emerson thermostat stuck on hold

Is your Emerson thermostat stuck on hold? Are you wondering if it’s broken and how you will fix it?

It’s normal for home appliances to malfunction from time to time.

If you press the hold button, the thermostat will lock in and maintain the current temperature, either temporarily or permanently.

Also, there can be other reasons that may cause your thermostat to be stuck on hold.

If your Emerson thermostat is stuck on hold, you must have pressed the hold button unknowingly. It can also mean that your thermostat is malfunctioning, the hold/run button is broken, needs a replacement for excessive use, or needs some cleaning due to dust.

In this article, we’ll highlight the likely causes and how to fix the problem quickly.

Reasons Your Emerson Thermostat is Stuck on Hold

reason emerson thermostat stuck

Just like any other gadget, your thermostat can be stuck on hold due to different reasons.

Here are some causes:

  •  Pressing the hold button unknowingly
  • The hold/run button may be broken
  •  Loose wires
  • Dust and dirt
  • Power outage
  • Malfunctioning
  • Low battery
  • Needs replacement due to extreme use
  • HVAC malfunction
Note: If you are not sure about handling anything on your Emerson thermostat, kindly consider an expert to work it out for you to avoid more issues that might be costlier.

How to fix Emerson Thermostat Stuck on Hold

how to fix emerson thermostat

Here are several simple solutions you can use once you have identified the cause of your thermostat being stuck on hold.

Solution #1: Press the Run Button

If you have some children in the house, they might have played with the thermostat and put it on hold.

Or maybe you pressed the hold button unknowingly and put it on hold.

The hold button is used to lock in the temperature if you want it to remain at the same level. If you have an off day, you can use this feature and plan to spend time in the house.

The hold button allows you to override the preset settings. To go back to your normal programming, press the run button on the thermostat.

Solution #2: Check if the Hold Button is Broken

You may find that the hold/run button has broken due to some reasons like mishandling.

Or maybe the system is clogged just like any electronic gadget, and this may be causing the button not to work or hang.

Confirm if other buttons are still working, or if it’s only the hold button. Reset your thermostat to see if the button is working.

Some systems have a reset button. Press the reset button on the thermostat

You can also turn off the power, and remove the batteries. Wait for 30 seconds, insert the batteries and turn on the power. Check if the button is now working.

Solution #3: Check if There are Any Loose Wires

check any loose wires

Inside the thermostat, there are wires which can become loose because of old age or get damaged by insects.

With a loose wire, there can be a disconnection between the program and the buttons.

Inspect the wiring on your Emerson thermostat, and if you’re not comfortable checking the wire connections by yourself, you can contact an expert to check it for you.

Tip: Consider replacing any worn-out wires.

Solution #4: Clean your Thermostat

Over time, your thermostat will accumulate dirt or dust in its mechanical parts.

Dirt or dust can interfere with your thermostat’s operations and cause the system not to function correctly.

Open the cover of your Emerson thermostat and remove the batteries. Wipe away all the dust, dirt, bugs, or grime buildup using an air compressor or a very soft and clean brush.

You can use a damp fabric to clean the thermostat on the outside. Sanitizing your thermostat like you do your phone, remote, laptop, or tablet can also be a big step in maintaining good hygiene.

Solution #5: Restart Your Thermostat/ Install power Surge for Future use

restart your thermostat

For an Emerson thermostat stuck on hold, it could be due to a power outage.

Once in a while, the electricity goes off unexpectedly, and when the power is back, it can have a higher voltage which can damage electronic gadgets in the house.

A power surge can cause the thermostat to malfunction; this can either be because of wire damage or interruption of the normal functioning of the thermostat.

A power surge can also damage the batteries in the thermostat.

To avoid future damage, install a surge protector that will help minimize any damages caused to your thermostat.

Before restarting your thermostat, press the up, down, and time buttons simultaneously; this may help your thermostat be back to its normal functioning mode.

  • If pressing the three buttons did not work, restart your thermostat by turning off the power at the circuit breaker.
  • Remove the cover, and check if the surge has damaged any wires.

Remove the batteries and wait for 30 seconds. Insert the batteries and cover. Switch on the power and test the hold/run button to see if it’s working.

Solution #6: Check if Your Device is Malfunctioning

check device if malfunctioning

Many reasons can cause your Emerson thermostat to malfunction. For example, dirt or insects. When a thermostat malfunctions, all its operations are affected.

A malfunctioning thermostat can cause its program to slow and might need to be restarted to run again correctly.

You can also open the cover of your thermostat and check if you can see any problem on the electrical board, like loose wires or nuts.

Call your electrician to check it for you.

Solution #7 Check the Batteries

Low batteries can cause electronic devices not to function correctly. For an Emerson thermostat stuck on temp hold, it could mean that the batteries need to be replaced.

Also, loose-fitting batteries can make the buttons on a thermostat not work.

Open the cover of your Emerson thermostat and check if the batteries correctly fit in their slot.

If they are not, insert them correctly and check if your thermostat is running.

If not, remove the batteries and install them backward for 10 to 15 minutes. Install them correctly and check if your thermostat is working.

Solution #8: Replacing your Emerson Thermostat

replace the emerson thermostat

Most thermostats come with a life span of 10 years. You may find that some thermostats start malfunctioning even in their seventh year.

Emerson thermostats come with a warranty of five years. Contact your dealer for repair or replacement if your device is still stuck on hold after trying all the solutions above.

If you have used your thermostat for over seven years and all the solutions listed above aren’t working, it may be a good time to replace your Emerson thermostat to continue enjoying the comfort it brings.

Solution #9: Restart your HVAC Unit

Sometimes the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and Air Conditioning) unit may malfunction, and because of their connection to each other, it may cause the thermostat to malfunction.

Like any other electrical gadget, rebooting the HVAC can help it work properly, and maybe the thermostat will start running.

Please switch off the HVAC power on the circuit breaker to restart it. Make sure to restart your thermostat too.

Solution #10: Contact Emerson Customer Support

contact emerson customer support

If you have tried to troubleshoot the problem with the solutions given in this article, but your thermostat is still stuck on hold, try technical support.

Contact Emersons customer service and let them know the problem you are having with your thermostat.

Before you call them, make sure you have the model number of your thermostat.

Your Emerson Thermostat may be stuck on hold because you unintentionally pushed the hold button. It could also signify that your thermostat is faulty or the hold/run button is broken. To keep your thermostat running, press the run button or reset it. Cleaning can also aid in the removal of dust and grime accumulation.


All the above solutions cover the possible causes for Emerson thermostat stuck on hold, and I hope it helps solve your problem. If not, don’t hesitate to give Emerson customer service a call.

Adjusting your home temperature to desired levels keeps you and your loved ones healthy and happy.

If you are having problems with your Emerson thermostat, it means you cannot adjust the temperature to your liking.

Nicole B