firestick not showing up on hdmi

Is your Firestick not showing up on HDMI? Here’s how to fix it!

Your Firestick may be refusing to show up on an HDMI source due to many things, including issues with the TV’s settings.

We will guide you through a complete troubleshooting process to fix the black screen problem on your Firestick in no time!

Let’s learn more!

To resume Firestick HDMI connection, try re-plugging the cable into another TV input and select the correct input source. If the issue persists, power cycle all devices involved and check for possible software-related problems.

Keep reading to learn more about the problem and why is it caused in the first place!

Why Won’t My Firestick Won’t Show Up On HDMI?

why my firestick wont show up

There could be many reasons why your Firestick is not showing up on your TV’ source.

The issue could either be with the Firestick itself, in the setup of your TV, or with another HDMI device. 

We will go through all the possibilities, so let’s take a quick peek!

  • Wrong Input Source
  • TV Input Port Fault
  • The firestick is out of order!
  • HDMI Cable Issue

Remember that the problem could also be based on a physical problem with your Firestick or TV.

Let’s exclude that possibility for now and review what are the best solutions to solve the issue with what we can do at home.

The solutions below should help!

How to Fix When Firestick Not Showing Up On HDMI?

how to fix firestick issue

To be as efficient as possible in the upcoming guide, pay close attention to our steps and instructions.

In addition, follow the order of our methods and do not skip any of the solutions! 

Here’s how to fix when the Firestick isn’t showing up on the HDMI connection:

Solution #1 Reconnect the Firestick

To begin this troubleshooting, you should attempt something less difficult.

The quickest and most-helpful method so far is to simply disconnect and then plug the Firestick back.

This will refresh the connection and power cycle of the Firestick.

Follow these steps to power cycle your Firestick properly:

  1. Disconnect the micro USB cable from your Firestick first.
  2. Unplug the Firestick from the HDMI port.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes while the Firestick is unplugged.
  4. Reconnect the micro USB cable to the Firestick.
  5. Plug the Firestick into the HDMI port on your TV.
  6. Turn on the TV and check if the black screen persists.
Tip: Keeping the Firestick unplugged for longer allows the device to cool down a bit.

Solution #2 Select the Correct Source

select correct source

Chances are that you have not selected the correct source on your TV side!

This is an often-encountered problem with users who are just installing their Firestick but don’t know how the TV’ source system works.

Practically, in whichever port is the Firestick plugged in, the same source must be selected in your TV’s menu. 

This will display the Firestick’s broadcast.

Here’s how to select the correct source on your TV:

  1. Ensure that your Firestick is plugged into the TV.
  2. Get your TV’s remote.
  3. Locate and press the Source button on the remote.
  4. Select the appropriate HDMI source, where your Firestick is plugged in.

If you don’t know the exact source of your Firestick, look at the back of your TV and check its label.

If the port says “HDMI 2” or “HDMI SIDE”, select the corresponding source.

Tip: Test all HDMI input sources!

Solution #3 Plug into a Different HDMI Port

plug to different hdmi port

Perhaps the problem in your Firestick setup is a faulty HDMI port on your device.

There could be a problem with the current HDMI port on your TV’s side so let’s learn more!

To understand whether the HDMI port is faulty, your next step is to connect your Firestick to an alternative HDMI port on your TV. 

Then we’ll check if the black screen persists.

Follow these instructions to switch the Firestick’s HDMI port:

  1. Disconnect your Firestick from its current HDMI port.
  2. On your TV there should be 1 x Side HDMI and 3 x Back HDMI inputs.
  3. Plug your Firestick in one of the Back Side HDMI ports.
  4. Press the “Source” button on the remote.
  5. Check the label above the Firestick’s new HDMI port.
  6. Choose the correct source of the HDMI port.
  7. Check if the black screen persists.

The reason we avoid the Side HDMI port is that this is the most frequently used input, therefore it can be impacted.

The Back HDMI inputs, in contrast, are always fresh!

Note: Test all HDMI ports by rotating the source input as well. At least 1 has to work…

Solution #4 Restart HDMI-CEC Device Control

restart the device control

Amazon themselves has recommended disabling the HDMI-CEC device control and then turning it back on to fix Firestick picture problems.

It is often where the HDMI device control setting would prevent particular HDMI device’ sources from being forwarded to your TV. 

This setting must be toggled from your TV’s own settings!

Here’s how to universally toggle the HDMI-CEC on most TV devices:

  1. Get your TV’s remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Scroll down a bit and search for a “Display & Sounds” tab.
  4. Locate the “HDMI-CEC” or “HDMI-Device Control” settings.
  5. Press on the setting once to turn it OFF.
  6. Toggle the feature back ON.
  7. Exit the tab.

Once you’ve toggled the HDMI-CEC feature, test your Firestick and determine if it is going to broadcast to your TV now.

Be patient, give the source a while to connect.

Note: Do not leave the HDMI-CEC disabled, since this could cause other HDMI issues!

Solution #5 Cycle Available Resolutions

cycle the available resolutions

Another easy fix you should attempt is to cycle all available resolutions on your Firestick. 

If the Firestick is getting power, but the HDMI source remains completely black, perhaps the device is unable to display the selected resolution.

There’s a hotkey on your Firestick remote, that will allow you to cycle all of the available resolutions until the screen appears!

  • To cycle through available resolutions, press the UP and REWIND buttons!

Both the UP and the REWIND buttons can be found on your Firesticks’s remote and by clicking them once, you will cycle through a resolution.

Keep pressing the key combination until you can see the broadcast of your Firestick on your TV’s display.

Note: Press the buttons simultaneously!

Solution #6 Replace the USB Cable

replace the usb cable

As you probably know, your Firestick uses a USB cable that also connects to the TV to receive power.

If there’s an issue with the given USB cable, no power will be reaching the Firestick to power it and so your TV will stay on a black screen. 

You must replace the USB cable! (except if the Firestick is not plugged into an outlet).

You could get a USB cable to power your Firestick from almost every technical store at an affordable price.

Once you have the USB cable, plug its small connector into the micro USB slot on your Firestick and its other end into the power adapter. 

Test if the Firestick HDMI output will appear on your TV screen!

Note: You can also acquire a power adapter suitable for your Firestick online!

Final Thoughts:

After learning all about the Firestick not showing up on HDMI problem, we hope you are now capable of resolving this problem.

Don’t rule out the possibility of contacting Amazon, just in case your Firestick still refuses to show up in the HDMI for no reason!

USB Cable Replacement?

In case the issue turns out to be related to the USB cable, you can acquire a dedicated Power Cord For Firestick.

This is a replacement cable in case things go wrong so don’t hesitate to jump into this quick opportunity to keep your setup fresh!

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