frigidaire dehumidifier freezing up

Wondering why is Frigidaire dehumidifier freezing up? We got you covered!

While dehumidifiers benefit users, they may sometimes create issues as well, especially when they freeze up.

Keep reading if you’re having a similar issue with your Frigidaire dehumidifier to uncover the reasons why is this issue appearing and how to efficiently solve this!

To prevent the Frigidaire dehumidifier from freezing up, you need to check whether the temp in the environment is not too cold.

In addition, it’s also recommended to clean the air filters and condenser coils, which will ensure the proper dehumidifier functioning! 

Let’s find out more information about the dehumidifier freezing issue!

Why Does Frigidaire Dehumidifier Freeze Up?

why frigidaire dehumidifier freezes up

If your Frigidaire dehumidifier is freezing up then the principal reason is the irregular check-up of the appliance.

It is very important to periodically clean dehumidifier components to prevent them from dirt build-up and other clogs. 

Since you have no idea what may be causing the dehumidifier to freeze, it is very important to understand the causes before inspecting and troubleshooting the device.

The following are the most frequent causes of dehumidifier freezing issues:

  • Low Room Temperature
  • Defective Humidity Sensor
  • Clogged Blower Wheels
  • Defective Fan Motor
  • Defective Thermostat
  • Block Fan Blades
  • Refrigerant Leak

Let’s jump in next to start troubleshooting the dehumidifier to fix the freezing issue!

How To Fix When Frigidaire Dehumidifier Freezing Up?

To troubleshoot the Frigidaire dehumidifier we are going to unfold easy and effective ways that will effectively fix the freezing issue from the appliance.

This includes Inspecting and cleaning some components that are directly related to the dehumidifier’s operation.

Let’s get started…

Solution #1 Unclog Air Filter!

unclog air filter

Cleaning the air filter is one of the most important factors because when the air filters become blocked and clogged then the airflow (ventilation) will be restricted.

Therefore, when no air passes, the coils become too cold which typically results in freezing up. 

Here is how to unclog the dehumidifier air filter:

  1. Turn off and unplug the dehumidifier from the power.
  2. Find the Air Filter from the sides of the appliance.
  3. Remove the air filter from the dehumidifier.
  4. Soak the air filter in a mix of lukewarm and soapy water.
  5. Leave the filter soak for about 15 minutes.
  6. Next, wash the filter with water to clear the dirt.
  7. Leave the filter to dry completely.
  8. Connect the air filter back into the dehumidifier.
  9. Turn on the Frigidaire dehumidifier.
  10. Test…
Note: Replace the air filter if the previous one is torn or irreversibly clogged.

Solution #2 Check Humidity & Temperature

check humidity and temperature

The location where the Frigidaire dehumidifier is placed must have a moderate humidity level and ambient temperature.

If the humidity is less than 30% – 50% and the temperature is less than 41°F and 95°F, the dehumidifier won’t extract enough moisture from the atmosphere.

  • This always leads to the coils to begin freezing!

If the temperature is low from the range of 41°F and 95°F, then set up a room heater in your room or shift the dehumidifier to a warmer location.

In case the humidity in the environment is less than 30% then increase the humidity level on your dehumidifier using the Humidity button.

Wait for a couple of hours and keep observing the dehumidifier and if it continues to freeze up, in the meantime proceed with the next solution!

Solution #3 Clear The Condensor Coils!

clear the condensor coils

Dirty coils don’t just lead to freezing up but also to overheating as well.

Since the dirt buildup in the coils interrupts their functionality, the water that has to go into the collecting bucket remains frozen. Therefore, you simply need to properly clean the coils!

Here is how to clear the Frigidaire dehumidifier condenser coils:

Alert: Avoid using water to clean the coils!
  1. Unplug the dehumidifier from the Power Source.
  2. Take out the Air Filter from the appliance.
  3. Find the Condenser Coils behind the air filter.
  4. Properly check the coil’s condition.
  5. If you found dirty coils then take a brush to thoroughly!
  6. If the coils are frozen, leave the appliance unplugged to defrost.
  7. When the ice is melted, properly clean the coils (use a brush).
  8. Connect the air filter back to the dehumidifier.

Again, you would need a couple of hours to determine whether the Frigidaire dehumidifier will freeze again.

This is why we strongly recommend continuing reading so you can learn what else might be responsible for the problem and of course how to address it in minutes!

Solution #4 Test The Thermostat

test the thermostat

The next step is to test the thermostat because, in case of a malfunction, the component won’t be able to stop the compressor as the predetermined humidity level is reached.

Hence the compressor keeps working and when it becomes too cold, the Frigidaire dehumidifier freezes! 

Note: The allocation of thermostats varies as per the dehumidifier model, so look in the user manual to identify where the thermostat is located.

Here is how to test the dehumidifier thermostat:

  1. Turn off the dehumidifier Power Supply.
  2. Remove the Control Panel from the appliance.
  3. Locate the thermostat from the panel.
  4. Take a Multimeter to test the thermostat.
  5. Connect the multimeter probes with a thermostat.
  6. Test the component for Continuity.

If there is continuity, reassemble the panel and try the next method. If there is no continuity, replace the thermostat since all odds show that the compressor is simply freezing the machine.

Tip: Send the appliance for service if you are unable to test these components!

Solution #5 Look For Refrigerant Leak!

look for refrigerant leak

Keeping track of the Frigidaire dehumidifier refrigerant is crucial because whenever there is a leak, the coils get too cold and eventually start to freeze up.

Therefore, check for a refrigerant leak and if you notice anything unusual, you might have to call a professional.

Here is how to check for a Frigidaire dehumidifier refrigerant leak:

  1. Turn off the appliance’s Power Source.
  2. Remove the Collection Bucket.
  3. Disconnect the Air Filter from the appliance.
  4. Locate the Refrigerant Lines near the compressor.
  5. Look for the damage on the lines!
  6. Optional: Use a refrigerant leak detector to check.

Remember to not try any repair yourself because the refrigerant leak is quite a tricky task that is not suitable for performing at home. In case there is no leak, simply proceed with the next step!

Note: You can also reach out to Frigidaire and book the consultation for repair!

Solution #6 Inpsect Fan Blades & Motor!

Airflow is important for the whole dehumidification process, but when the fan motor or blades get defective, the appliance’s airflow is compromised.

This is when the dehumidifier begins to freeze, hence you have to test the fan motor as well as the fan blades.

inspect fan blades and motor

Test The Dehumidifier Fan Blades:

  1. Unplug the appliance and remove the filter.
  2. Locate and hold the fan blades to spin them.
  3. Remove any obstructions preventing their rotation.
  4. Check that the fan blades are not rubbing into the housing.

Once you are sure that the blades have no obstructions and move freely, test the fan motor!

Test The Dehumidifier Fan Motor:

  1. Find the fan motor or take help from the manual.
  2. Unscrew the fan motor from the dehumidifier. 
  3. Connect the motor with a Multimeter by connecting its probes. 
  4. If the device shows Continuity, the motor is working fine. 
  5. Connect it back into its place and turn on the power.
  6. Next check if the blades are moving freely when the motor gets power.
  7. If the blades won’t move, then replace the fan motor with a new one.

Solution #7 Check the Blower Wheel

check the blower wheel

Lastly, you’ll have to check the Blower Wheel after inspecting the fan motor and blades.

As airflow is important, you should check and tighten the blower wheel on the motor shaft from time to time to make sure everything is operating as it should.

  • You only need to check whether the wheel has any visible damage!

In addition, you should check the blower wheel for any stuck dirt, wrapped hair, or something clogged, that is preventing the correct operation.

In case the wheel is dirty, then use a vacuum to clear everything and if the wheel is damaged, replace the component as soon as possible!

If your dehumidifier keeps freezing up even after using and testing every method from the guide, your dehumidifier may be faulty or have another problem.

Therefore, it is feasible to look for expert assistance for appliance repair.

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Frigidaire dehumidifier freezing up, clean the air filters and condenser coils, and be sure to set the humidity level high from the environment.

Also, test the fan motor, thermostat, and blower wheel before checking for refrigerant leaks!

Make sure to visit our blog for more troubleshooting guides on Frigidaire dehumidifier!

Nicole B