ge dishwasher control lock won't turn off

Wondering why GE dishwasher control lock won’t turn OFF? The answer is simple!

A Control Lock on a GE dishwasher is made to prevent a (person), for example, children from interrupting or starting a washing cycle.

This lockout can easily be toggled ON and OFF, but sometimes when the machine is experiencing difficulties we’ll find ourselves struggling.

Based on the GE dishwasher model, to turn OFF the lock, tap the Dry/Boost button + Steam Pads and hold for 3 seconds. This will toggle the feature and the control light will be the indication of whether or not a control lock is enabled or disabled.

Sometimes when the lock just won’t turn off, we need to identify the cause!

About GE Dishwasher Control Lock!

about ge dishwasher

A GE control lock can be used before a wash cycle to prevent others from accidentally starting one or during a cycle to ensure that nobody will interrupt the process.

The only function that is not impacted by the GE Control Lock is the Delayed Start washing program.

Let’s next learn how to easily disable/enable a control lock on the GE dishwasher:

How To Stop GE Dishwasher Control Lock?

Note: On different GE dishwasher assembly models, the labels on the buttons are different!
  1. Ensure that the GE dishwasher is turned ON.
  2. Check whether the GE Control Lock light is ON.
  3. Locate, and press the Dry or Dry Boost button.
  4. While holding, tap the Steam Pads.
  5. Keep holding everything for at least 3 seconds.
  6. The GE Control Lock light should turn OFF.
  7. In case the process fails, repeat the steps.

When the light goes off, it means that the GE Control Lock is now disabled.

In case you’re holding the buttons tightly but nothing happens and you can’t turn off the lock, keep reading!

GE Dishwasher Control Lock Won’t Turn OFF – Fixed

how fix ge dishwasher lock

Assuming that you’ve attempted the steps above but the GE Control Lock won’t disable, we can now proceed to the solutions.

Be prepared to often scroll up and attempt the steps above after each of the solutions, to check which method will help and solve your problem!

Solution #1 Cold Reboot The GE Dishwasher

The first and simplest solution to attempt is the Cold Reboot or often referred to as power circulation.

Instead of only pressing the Power tap button on the dishwasher, here we’ll take the process one step further by unplugging the machine from the power for 5 minutes.

This will discharge the device, and restart ALL services and this will allow you to turn OFF the lock in no time.

However, in case the problem is persistent, keep reading!

Tip: Keep the GE dishwasher unplugged for as long as necessary for the device to cool down!

Solution #2 Deactivate Control Lock (Old Models)

deactivate the control lock

On older GE dishwasher appliances, the functions are different and typically use an older range of interaction keys and labelings.

In case the GE dishwasher is quite old, perhaps following the steps below will help you deactivate a GE Control Lock:

  1. Make sure that the GE Dishwasher is working.
  2. Also, check the control light status (ON or OFF).
  3. If the control light is ON, quickly press the Lock Pad twice.
  4. The presses have to be within 3 seconds for the process to work!
  5. In case the lock won’t disable, repeat the steps.

To turn the ON and OFF lock simply tap on the Lock Pad twice, which is the main trigger of the GE Control Lock function.

In case you’re not able to succeed, keep on reading!

Solution #3 Reset The GE Dishwasher (Service Mode)

reset the ge dishwasher

When the GE Control Lock still remains on and won’t turn off regardless of what you attempt, there are only two possibilities – button issue or software freeze.

It’s easy to conclude why the lock doesn’t deactivate if the buttons needed for the operation are not working.

However, we can’t know for sure until we attempt the Factory Reset. This is the ultimate solution that will reset ALL GE dishwasher settings to default.

Hence, the lock will be disabled again after the process is completed.

Here’s how to factory reset any model of the GE dishwasher:

  1. Ensure that the GE dishwasher is working.
  2. Tap the Select Cycle button for 5 seconds.
  3. The lock button light should turn ON.
  4. Again, press the Cycle Button for another 5 seconds.
  5. Next, tap the Start button for 5 seconds.
  6. Finally, tap the Cycle + Start button for 5 seconds.

The Start button on the GE dishwasher should start blinking, which is a prime indication that the factory reset has begun.

After the final step, the lights on its control panel should turn on, and then the GE machine shouldn’t be in a control lock.

Tip: To justify, attempt to turn ON/OFF the GE Control Lock using the steps at the start of the guide!

Solution #4 Switch OFF/ON The Power!

switch the power off or on

Sometimes the GE dishwasher might become unresponsive after a power outage or an electrical surge, so we need to inspect this as well.

The best possible way to test this immediately is to connect the GE dishwasher to another wall outlet (on a different fuse).

Tip: Do not relocate the dishwasher to another room, simply use a power extender! 

In case this doesn’t help either and the machine remains in Control Lock, perhaps we need to restart the power from the circuit breaker for ALL fuses.

Flip the switch, wait for a few moments and turn the power back on. When you’re ready, test the GE dishwasher control lock!

Don’t forget to use the steps at the beginning of the guide to disable the GE control lock!

Solution #5 Use the Kickplate Reset

use the kickplate reset

In case the normal reset couldn’t be performed, because the machine is in Control Lock, you can use a more harsh method to achieve the result. Let’s learn more!

Some GE dishwasher assembly models come with a Kickplate Panel Access.

It’s extremely important to first stop the power from the breaker, before unscrewing the panel since some of the wires inside the junction box are live.

On the left bottom corner, you’ll find two buttons!

  • Simply press the Kickplate Reset Button to reset the GE machine!
Note: If you’re unfamiliar with what’s behind the kickplate, seek help from a technician!

Why is GE Profile Dishwasher Won’t Unlock?

why wont unlock the dishwasher

In case your GE Profile dishwasher is not unlocking, your case might be rather specific to the model of the machine.

This is why we’ve extracted some solutions that are proven to unlock your GE Profile dishwasher in no time!

Here’s what to do when your GE Profile dishwasher won’t stop the GE Control Lock:

  1. Deactivate the lock by quickly pressing the Lock Pad twice!
  2. Restart the machine using the Power tap.
  3. Power Cycle by unplugging the cord from the power for 5 minutes!
  4. Use the Circuit Breaker/Fuse Box to restart the power.
  5. If a Kickplate Access Panel is available restart the machine from there.

Need More Help?

In case you’ve attempted everything in this guide but the GE control lock on your GE machine just won’t disable, it’s time to seek some help.

However, it’s recommended to first check the machine’s manual for any model-specific operations and try to solve the problem.

In case all else fails, check your warranty and contact GE Customer Service for more help!

Quick Recap:

Hence whenever the GE dishwasher Control Lock won’t turn OFF, only tap the Lock Pad twice within 3 seconds to disable the feature. In case that doesn’t help, simply tap the Dry or Dry Boost + Steam Pads for 5 seconds to reset the machine.

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more relevant content, check our blog!

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