why the electrolux washer door won't open

Why the Electrolux washer door won’t open? That is a frustration that meets a few Electrolux users. The answer will vary, but there is a solution for every situation.

When the Electrolux washer door refuses to open normally, you must inspect all of the mechanical components involved in the opening process and replace anything that’s broken/malfunctioning.

If mechanical parts are alright, the last potential culprit is the control panel, which also must be replaced.

Depending on your level of expertise, replacing components can be hard or easy.

However, even if you’ve never had to do that, the guide below will provide you with all the necessary information. After that, you will be ready to fix your washer.

Electrolux Washer Door Won’t Open – Reasons

the electrolux washer door won't open

Modern Electrolux washers rely on a combination of electronic inputs and mechanical outputs.

That means when you find the Electrolux washer door won’t unlock, the reason could be on either end.

Depending on your level of expertise, fixing each problem might require patience and buying a few parts or calling a professional.

Before deciding on what to do, check the most common causes:

Faulty Door Lock

When the door lock is defective, it can prevent you from either locking or unlocking the washer’s door.

Damaged Door Strike/Hook

The strike (also called a hook) is another component responsible for locking the door. When it is damaged, it will fail to let the door open.

Damaged Lid Hinges

the damaged lid hinges

On a top loader washer, the lid hinges might be broken, causing the door to get stuck.

Control Board Not Working

The control board might understand that the machine is still operating and will not release the door.

How To Fix Electrolux Washer Not Opening

As you have seen, most causes of the Electrolux washer door not opening include a mechanical failure.

A few components are involved in releasing the door after the washing is done, and if they are damaged/broken, the door gets stuck.

We will teach you how to investigate each possibility and proceed in each situation. A few repairs are easy at home, so you can buy replacement parts and grab your tool kit!

Always unplug your Electrolux washer before performing checks and repairs on its parts!

Emergency Opening For Repair

opening for repair

Since your washer is not opening, you must find a way to open it before you can repair it.

After all, the mechanical parts that need repair will require you to open the door to replace them.

There are two ways of performing an emergency opening on your washer:

  • On a front-loader washer, you can use a nylon string and wrap it around the door, so it reaches the door hook. Then pull the string towards the handle. 
  • Depending on how the door is secured, you can use an old credit card to slide underneath the hook and release it.

After you’ve successfully opened the washer’s door, proceed to fix whatever part is faulty.

Solution #1: Replace The Door Lock

replace the door lock

Door locks, often called interlocks, are a safety feature of front-loading washing machines and certain top-loading washers that prevent the door or lid from being opened while the machine is in use. 

The full system employs a catch installed on the door and a door lock mechanism at the rear of the door’s shroud or main top.

Typically, a lock/unlock solenoid or wax motor solenoid will be found in a lock mechanism beside a set of switches.

Grab your screwdriver and follow the steps:

  1. Place a flathead screwdriver into the clip at the top of the machine’s door
  2. Use it to remove the retaining band
  3. Remove the door’s seal
  4. Unscrew the screws securing the interlock
  5. Unclip the clip from the old interlock
  6. Put that clip on the replacement interlock
  7. Install the new interlock
  8. Put the band and seal back in place
Note: Sometimes, the new interlock is not equal to the old one. To ensure it will work, simply talk to a trusted professional or a specialist seller in your nearby store. 

Solution #2: Replace The Door Strike

replace door strike

Door strikes, also known as catches or hooks, are an element of the safety system in front-loading washers and are used to flip the lid switch in top-loading machines.

The hook on the door is used to lock and unlock front-loading washing machines. 

Damage to the door hook may prevent it from engaging the door lock assembly or prevent it from simply disengaging after the cycle.

  1. Find the door strike (on the door’s frame)
  2. Unscrew the screws that hold it in place
  3. Remove the old door strike
  4. Align the new door strike with the holes in the door frame
  5. Secure the screws back in place

After replacing the strike, you must ensure it can close and open the door smoothly.

If it works but is clunky, try adjusting its positioning or tightening/loosening the screws.

Note: If you are unsure what replacement to buy, take the old strike to a store and have a seller show you a precise replacement part.

Solution #3: Check For Damaged Lid Hinges

check for damaged lid hinges

The lid of a regular top-load washing machine is attached to the main top by two hinges.

Unfortunately, these hinges, made of metal or plastic, will wear down with time. 

If you’re having trouble lifting the lid, check the hinges:

  1. Lift the lid 
  2. Inspect the hinges/pins for wear, damage, or debris that could clog the mechanism

If there is debris, you can clean it with a soft cloth and a bit of cleaning mix. Next, test if it works.

Replace The Hinges

replace the door hinges

However, if the hinges are damaged or worn out, you will have to find the perfect replacement.

You must research your exact washer model online and buy the correct replacement part.

Once you have it in your hands:

  1. Remove all screws securing the old hinge mechanism in place
  2. Lift the door away from the washer body
  3. Remove the old hinges
  4. Place the new hinges on the door 
  5. Install the screws to secure the new part
  6. Align the door back

After replacing the hinges, your top-loader Electrolux washer should work without further issues.

Tip: There might be hoses or wires on the door. If you need to remove the door, take note of where each wire and hose must be placed.

Solution #4: Replace The Door’s Pressure Switch

replace the door pressure switch

A washer’s pressure switch is a mechanism on the door that only enables opening when it identifies it is safe.

The safety parameters include there not being water (in a front-loader model). 

The pressure switch can become worn out and fail. However, it will keep your machine locked even if the whole cycle has finished.

So the only solution is to replace it:

  1. Find the pressure switch inside the door frame
  2. Detach any wires and hoses plugged into it
  3. Unscrew the securing screws
  4. Remove the old pressure switch
  5. Place the new switch in the same location
  6. Reconnect the wires/hoses
  7. Use screws to secure the replacement part

After installing the correct replacement part, it is time you test the door to see if it opens and closes correctly. 

Tip: Sometimes, it will be a bit clunky, and then you have to adjust the screws a bit, so the switch finds the correct place.

Solution #5: Replace The Control Panel

replace the control panel

Suppose you’ve checked all the mechanical parts involved in locking and opening the washer’s door.

In that case, the last possibility concerns the control panel. 

Here is what you can do to ensure the control panel is at fault:

  • Test the panel’s buttons and note whether they respond properly;
  • Check if the control panel displays any error codes/messages;
  • Pay attention to beeps or other sounds, as those might occur when the lock engages or disengages. It is the panel’s fault if they are not happening at the correct times.

As you already know, electrical wires are involved, so replacing the control panel is only indicated if you have experience dealing with electric parts.

Once you have the correct control panel for your Electrolux washer, do the following:

  1. Remove the front panel’s screws
  2. Find the control panel, which is usually at the top of the machine (whether top-load or front-load)
  3. Unplug all wires attaching the control panel to the machine’s inner components
  4. Remove the damaged control panel
  5. Ensure to put the new control panel is in the exact position the old one was
  6. Plug again all wires that you disconnected in step 3
  7. Reinstall the front panel

After finishing the job, you must run a test cycle.

Alert: Non-experient people should not try to deal with the electrical components of washers. Electrical components are delicate.

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What We Learned

Electrolux washer door won’t open? Then the problem can be mechanical or electrical (meaning the control panel).

The guide above teaches how to deal with the most common mechanical issues and replace the control panel if necessary.

Now your Electrolux washer will get back to work!

Nicole B