homekit not showing on apple tv

Wondering why HomeKit not showing on Apple TV? Stay with us to find out why!

In this guide, we will explain why HomeKit does not appear on your Apple TV and why you’re certain that you’ve seen it on Apple TV before.

We’ll learn how to make the Home app appear on your Apple TV and how to manage the accessories from the big screen.

Whenever Apple TV is not showing on HomeKit first we have to check the internet connection and make sure we are using the same account credentials. The next step is to check for software updates, and if nothing else works ultimately perform a factory reset!

Let’s proceed with unveiling the reasons that could cause a problem!

Why Homekit Not Showing on Apple TV 4K?

why the homekit not showing on apple tv

There might be a few reasons why the Apple TV is not showing on your Homekit app.

This might include a big diversity of complications such as firmware problems that you’ll need to look up.

To provide you with a wider view we’ve found ALL possibilities!

Here are all of the causes behind the missing HomeKit app on Apple TV:

  • Apple TV Not Added To HomeKit
  • Incorrect User Information (iCloud)
  • Network Issues (Mobile or TV)
  • Apple TV Outdated Firmware
  • Apple TV Compatibility Issues

For the sake of resolving the problems you could collide with it is best to follow the troubleshooting guide we’ve assembled for you.

Let’s not lose more time and jump in!

How To Fix When Homekit not Showing on Apple TV?

Before we go any further in resolving the problems you could possibly collide with, we first have to identify the root of the issue.

how fix homekit not working

In order to recognize why and how go through the solutions below!

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Add Apple TV To Home Kit

The reason why the HomeKit app does not appear on your Apple TV is that the TV has to be connected to the smartphone/tablet Home app first.

In order to do so we need to open the Home app on our mobile device and follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Apple TV.
  2. Select AirPlay.
  3. Keep your HomeKit device near the TV.
  4. On your Apple TV select, HomeKit
  5. Select a Room for your Apple TV.

Now when your Apple TV is finally added to the Home app on your mobile device, you will be able to see and use the HomeKit app on the TV.

Just go to the Home Screen of your Apple TV and open the Home app to start controlling your accessories.

In case the Apple TV is already paired but the Home app still does not appear, keep reading!

Solution #2 Check Account Credentials

check the account credentials

One of the most common errors that occur is when the account credentials do not match both Homekit App and Apple TV.

If your Apple TV is already paired to a Home app on one iCloud account, and you use another to sign in on the TV, the HomeKit won’t appear.

Here’s a guide on to ensure that both Homekit and Apple TV are using the same ID:

  1. On your iOS device go to Settings and tap your name.
  2. Tap on iCloud and make sure it matches the Apple TV ID.
  3. On your TV go to Settings and then Accounts.
  4. Tap on iCloud and make sure it matches the iOS device ID.
  5. Once on the same ID open the Home app.
  6. Check if your HomeKit appears on the Apple TV.

Following these steps for account credentials will ensure that you are using the same Apple ID for both devices.

In order for the devices to work properly they have to be connected to the same iCloud account, which is a necessary requirement for HomeKit.

Tip: Make sure that both devices have access to the internet!

Solution #3 Inspect the Internet Connection

inspect the internet

Another common problem that you might face when HomeKit is not showing Apple TV is the internet connection.

In order for the devices to work properly they have to be connected to the same broadband of your network router/modem.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to ensure both devices are on the same network:

  1. On your iOS device, go to Settings and tap on Wi-Fi.
  2. Check the current network your device is on.
  3. On your Apple TV, go to Settings and then go to Network.
  4. Also, check the current WiFi network the Apple TV is connected to.
  5. Go to Settings > Network > WiFi to connect both devices to the same WiFi.

After following these you will make sure that both iOS devices and Apple TVs are using the same network.

Once you’re ready check whether the HomeKit application now appears on your Apple TV and if not, keep reading! 

Alert: If you are using a VPN service, turn it OFF and give it another go, as some of the VPN services can interfere with network connections.

Solution #4 Perform a Power Cycle

perform a power cycle

Performing a Power Cycle can help resolve a couple of problems that might impact the Homekit app and Apple TV.

Here we will perform a power cycle on the Apple TV, which is an efficient and easy way to refresh ALL services and hopefully acquire the HomeKit app!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to Power Cycle an Apple TV:

  1. The first thing to do is locate the Apple TV Power Cord.
  2. Next, Unplug the adapter from the Power Outlet.
  3. Wait for at least 15 seconds!
  4. Plug the power equipment back in the power!
  5. Wait for the Apple TV to start up again.

Now that we have successfully performed a power circulation we need to check whether our Apple TV is paired to the HomeKit and check for the icon there.

In case the Apple TV is not paired to the app, scroll up and apply Solution #1, and only then check for the Home app!

Tip: Newer versions of Apple TVs have options for a power cycle!

Solution #5 Check for Firmware Updates

check for an updates

Checking for firmware updates could help with the compatibility of the Homekit app and Apple TV.

Updating the Apple TV to the latest version can help fix bugs and improve the performance of the device, which can be done on a regular basis when troubleshooting!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to check for firmware updates on Apple TV:

  1. On the Apple TV go to Settings.
  2. From there select System.
  3. After selecting “System” go to Software Updates and select it.
  4. From there select Update Software.
  5. Apple TV will automatically check for any updates.
  6. After checking for updates it will automatically install them.
  7. Once the update is done, your Apple TV will restart to apply the update.

Be sure to connect your Apple TV to the internet connection in order for it to check for updates!

Tip: You can toggle an automatic update option on your Apple TV for Settings!

Solution #5 Soft and Factory Reset App TV

the soft and factory reset

In a variety of cases, sometimes performing a Soft Reset or a Factory Reset on your Apple TV could resolve a large number of issues including the disappearance of the HomeKit app.

Here we have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to perform both methods!

A Soft Reset will only restart the Apple TV, but note that when you do a Factory Reset it will erase all customized settings, apps, and data from the Apple TV.

This can help in resolving compatibility issues with the HomeKit app, which makes it disappear from the TV.

Soft Reset Apple TV:

  1. On the Apple TV go to Settings.
  2. From there select System.
  3. When you select the System click on Restart.
  4. Confirm the action by selecting Restart again.
  5. This will restart your Apple TV and help resolve some issues.

Factory Reset Apple TV:

factory reset the tv
  1. On the Apple TV go to Settings.
  2. From here select System.
  3. Then select Reset.
  4. Select “Erase all Settings”.
  5. Confirm the action.
  6. After this is done, your Apple TV will restart.
  7. After the restart, you will have to set up the Apple TV once again.
Tip: Be sure to make a backup of your Apple TV using iCloud, before being factory reset, this could save you a lot of time in setting it up again!

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Quick Recap:

Hence, Homekit not showing on Apple TV due to a missing internet connection, outdated firmware, or wrong iCloud login.

To show the HomeKit on Apple TV we need to pair the TV to the mobile Home first and in case that doesn’t help, perform a Factory Reset.

We hope that this guide was helpful in fixing the problems you collided with! Check our blog for more!

Nicole B