ge z wave switch blinking blue light

Is your GE Z wave switch blinking blue light, and you do not understand what is wrong with it? Maybe it happened, and you thought it would stop by itself, but all in vain.

So, what could be the cause of this issue, and can you overcome it? Yes. Below are some reasons why this behavior occurs and troubleshooting tips you can apply.

Kindly read on.

Your GE Z wave switch blinks blue light when it is in setup mode. If it does not stop, it might be defective. Kindly check if its air gap is open and close it securely by pushing it inside. Resetting the device can also be the best way to resolve the issue and other underlying conditions.

Reasons for GE Z Wave Switch Blinking Blue Light

When you see a blue light blinking on the GE Z wave switch, you will know that it is trying to connect to the smart hub or in the setup mode.

However, the light may blink continuously, and the switch fails to connect to your other devices.

Hence, you cannot use it to control any device you wish, whether by using the app or manually.

Also, your devices will have other recurring issues causing them to lag. So, why does this happen? Kindly note some common causes for this issue.

1. The Device is Defective

A defective device will always have issues, including the blue LED blinking.

2. Distance

The smart hub and the switch are so distant from each other. You will need to shorten the gap between these two devices.

3. Air Gap

The air gap on the switch is open. If you do not close it properly, it will cause the issue to arise.

Note: The GE Z switch works with the help of Z wave; that is the communication protocol that most smart home systems use.

Basically, it utilizes radio waves to initiate communication between smart devices and electrical appliances.

Your GE Z wave switch may not need special wiring but uses the existing one to form the wave Z connection and turn your home into a smart home.

How to Fix GE Z -Wave Switch Blue Light Blinking

fix ge z wave switch blinking blue light

Now we have seen why your GE Z wave switch blinks blue. Let us now see how you can handle it and have it working well again.

Try each troubleshooting method until your device behaves.

Solution #1: Check the Device

Your GE Z switch could be having damages you do not see, or you have overlooked.

Hence, they cause the device to blink the blue light. The damages might look minor, but they could have caused some glitches inside the switch.

So, take your time, carefully examine the switch, and check if it has any marks that will show damage. If so, you may need to take it for repair. Look for a reliable GE Z switch expert to handle the switch for you.

If your switch looks good, you can try to switch it on, then off several times. Remember, the SmartThings hub will be searching for the device.

As you turn it on and off, allow it to rest for some minutes in those turning intervals. Check if it stops blinking.

Solution #2: Check the Distance Between the Central Hub and Switch

The distance between the central hub and your smart switch matters when it comes to its well-being.

If the central hub is too far when setting up the switch, it may fail to connect. Hence, it will blink, the blue light.

Kindly move the switch near the central hub or let the distance between the two not exceed 15 feet. Allow the switch to connect to the hub.

After your switch connects to the hub, you can move it away from the hub if need be. Yet still, the switch will function well. Therefore, the blue LED blink should stop since the connection is set up and complete.

Solution #3: Check the Air Gap

Your GE Z switch has a small ‘air space’ switch. You can use this gap to manually cut off the power supply to the switch in case of an emergency.

When someone turns on the switch by mistake, your switch will fail to connect. Hence, you will see the switch blinking the blue light.

You will need to check the air gap. It is located beneath the main switch and next to the blue light LED. If it is on, kindly push it inside and close it correctly.

Solution #4: Reset the Switch

ge switch blinking

Going through the above three methods should stop your GE Z wave switch from blinking blue. However, if it completely refuses, you will need to reset the device.

Note, resetting will delete all configurations and settings on the device. However, after the process, the switch will work well.

Here is a step-by-step guide to take you through the resetting procedure.

  1. Go to your device’s home screen, tap on Menu and select ‘Devices.’
  2. Tap the hub to select ‘more options.’
  3. Select Z wave utilities, then choose ‘Z wave exclusion.’ If prompted, press up on your switch.
  4. Configure, then reconnect your GE Z switch.

Note: You will then see a message on your screen that you have successfully removed your device from SmartThings Hub.

Now check if the issue is still there or it is resolved. If not, go to the next solution.

Solution #5: Contact GE Z Switch Support

Does your GE Z wave switch still have a valid warranty? And have you tried applying the above solutions, but it is still blinking blue light?

Then, it has a problem that you may be unable to handle in your power.

What remains is to contact GE Z wave switch customer support and explain the issue. The customer is quite understanding and friendly, and without a doubt, you will get the necessary assistance.

Most customers attest that after calling the office, they were able to fix the issue and the switch began working well again. Besides, they can add you more years of warranty.

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If your GE Z wave switch is blinking blue light, it could be due to an issue with your device or the air gap is open. Kindly check the device for any physical damage and perform a repair. Also, ensure that you close the air gap tightly and the switch will stop blinking blue.

After applying the above tricks, your GE Z wave switch blinking blue light should stop.

In some instances, you may not need to worry about it so much, but if it is a recurring issue, of course, you may get worried.

However, the troubleshooting tips above should help you enjoy your smart switch magic in peace.


Must My GE Z Wave Connect To a Hub For It To Work?

No. Your GE Z wave switch can work without the hub. Besides, it may not need additional hardware for it to function properly. Its intuitive nature allows it to connect to Wi-Fi without you interfering with it.

How Long Should a GE Z Wave Last?

Most manufacturers give their customers a warranty of two years. You may not depend on that information so much. What matters is how you handle your GE Z device.

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