echo dot won't go into setup mode

Wondering why Echo Dot won’t go into setup mode? Stay with us to find out!

The setup/pairing mode on the Amazon Echo Dot can be recognized by the user and can be entered manually by holding the Action Button.

When the device is already paired, you might encounter trouble entering the setup mode and luckily we’ve found a solution!

Whenever the Amazon Echo Dot is not entering Setup Mode, begin by power cycling the speaker and signing out/in the Alexa App.

In case that doesn’t help, enable the Setup Mode manually and perform a Factory Reset on the Echo Dot to solve the problem!

Now that we have a basic idea of what the solution involves, let’s learn more!

Why My Echo Dot Won’t Go Into Setup Mode?

echo dot wont go to setup mode

The reason why your Amazon speaker can’t enter Setup Mode could be based on different factors involving both internal and external factors.

We shouldn’t proceed straight to the solution guide before unwrapping the most-frequent reasons why Echo Dot won’t enter pairing mode!

Here’s what might be causing the issue with your Amazon Echo Dot:

  • Pairing Mode Not Enabled Correctly
  • Amazon Echo Dot Not Powered ON
  • Electrical Outlet Power Insufficiency
  • Software-related Echo Dot Problem
  • Amazon Echo Dot Already Paired

These are the main reasons why your Amazon Echo Dot won’t enter Setup Mode and to solve the issue, we need to address ALL possibilities.

For that, we’ve made sure to include everything in the guide below so without further ado, let’s jump right in!

How To Fix When Echo Dot Won’t Go Into Setup Mode?

fix echo dot

In order to solve the problem with the pairing of your Echo Dot, we’re going to follow the chronological order of the solutions below.

It’s only important not to skip anything and by the end of the guide, your Amazon Echo Dot should be blinking in orange and be able to pair.

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Enable Pairing Mode!

The first and most important aspect of your Echo Dot is enabling the pairing mode before attempting to connect.

For this purpose, you would need the latest version of the Alexa app installed on your mobile device as well as a strong and reliable WiFi/internet connection.

Enable the Setup Mode by holding the Action button for 10 seconds!

hold action button

You’ll generally see 4 buttons on your Echo dot, and the Action button is the one at the bottom, which has a straightforward circular form.

In order for your Echo Dot to enter Setup Mode, the device has to be disconnected from any previous Alexa app pairing.

Remove Echo From Alexa App:

  1. Open the Alexa App on your mobile device.
  2. On the menu at the bottom, select Devices.
  3. From there tap on your Echo Dot.
  4. Hit the cogwheel at the top-right of the screen.
  5. In Settings, find Registered To.
  6. Tap on Deregister.

After the steps, your Echo Dot will be removed from the app and should automatically enter Setup Mode, by blinking orange. In case that’s not happening, keep reading!

Solution #2 Power Cycle Echo Dot

powercycle echo dot

It’s easy to assume that the Echo Dot might be currently experiencing software-related issues, hence performing a restart should help.

However, we’re going to take the restart one step further by unplugging the Echo Dot from the electrical outlet as well.

Simply disconnect the Power Adapter of your Echo, on both sides for 3 minutes!

This is enough time for your Amazon Echo Dot to completely discharge, restart all services and hopefully, enter Setup Mode automatically.

In case you don’t see an orange light, try again by holding the Action button for more than 10 seconds!

Note: In case your Echo won’t enter Setup Mode, proceed with the next solution!

Solution #3 Reconnect Amazon Echo Dot

reconnect echo dot to wifi

It’s truly important to realize whether the problem with your Amazon Echo is failing the pairing process or entering it.

This is why, here we’re going to re-attempt the correct way of pairing your Echo Dot, which will help us learn more about the problem that you’re experiencing.

Alert: It’s important, to begin by removing the Echo from the Alexa app!

When your Amazon Echo is not paired with anything, follow the steps:

  1. Hold the Action button for at least 10 seconds.
  2. You should see orange light and hear a voice message.
  3. Open your Alexa application.
  4. Tap on Add Device and select Amazon Speaker.
  5. Turn ON the Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  6. Select Next, until your Echo Dot appears.

In case you’re not discovering your Amazon Echo speaker, perhaps the device is not working at all.

In that regard, inspect the power supply, reconnect the adapter and if necessary, replace the power source with another, working one!

If your Echo Dot is working but not connecting, proceed with the next solution!

Solution #4 Connect To The WiFi!

wifi connect of echo dot

It’s possible that your Echo Dot is already paired but you’re not able to manage the device simply because your smartphone is disconnected.

Maybe your internet connection is dropping, and constantly preventing the connection, which can reflect and impact the Setup Mode.

  • Simply switch from WiFi to your mobile data (Cellular)!

This is the fastest way to remove your internet from the equation and make sure that you’ll be able to manage your devices in the Alexa app.

In case the pairing process fails and you can’t enter Setup Mode on your Echo, proceed further!

Note: Using your 4G (Cellular) for the Alexa app will barely use any data!

Solution #5 Update The Alexa App

update alexa app

Whenever the Echo Dot will not go into setup mode the reason could be due to a fault in the mobile application, which usually has a great impact.

This is why the first step is to make sure that our Alexa application is up to date!

  • Open the App Store > Find Amazon Alexa > Update (if available)!

After the update, you should be able to pair it with your Amazon Echo dot, but don’t forget to manually enter Setup Mode first.

Simply hold the Action button for more than 10 seconds until you see an orange light. In case that doesn’t help, follow the steps below!

Sign Out/In Alexa App:

Sometimes signing out and in is all it takes to resolve setup process issues with Alexa!

  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on More, located at the bottom right.
  3. Scroll down to find and enter Settings.
  4. Go down again to locate and select Sign Out.
  5. When you’re out, insert your credentials to sign back in.

Reinstall The Alexa App!

reinstall alexa app

In case nothing helps, simply remove the Alexa app from your mobile device, and download the application back from the store.

Then sign in and check whether you can perform the pairing on your Echo Dot. If not, keep reading!

Solution #6 Factory Reset Echo Dot

The final and most-powerful solution is to Factory Reset your Amazon Echo Dot!

This is a process that will permanently erase ALL settings and configurations and will inevitably disconnect the Echo from the previous pairing.

This way you can start fresh and hopefully succeed!

echo dot factory reset

Here’s how to perform a Factory Reset on Amazon Echo Dot:

  1. Ensure that the Echo is powered ON.
  2. Press the Microphone OFF button.
  3. Also, press the Volume Down button.
  4. Hold both buttons for 15 seconds!
  5. When the ring lights up, the reset is complete!

After the factory reset your Amazon Echo Dot should enter Setup mode automatically without you touching anything.

In case you still don’t see the orange light, hold the Action button to enter the pairing mode manually. In case all else fails, here’s what to do!

Seek Help!

In case you were unable to enter the Setup mode on your Amazon Echo, it’s time to seek some professional assistance.

You can submit a ticket or chat with an Amazon representative to report the problem you’re experiencing. With a bit of luck, the issue will be gone in minutes!

Quick Recap:

Hence the Echo Dot won’t go into Setup Mode because it’s not powered ON or is already paired to the Alexa app on a mobile device.

Sometimes the problem is software-related and we need to execute methods such as power cycling and factory resetting!

If this guide was helpful, make sure to discover more relevant content in our blog!

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