fire tv audio description won't turn off

Wondering why the Fire TV audio description won’t turn off? Stay with us!

The Fire TV audio description is a verbal narration of all key elements in the content that supports the feature.

On Fire TV the feature is found in Settings > Accessibility, under Audio Description, where the settings can be turned OFF and ON by the user on demand.

Whenever the Fire TV Audio Description can’t be turned off through the Settings, begin by restarting the device and re-toggling the audio description.

In case that doesn’t help, you’ll need to dig deeper and thoroughly inspect ALL settings for similar features!

Now that we have a basic understanding of what we’re facing, let’s learn more!

Why Does Fire TV Audio Description Always Work?

audio description always working

The reasons why the feature continues to function even after disabling the setting could vary,  based on your Fire TV performance.

You might be facing a software bug or a server error, which is based on your internet connection as well as the Fire TV OS services.

Let’s unwrap some reasons why the audio description on your Fire TV won’t stop:

  • In-App Audio Description Enabled 
  • Fire TV Operating System Glitch
  • Outdated Fire TV Firmware
  • Corrupted Application Data
  • Smart TV Narration Enabled

The audio description comes either from your Fire TV or from the application that you’re streaming.

The solution does not require any technical steps, only basic troubleshooting that is proven to help so jump straight into the solution guide below!

Fire TV Audio Description Won’t Turn OFF – 1 Minute Fix

audio description always working 1 min fix


To understand more about the problem, try switching between TV Shows and Movies to understand whether the audio description works on ALL of them.

You can even take one step further and open another streaming application to check the situation there.

Based on your findings, try the solutions below!

Solution #1 Turn OFF Audio Description

In case you didn’t know the Audio Description or also known as Voice Description (narrating), exists in the Fire TV Settings as well as in some of the streaming apps.

audio description off

Those applications include Netflix and Amazon Prime and support Voice Description for their most popular titles.

Hence, even when we turn OFF the Fire TV Audio Description we might still hear the narration when the feature is enabled in the app we’re using.

Here’s what to do:

Turn OFF In-App Audio Description:

Each application has its own different menu with different settings, where the Audio Description is located.

turn off in app audio description on tv

When you play a show, the audio settings for this title are usually located on the bottom right from where you select the audio track (with or without audio description).

Tip: Use your Fire TV remote to navigate and disable the in-app Audio Description!

Turn OFF Fire TV Audio Description:

Here’s how to turn OFF the Audio Description on your Fire TV:

  1. Go to the Fire TV, Home Screen!
  2. Select the Cogwheel (Settings).
  3. Go to the Accessibility tab.
  4. From there, disable the Audio Description.

Sometimes that’s why people complain that they can’t turn off Audio Descriptions Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other streaming apps.

However, there is an exception when there is a software bug or simply the content you’re streaming has a narration inbuilt into the audio track.

In case the problem persists, keep reading!

Solution #2 Hard-Reset Fire TV

unplug tv for 3 minutes

Now that we know the audio description is turned OFF both in the streaming app and from your Fire TV, we need to perform a restart.

We’ll take one step further and accomplish a power circulation, which is done by unplugging the device from the power!

  • Unplug your Fire TV from the Electrical Outlet for 3 minutes!

This should be enough to discharge the TV, and the components to cool down.

If you’ve previously disabled the audio description, surely after the restart the settings should be applied.

Note: Check into the Fire TV settings whether the Audio Description is DISABLED.

Solution #3 Clear Application Cache!

clear cache

The reason why the Audio Description keeps working even when disabled could be due to an application fault, rather than an issue with your Fire TV.

This is why a simple solution might be to simply clear the application cache of the platform that won’t stop narrating.

Here’s how to clear the application cache on your Fire TV in easy steps:

  1. From the Fire TV Home Screen, go to Settings.
  2. In there, select the Applications tab.
  3. Next, choose Manage Installed Applications.
  4. Then, select the application you’re having an issue with.
  5. Tap on Clear Cache and confirm with Clear Data.

When you’re ready, open the application and you would immediately notice that you’re signed out of your account.

Yes, this means that the cache data has been cleared and all in-app settings were reverted to default, hence the Audio Description should be turned OFF.

In case the audio description keeps working even after clearing the cache, keep reading!

Solution #4 Perform a Clean Installation

uninstall then install again

In case clearing the cache didn’t help, perhaps deleting the app and downloading it back will be able to finally stop the Audio Description.

Clearing apps on Fire TV is simple and getting them back is even easier so here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to the Fire TV Settings.
  2. Choose Applications.
  3. Tap on Manage Installed Apps.
  4. Then, select the application you need to remove.
  5. Select Uninstall to remove the app.
  6. Go back to the Home Screen.
  7. Open the Fire TV Store.
  8. Find the app you need to download back.
  9. Install the application and sign in.

When the application has been cleanly installed on your Fire TV, test whether the Audio Description is now turned off.

Make sure to justify whether the feature is enabled on several different pieces of content, even on different streaming apps!

Note: Don’t forget to reach into the app settings and make sure that the Audio Description is disabled.

Solution #5 Factory Reset Fire TV

factory reset fire tv

In case nothing worked, and the Audio Description is still working or can’t be disabled through the Fire TV settings, the big gun technique is the Factory Reset.

Unfortunately, this is an unforgiving method, and all apps and settings on your Fire TV will be permanently erased.

If you’re sure that you want to perform the reset process, here are the steps:

  1. Tap and hold the Back Side of the remote navigation circle.
  2. Also, hold the Right Side of the remote circle.
  3. Keep holding both sides for at least 10 seconds!
  4. On the screen, choose Factory Reset.

After the reset has been started, the Fire TV might need at least 2 minutes to cleanly reinstall the operating system so be patient.

You would know when the reset is over when the Fire TV restarts and prompts you to complete the initial settings setup.

Audio Description Won’t Turn OFF Amazon Prime – Why?

why audio description won't turn off in amazon prime

Even when the Audio Description is turned OFF from your Fire TV settings, Amazon Prime still supports the voice narration on some of the popular titles.

Hence, you need to reach into the application settings and disable the feature from there as well.

Here’s how to disable Amazon Prime audio description settings in easy steps:

  1. Play any content with the voice narration!
  2. Go to the “Subtitles & Audio” option!
  3. From there select an Audio Track (without an audio description).

This should be enough to stop the voice description at once so you can enjoy your content the way you like.

In case you want to enable the audio description in the future, you can do it the same way you’ve disabled the feature, as well as in your Fire TV settings.

In case you’re still experiencing trouble with the Audio description, keep reading!

Still, Need Help?

contact their customer support

In case the problem is persistent and the solutions above weren’t able to help, perhaps you’re experiencing a much more complicated issue.

The next step would be to seek help by submitting a ticket to Amazon Customer Support or text with them on a Live Chat.

Tip: Find more information about the issue you’re experiencing in the Amazon Help Library!

Quick Recap:

Thus, when the Fire TV audio description won’t turn OFF, we need to make sure that the in-app audio narration is also disabled.

The next step is to restart our Fire TV, clear the problematic application cache, and if necessary, perform a Factory Reset.

If this guide was helpful, you can discover more relevant content in our blog!

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