eufy suction fan stuck

Wondering why the Eufy suction fan stuck? Continue reading to find out everything!

Eufy robovac is one of the best options for your home cleaning. Many of its users, unfortunately, suffer from a red light that appears when you turn on the robovac.

There are also three beeps in combination with the red light, indicating that the robot suction fan is stuck.

The Eufy Robovac suction fan may become stuck for a number of reasons, including a blocked suction inlet, a clogged dirt collector, brushes, or filters. Another reason would be a dirty suction fan or any anonymous glitch that is also imparting the device!

Now let’s jump right in further to briefly discuss the causes of the stuck suction fan!

What Causes Eufy Suction Fan Stuck?

does eufy suction fan stuck

No matter how well you clean the robovac from your end, dirt will remain and over time will begin to clog the brushes, filters, and air inlet.

Hence, eventually, this accumulation will block the suction fan passage and cause the component to be stuck.

Also, when the fan is stuck, it alerts you as well by flashing red light and three beep sounds, so you can know what’s going wrong with the unit.

Once you get to know that the fan is stuck, your next task will be to fix this problem, so let’s review what’s causing the issue!

  • Blocked Robovac Air Inlet
  • Clogged Suction Fan
  • Dirty Robot Brushes
  • Blocked Vacuum Filter
  • Dirty Dust Collector
  • Unknown Device Bug

Let’s learn how you can quickly fix stuck suction fans after learning the causes!

How To Fix When Eufy Robovac Suction Fan Stuck?

how to fix eufy robovac

If you have noticed that your Eufy robovac suction fan is stuck due to its beeps and red light alert, then there is something blocking the robot air passageway.

Make sure to follow the guide completely and don’t skip any step to fix your robot’s stuck suction fan properly. 

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Empty The Dust Collector

Regular cleaning of the robot dustbin collector is a crucial step that matters a lot for its performance.

There is a possibility that your robot dustbin is fully dirty or if it’s not, then possibly it is blocked and that’s why instead of the dirt going in the bin, it is collected around the suction fan. 

Solution: You simply need to deeply clean the robot dustbin collector!
empty its dust collector

Here is how to properly empty the robot dust collector:

  1. Turn down the robot and press its power button to turn it off.
  2. Tap on the Bin Release Button from the robot to release the collector. 
  3. Push it out from the robot. 
  4. Open the bin to open its two sections. 
  5. First, empty the bin dirt into the trash.
  6. Then, use a dry Fiber Cloth and properly clean the bin area. 
  7. Close the bin and place it back in its place. 

In case the problem continues, keep reading!

Solution #2 Shake The Robovac 

shake your robovac

There is a possibility that after emptying the robovac vacuum collector, some dirt is still there within the robot that is actually blocking the robot suction air inlet.

This is why the robot suction fan is still stuck when it tries to suck the dirt. However, we can easily solve this issue!

Here is how to clean the robot by shaking it:

  1. Switch off your Eufy robovac.
  2. Take out the Dust Bin Collector and make sure it is properly cleaned.
  3. Flip down your robot in your hand, and shake it properly. 
  4. This way any remaining dirt will get out from the Suction Inlet Hole.
  5. Then turn down the robot and set up the bin collector into it.

When you’re ready, turn on your robot and check whether now the robot’s stuck suction fan issue is resolved.

In case you’re still seeing the red light, proceed with the next solution!

Tip: Shake your robot outside, to prevent spilling the dirt in your home!

Solution #3 Check The Suction Fan Motor

check fan suction motor

Your robot may be indicating that the suction fan is stuck because the motor has failed or because debris has been lodged around it.

The only solution you need to do is to dissemble the robot to clean or replace the fan motor according to its condition.

Here is how to check the robot suction fan motor:

  1. Flip down the Eufy robot and turn it off.
  2. Remove the roller brush assembly and side brushes. 
  3. Unscrew the eight bumper screws and then remove the bumper from the robot.
  4. Unscrew the eight screws of the robot case and two screws of the roller brush assembly.
  5. Turn over the robot and take out the case from the robot by disconnecting its connectors.
  6. Disconnect the battery, rolling brush, and fan terminal connectors from the main board.
  7. Make sure to not touch the infrared receiver.
  8. Unscrew the main board screws, and pull all the wires out.
  9. Next, remove the fan upper cover assembly screws to take out the fan motor.
  10. Once you have done this, take a dry cloth and properly clean all the robot’s interior parts.
  11. Also, check the fan motor for continuity.
  12. If the fan motor has a fault, replace it and set up a new one in the robot.
  13. Reassemble the robot back in proper alignment.
Tip: In case you’re inexperienced with Eufy robovac, seek professional help!

Solution #4 Unclog Robot Brushes

unclog its robot brush

The suction fan is stuck because of blocked dirt that comes from dirty or clogged robot brushes.

While cleaning, usually hair gets wrapped on brushes which causes the stuck suction fan issue.

Cleaning the robot brushes is everything you need to do to unstick the suction fan.

Here is how to unclog the robot brushes:

  1. Turn down the Eufy robovac vacuum.
  2. Release the Rolling Brush Guard and take it out from the robot. 
  3. Also, pull out the side brushes as well.
  4. Next, clean the roller brush with a provided cleaner tool.
  5. Make sure that no stuck dirt is left on the brushes.
  6. Take a damp cloth to clean the side brush’s dirt.
  7. Install the components back in their places and fix them properly.
  8. Turn over your robot and switch it on.

When you’re ready, test whether the red light + beeps are there.

In case the robot is now working properly, then the issue is solved, however in case the issue continues, keep reading!

Solution #5 Clean Vacuum Filters

clean the vacuum filter

Aside from the dirty dustbin, its filters also get blocked due to which the robot cannot able to suck the dirt because of the poor air passageway.

This is why the Eufy robot perceives that the suction fan is stuck and the only solution is simply proper cleaning of vacuum suction filters.

Here is how to clean vacuum suction filters:

  1. Turn off your robot and pull out the dust collector.
  2. Open the bin compartments and remove the pre-filter from them.
  3. Then, open a back filter compartment from the robot.
  4. Take out that filter as well, but make sure to separate the black foam aside.
  5. Next, use a provided cleaner brush or vacuum air to clean both filters properly.
  6. Then wash the filters (not black foam filters) underwater and let them dry completely.
  7. After then, place the filters back in their slot and close the bin.
  8. Place the bin back into the robot.
  9. Turn the robovac on and check whether the suction problem is fixed or not.
Alert: Be gentle with the filters to avoid damaging the components!

Solution #6 Hard Reset Via Battery

hard reset via the battery

Finally, you should attempt to reinsert the robot batteries if you have tried everything mentioned in the guide.

By doing this, the robot gets a reset that’ll help it to retain its effectiveness and probably restore functionality.

Here is how to hard reset your robot via battery:

  1. Turn over the Eufy robot.
  2. Unscrew the robot Battery Case.
  3. Remove the battery connector and take it out of its compartment.
  4. (Optional) Clean the battery compartment using a dry cloth.
  5. Reinsert the battery and close the compartment door.
  6. Flip over the vacuum and turn it on.
The hard reset should restart ALL services and in case you’ve experienced a software glitch, the issue should be gone. 

However, in case you’re out of options, let’s see what we can do!

Eufy Suction Fan is Still Stuck?

the eufy suction stil not working

Your next step will be to email Eufy Support if, after trying all troubleshooting measures from your end, you are unable to resolve the problem.

They can help you with even more methods!

Note: When contacting them, let them know what you have already tried and if your robot warranty is still intact.

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Eufy suction fan stuck, you first need to clean the robot Bin Collector, it’s both Suction Filters and ensure that the Suction Fan Motor has no fault. Also, clean the robot roller and side brushes, and reinsert the battery to perform a Hard Reset.

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