eufy robovac not connecting to wifi

Wondering why is Eufy Robovac not connecting to WiFi? Keep reading!

The Eufy Robovac is very efficient because of its cleaning and suction power.

The fascinating thing is that it can be controllable via the Eufy Clean app using a WiFi connection.

Sometimes when the robot won’t connect, we lose all of the smart features. Let’s learn more!

The Eufy Robovac WiFi connectivity issues can be caused by a number of factors, such as 5Ghz WiFi frequency, Outdated Firmware, or any device malfunction. Fortunately, the solution requires just a few minutes and includes addressing each possibility!

Let’s discuss the best ways to fix your Eufy Robovac connectivity problem in quick steps:

How To Fix When Eufy Robovac Not Connecting To WiFi?

how to fix eufy robovac

If you are having trouble connecting your Eufy Robovac to your home WiFi, your network may be causing the trouble.

This is why it’s important to test your WiFi using a secondary device, such as your smartphone, before attempting to connect to the Eufy Robovac.

Let’s jump into the solutions if the problem is beyond your WiFi network!

Solution #1 Check WiFi Compatibility

The first step you need to take is to confirm whether your Eufy Robovac model is WiFi compatible.

Many Eufy robots are not WiFi compatible or do not work with AI features, such as Alexa and Google Assistant. 

check the wifi

The Eufy Robovac C-Series and above are all with WiFi connection support!

After selecting your robot model, you can also find this information on your Eufy Robovac delivery box and on the Eufy website.

If your robot is not WiFi compatible, then, unfortunately, you cannot use any smart features.

Tip: Locate your Eufy robot compatibility via the available user manual.

Solution #2 Connect Robot To WiFi (Correctly)

connect robot to wifi

Sometimes the Eufy robots do not connect to WiFi because you have not set up the robot to the app in the correct way or did something wrong.

This is why it is very important to set up the Eufy Robotvac in the correct way to be able to connect to the WiFi.

Here is the correct way to connect the robot to WiFi in easy steps!

  1. Install the Eufy Clean mobile app. 
  2. Register your EufyHome account in the app. 
  3. Now enable the Location Permission for the app.
  4. On the robot, press and hold the Start button for 3 seconds.
  5. Go back to the app, and tap on Add Device
  6. Click on the Robotic Vacuums and select your robot model. 
  7. The App will automatically configure the robot. 
  8. Tap on the + button to connect the robot. 
  9. You will see a blue flashing light on the WiFi Status of the Robovac. 
  10. Choose your home (2.4GHz) network and enter the correct password details. 
  11. Tap Next to continue.
  12. Customize your robot name
  13. Your Robot is now set up to the app and network.
Note: When your WiFi/internet disconnects or drops, your Eufy Robovac will, too.

Solution #3 Optimize The WiFi Network

optimize the wifi

In case you have already set up your Robovac to the app, and still, the robot can’t connect to WiFi, then we need to inspect your internet connection.

When it comes to connectivity issues, many factors play a major role. You’re good to go as long as your network connection is stable, according to Robovac vacuum requirements.

Here are some important things that help to stabilize the WiFi network:

  1. Ensure that the internet subscription on WiFi is active. 
  2. Use only a 2.4GHz frequency WiFi network to connect to the robot. 
  3. Place your WiFi router in the centralized location of your home. 
  4. Disconnect Bandwidth drainer devices from the WiFi.
  5. Reboot or reset the router to refresh the network strength. 

To justify that the problem is not coming from your internet test, take the robot and your smartphone as close as possible to the router.

Then re-attempting to connect the robot to the WiFi; if the operation goes well, the issue is due to a distant WiFi connection.

Tip: You can also perform a free internet speed test online to check what’s wrong!

Solution #4 Fully Charge The Robot

fully charge the robot

Low robot battery is a very common reason for a connectivity problem which most users ignore to inspect.

When the Eufy Robovac battery is low, it loses its internet connection and does not connect even if you retry to connect until the robot is fully charged. 

  • Eufy Robovac Fully charged battery lasts up to 100 to 180 minutes (depending on the robot model) and takes approximately 6 hours to charge the robot fully. 

Also, ensure that the Reduced Power Standby mode is turned off on your robot because this mode disables the WiFi to charge the battery quickly.

To turn off this mode, press the Power button once, restoring the normal functionality.

Tip: Re-attempt to connect the Eufy Robovac to the WiFi when it’s fully charged.

Solution #5 Allow App Location Access!

allow app location access

Eufy Robovac requires Bluetooth and GPS access to configure the robot’s location and to connect the robot to the device network.

There may be a chance that in your mobile, any of the permission is disabled, that’s why Eufy Robovac not connecting to WiFi

Solution: Grant access to GPS, and Bluetooth to the Eufy Clean app!

Here is a way to allow Eufy Clean app with Bluetooth and Location Access:

  1. Toggle ON/OFF the Airplane mode to stop all services. 
  2. After that, go to the mobile device’s Settings
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi
  • For Android: Settings > Apps > Permission > Eufy Clean app > Allow Location.
  • For iOS: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location > Allow Location (Eufy Clean app).

When you reach the application access settings, make sure to enable everything.

This should unlock the WiFi connection, and you’ll be able to connect your device in a few minutes!

Alert: Make sure not to turn on the cellular data on your mobile! 

Solution #6 Reset Eufy Robovac WiFi

reset the robovac

Sometimes the robot’s WiFi history has some glitches, especially when attempting to reconnect automatically.

This is why it’s important to forget all previous WiFi connections and start fresh. This can be done by resetting the Eufy Robovac WiFi settings.

Here is how to reset the Eufy Robovac Wifi:

  1. Press and hold the right Recharge + Spot Cleaning buttons 
  2. Hold them simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  3. Wait until you hear a sound and the robot’s WiFi status light flashes slowly. 
  4. Set up your Robovac to Eufy Clean app by following Solution#2.

Typically, while resetting, there are  three types of light indication:

  • Slow Flashing Light – Ready to Connect
  • Quick Flashing Light – Connecting
  • Solid Blue Light – Connected

You can now recognize what’s the current state of your Eufy Robovac! 

Solution #7 Update Eufy Robovac Firmware!

update eufy firmware

If your robot has already connected to a WiFi once but loses connection, the problem might be due to Outdated Firmware.

Software updates always come with security patches and many bug fixes, which might be helpful for your connection issues!

Solution: All you have to do is to update the Eufy Robovac firmware!

Here is how to update the Eufy Robovac firmware:

  1. Place the robot at the charging base. 
  2. Open the Eufy Clean mobile app. 
  3. Tap on your Robovac Model
  4. Tap on the three dots from the top right corner. 
  5. Click on Firmware Update

In the following several minutes, Eufy Robovac will find any pending updates and hopefully install them.

Then your WiFi connection problems should be in the past.

Tip: Check for updates manually on your Eufy Robovac every week!

Solution #8 Factory Reset Eufy Robovac

factory reset eufy

The final and most drastic solution against connectivity problems with the Eufy Robovac is to perform a Factory Reset.

This process will revert ALL settings to default and restore your machine’s functionality as originally.

Alert: The Factory Reset will disconnect your Eufy Robovac from the app!

Here is how to Factory Reset the Eufy Robovac in easy steps:

  1. Turn on the Eufy Robovac robot. 
  2. Press and hold the Power button for 20 seconds until you hear a beep. 
  3. The robot will automatically start to factory reset. 
  4. Turn on the robot with the Power button. 
  5. A slowly blinking WiFi status light indicates that the reset process is complete.
  6. Set up the robot back to Eufy Clean app by following Solution#2.

The robot should now be able to connect to WiFi without a problem. Good Luck!

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Quick Recap:

Thus, whenever Eufy Robovac does not connect to WiFi, we need to make sure that the device is WiFi compatible and our internet is intact. The next step is to reinstall the Eufy Clean application cleanly and in case nothing helps, Factory Reset the Robovac!

Final Thoughts:

In this guide, we’ve learned what to do when Eufy Robovac not connecting to WiFi.

We now know the most important factors to watch out for and how to establish a strong connection!

For more guides such as this one, make sure to check our blog. Thanks for reading!

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