

After connecting the flash drive, your next step is to access the Storage Manager, from where you can select the flash drive and start using the storage.

The storage manager is found within your Samsung TV settings and this is where you will have to navigate first.

Here’s how to access the Samsung TV storage manager in easy instructions:

  1. Grab your Samsung TV remote.
  2. Press the home button to access the home menu of your device.
  3. Using the remote, highlight and select the “Settingsoption.
  4. Scroll all the way down and access the “Device Preferences” tab.
  5. In the device preferences tab, select the “Storagetab, using the “OK” button.
Note: The storage of your Samsung displays how much content there is on your TV and how much available space your storage has.

Step #4 Select USB Flash Drive Storage

When you have multiple external storage connected to your Samsung TV, this step can be challenging.

You will have to select the USB flash drive that you intend to use as internal and convertible storage for your Samsung TV.

How To Identify The Storage USB Flash Drive?

Your Samsung TV will display the brands and the models of your USB flash drives.

In case you don’t know the brand of your USB drive, unplug the other sticks connected to your TV.

When you identify which flash drive to select and once you’re done, highlight the connection and hit the “OK” on your remote.

Tip: You can reconnect other USB flash drives after you’ve dedicated one for your TV storage.

Step #5 Run “Setup As Internal Storage”

set internal storage

Once you’ve selected the flash drive, all you have to do is to press on the “Setup as Internal Storagebutton, to run a setup that will convert your flash drive.

The setup will take no longer than 2-3 minutes and after that, your USB flash drive storage will be linked to the Samsung TV.

You will be able to store data on the flash drive separately from the Samsung TV storage and access the data whenever necessary.

When your TV is reading from the USB drive files, the operations will be slower and laggier due to the USB drive and port transfer speeds.

Keep in mind that once you disconnect the flash drive, everything recorded on the drive will no longer be accessible by your TV.

Only connecting the flash drive back to the TV will make the content usable.

Alert: Content stored on the flash drive by the Samsung TV, won’t be usable on any other devices, except for other Samsung TVs that can read the data.

Method #2 Clear Internal TV Storage

If you’re still wondering, how do I increase storage on my Samsung smart TV, you should delete some of the already existing applications on your TV.

The more applications you install on your Samsung smart TV, the less available storage will the device have to work with.

clean internal tv storage

Here is some great way to free up internal storage on your Samsung TV:

1. Clean the App Cache

To clean the app cache, go to Home > Settings > Apps > System Apps > Choose App > Clear Cache. Repeat for all apps.

2. Keep Apps up to Date

The application updates commonly include storage optimizations so make sure to keep them up to date.

3. Remove Apps

You can delete applications on your Samsung TV to free up as much storage as you want. Delete those apps you no longer use.

4. Factory Reset

Go to Home > Settings > General > Reset > “Enter PIN (0000)” > RESET. A factory reset will erase everything on your device.

That should be enough to reduce the occupation of your Samsung TV storage and help you increase the available space.

Tip: You can measure how much space you’ve cleared up by now on your Samsung TV at Settings > Device Preferences > Storage.

Quick Recap:

The best way to increase your Samsung TV storage is by dedicating a USB flash drive and converting the external to internal storage. Another easy way to increase the storage of your Samsung TV is by deleting applications and clearing their cached data.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that now you know how do I increase storage on my Samsung smart TV and how to remove unnecessary files.

In case you’re keeping a lot of offline content on your Samsung TV, you’ll definitely need more storage. You should acquire a larger USB flash drive.

You can find models with 128GB, 256GB, and up to 500GB USB drives that can be used as storage to download more applications and keep your favorite movies and episodes!

Nicole B