fitbit inspire 2 not tracking sleep

So your Fitbit Inspire 2 not tracking sleep when snuggled on your wrist? No problem!

This community discussion is populated by many Fitbit users since you’re not the only one who goes through the same problem.

Luckily, we’ve managed to come up with an explanation and causes for this problem along with the best fixes you can attempt.

First of all, ensure that you’re sleeping more than 3 hours with the Fitbit on your wrist. Before you go to sleep, ensure that the smartwatch – bracelet is tightened around your wrist as well. Lastly, try putting the watch on your other wrist and factory reset it.

Let’s straight-up answer your question first before we dive into troubleshooting.

Why Is My Fitbit Inspire 2 Not Tracking Sleep?

See, your Fitbit tracks your sleep only when on your wrist.

Based on this, in order for any sleep schedules and hours to come up on the watch, it must be snugged around your wrist every night whenever you’re asleep.

Here are all of the causes for your Fitbit Inspire 2 not tracking your sleep:

1. “Wrist Mode” Is Disabled

An essential feature that enables heart rate monitoring and the sleep tracker is the “Wrist mode”. If not enabled, Fitbit won’t track your sleep.

2. The Battery Has Died

If the sleep tracker fails, perhaps your smart bracelet has run out of battery.

3. Not Wearing Fitbit Correctly

As we’ve mentioned above, the Fitbit tracker must be correctly snuggled on your wrist and securely attached to your hand.

4. Incorrect Sleep Settings

Fitbit provides its users with a variety of sleep settings that can be configured. An issue with those settings will prevent the tracker from working.

5. Software Device Problem

Although most of the causes we’ve listed so far include a software issue, the firmware of your Fitbit maybe just bugged, thus, not tracking your sleep.

These were all of the possible causes that impacted your Fitbit Inspire 2’s sleep settings.

Solving the issue is just child’s play, so check out the solutions we’ve listed in our fix guide.

How To Fix When Fitbit Inspire 2 Sleep Tracking Not Working?

fix fitbit inspire 2 not tracking sleep

Solving the sleep tracker on your Fitbit Inspire 2 is really easy as long as you follow our solutions.

That means following the order of our solutions and testing sleep settings after each of the fix attempts.

Here’s how to solve the sleep tracker on your Fitbit Inspire 2 easily:

Solution #1 Enable “Wrist Mode”

The wrist mode that your Fitbit Inspire 2 comes equipped with is essential for sleep monitors.

If not enabled, no sleep stages will be displayed and your sleep won’t be tracked no matter what you do.

In that regard, we suggest toggling the “Wrist Mode” on and checking if the bracelet is going to track your sleep.

Here’s how to enable the wrist mode:

  1. Ensure that your Fitbit is working.
  2. Tap the settings icon and scroll down.
  3. Locate “Wrist Mode” and tap it once.
  4. Click on “Enable”.
  5. Follow any on-screen instructions if there are any.
Note: You will now be able to set up your sleep settings through the Wrist mode. Wrist mode only works whenever the tracker is on your hand.

Solution #2 Sleep More Than 3 Hours

sleep for atleast 3 hours

The sleep mode will create sleep stages once it detects that you’re sleeping.

However, sleeping for less than 3 hours will be insufficient for the device to generate those sleep settings and it will look as if you haven’t slept at all.

It’s impossible to control how much you sleep, but sleeping for less than 3 hours will prevent Fitbit from generating the sleep stages you’re interested in.

With that being said, the least you can sleep and see the sleep stages is around 4 hours.

Note: Ensure that by the time you’re going to sleep, the Fitbit is attached to your wrist.

Solution #3 Position Fitbit Bracelet Correctly

Chances are that you’re not putting your Fitbit Inspire 2 correctly on your wrist. If that’s the case, no wonder the tracker is unable to track your sleep and display the sleep stages you’re interested in.

To position your Fitbit Inspire 2 correctly on the wrist, you must ensure that the sensor is securely tightened on the top of your hand.

Since the sensor is on the bracelet itself and goes on the top of your hand, it must have a secure connection with your hand in order to track sleep.

Note: Don’t over-tighten the Fitbit Inspire 2, simply make sure that it is tightened enough for the sensor to make contact with your hand.

Solution #4 Charge Fitbit Before Sleeping

fitbit 2 charge

Most users forget to charge their Fitbit before going to sleep and frequently their devices are losing the battery halfway through the night.

This will interrupt the sleep tracking session and you won’t be able to view any sleep stages in the morning.

In that regard, make sure to charge Fitbit Inspire 2 to its maximum battery before putting it on your wrist and going to sleep. It takes around 2-3 hours for Fitbit to charge at the maximum battery.

Note: Ensure that you’re using the original cable to charge your Fitbit or this may result in charging problems.

Solution #5 Place Fitbit On Your Other Wrist

If the Fitbit Inspire 2 not tracking sleep and problems are still there, we suggest putting the bracelet on your other hand for the night.

This way you will know if you have a health problem that prevents Fitbit from tracking your sleep or the issue is from the hand you’ve put Fitbit on.

Simply tighten the Fitbit around your other wrist and go to sleep for more than 3 hours.

You should notice that the sleep stages will now occur and Fitbit will measure your sleep when put on the other hand.

Note: Ensure that you also place Fitbit on your other hand correctly the same way you did in solution #3.

Solution #6 Reset Your Fitbit

reset your fitbit 2

If absolutely nothing from our solutions worked so far, you should attempt to factory reset your Fitbit Inspire 2.

This will most certainly resolve any software issues the device has and solve the sleeping problem with your bracelet.

Here’s how to reset your Fitbit in easy steps:

  1. On your smartphone, open the Settings.
  2. Go to Clear User Data.
  3. Wait for the prompt to occur and hold the Confirm button for 3 seconds.
  4. Vibration of your Fitbit will indicate the undergoing reset.
Note: Do not interact with your Fitbit before the rest is complete.

Thus, to fix a Fitbit Inspire 2 that won’t track your sleep, ensure you’re putting the bracelet correctly around your hand and sleep for more than 3 hours. Next, charge your Fitbit before going to sleep and put it on your other wrist. Finally, trigger a factory reset on your Fitbit to fix the issue.

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Bottom Line:

After learning why the Fitbit Inspire 2 not tracking sleep, we hope that you were successful in fixing the problem.

After all, contacting the manufacturers of your Fitbit in case of a problem will surely get the issue resolved!

Nicole B