Ecobee thermostat no power

Ecobee thermostat no power issue has been somehow rampant and left many users wondering about what to do.

If you are used to your system providing you the cool or warm temperatures at specific times, but it stops all of a sudden, you may get worried.

However, we have gathered some simple tricks you can use to bypass this issue. Keep learning.

If your Ecobee thermostat has no power due to a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker check if the fuse inside the panel is intact. If not, replace it. Check if the circuit breaker is flipped and trip it back on. The thermostat should now have power.

Note: If your Ecobee thermostat lacks power and you are unsure how to perform a specific trick, you can consult a specialist. 

Remember, replacing a part is quite expensive, hence needs much care.

How to Resolve Ecobee Thermostat Has No Power Issue

fix ecobee thermostat no power

You can do several things to restore the power back on your Ecobee thermostat. Try the methods below until your system operates normally again.

Solution #1: Charge the Thermostat Manually

I know you might be thinking about how possible it is to charge your Ecobee thermostat manually.

Maybe it is because the model you own does not allow that. However, you can charge some Ecobee thermostat models using a USB cable.

You can charge some while on the wall. For some, you must remove them from the wall to charge for around three hours. You will need to use a USB cable.

Once it is fully charged, return it to the wall. From then, it should charge on the power outlet on the wall and will not lack power.

The power issue may occur another time if the electricity goes away and your thermostat has used all the charges in the batteries causing them to drain completely.

Solution #2: Check the Power Button

check circuit breaker

Before trying to open your thermostat, you will need to first check its power button. Confirm if it is in good condition.

  1. Press it for up to 15 seconds
  2. Or until it is like turning on the thermostat.

If the power key does not turn on your system, you may need to look for ways to fix it. Let us try another extensive way below.

Solution #3: Check if You Have Connected the Ecobee Thermostat to the Backplate Properly

Your thermostat may be improperly connected to the thermostat because of its wires. If so, the system will lack power; hence it will not power on.

Push your thermostat wires a little bit behind. Hence, the thermostat pins will completely insert into the backplate.

You should ensure that there is no space between the backplate and your Ecobee thermostat. If the thermostat is connected properly to the backplate, you should hear an audible click sound.

Solution #4: Check the Voltage in the Wires

Your wires may be correctly inserted at times, and the system may even have a C wire.

However, you should note that the wires must have a voltage of more than 24 VAC.

If you have a voltmeter, kindly measure the voltage in your wires. If below the recommended VAC, know that it will not power on the system.

Look for proper wires and check if the system will turn on.

Solution#5: Check the Circuit Breaker

check power button

The circuit breaker at times may flip due to a power outage or electric overload.

Hence, the system will not have power once the electricity comes back.

So, if you realize that your system is not powering on, you will need to check the circuit breaker.

If it is off, kindly flip it back. Check if your thermostat will power on.

Solution #6: Check the Thermostat for Blown Fuse

If you open the thermostat panel, you will see your system’s wires and the way they are connected.

Most Ecobee thermostat systems have an orange 5 and one 3-amp fuse on the panel. Confirm if that fuse is intact.

If the fuse is blown, of course, it will not work, and your thermostat will not power on. Once you replace it, your thermostat should get back to its normal working.

Solution #7: Check the Wires

Note that if you are not a technician or are unsure about wires, kindly leave the thermostat alone.

As you know, things may get too severe and even lead to a fire hazard if you are not keen on the wires.

Due to the durability of Ecobee thermostats, most people love them because they can last for long without issues. When it has no power, it could be just a small disconnection in the wiring system.

So, the solution is to have a technician check if its wires are all in order. If there is any that has been damaged, corrupted, or that can cause a short circuit, the tech should deal with it.

Ensure all the wires are secure and firm in place. Give them a gentle tug to confirm if that is true and that none is loose. Check if the side lever is facing down to show that all wires are secured.

Note: All Ecobee thermostats apart from Ecobee3 have a power wire that must be connected to the Rc terminal for the thermostat to power on.

Check if the thermostat has the same.

Henceforth, your Ecobee thermostat should work well once the wires are connected correctly and securely.

Solution #8: Check the C Wire

check c wire

The Ecobee thermostat needs a C wire for it to power on. You should have it connected to the C terminal in the thermostat.

If your system does not have one, you can check it to see if it has any extra wire that you can convert to a C wire. Connect it to the control board on the C terminal before using the wire, though.

Suppose your thermostat does not have extra wires that you can use as the C wire. You may need to install a power extender kit.

Once you install it, you need to ensure that the wires below are correctly connected to their respective terminals.

  • G wire to the C terminal
  • R wire to the Rc terminal
  • W wire to the W1 terminal
  • Y wire to the PEK terminal
  • Connect the C wire from the PEK to the C terminal on the HVAC control panel

What to Do if There is Still No Power to Ecobee Thermostat

Have you tried the above troubleshooting methods, but none has proven to work?

Kindly do not give up on your Ecobee thermostat. The last option you can try is to contact the Ecobee support team.

Explain the issue your thermostat has. Since they are well-versed with the system, a single trick that we may not have listed can help resolve the problem.

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If your Ecobee thermostat still lacks power, it is due to a spoilt power button, insecurely connected wires, or it lacks a C wire. Kindly let an electrician repair the button and connect the C wire into your system.

They should also repair or replace any damaged wires, and your system will work well again.

For an Ecobee thermostat no power issue, you can now relax because you can have it working again.

By following the simple tricks, we have provided above, you should enjoy the cool or warm temperature you and your family deserve. I hope at least one trick works for you.

Nicole B