echo dot won't connect to at&t wifi

When your Echo Dot won’t connect to AT&T WiFi there are quite a lot of things to try!

At first, stumbling upon such a problem shouldn’t be bothersome, but as Alexa keeps refusing the connection, everyone could become frustrated.

It’s important to properly navigate through this issue, so we could reach a conventional resolution, for your Alexa’s problem!

When Echo Dot isn’t connecting to the AT&T WiFi, rule out any problems with the power of your router and speaker at first.

After that, inspect your network’s speed and strength, reinstall the Amazon mobile application, and perform a Factory Reset on the Echo Dot.

Keep reading to unwrap the causes behind this AT&T and Alexa problem!

Why Alexa Won’t Connect to AT&T WiFi?

why alexa won't connect to at&t wifi

To make our troubleshooting easier, we shall first identify what could mainly cause a problem of this nature.

When we have a basic understanding of what’s causing the connection issue, then we can easily resolve the problem so let’s learn more!

  • There’s a Network Problem with AT&T (outage or maintenance)
  • A Connectivity or Skill Issue with your Amazon Alexa
  • A Problem in the Distance Between your Speaker and Router
  • Incorrect Hostname or WiFi Data Settings
  • An issue with the Amazon Alexa Application

These are the possibilities for why your Echo Dot is not connecting to AT&T WiFi, so without further ado let’s jump straight into the solution guide.

Echo Dot Won’t Connect to AT&T WiFi – Fixed!

To exclude the possibilities we’ve reviewed above, we’ll start going through some top-working solutions that will definitely help.

Let’s begin!

Solution #1 Reboot your Router & Alexa

reboot both router and alexa

We shall start off with something nice and easy, to get the connectivity of your Alexa fixed.

Since we haven’t identified yet, whether the problem is with your speaker or AT&T WiFi, we’ll be performing a restart on both your Alexa device and network router.

Let’s start with a reboot on your Alexa first!

How to Reboot Amazon Echo Dot:

  1. Press and hold the Power button at the top of the speaker.
  2. Wait for the device to shut down.
  3. Once your Alexa has powered off, unplug it from power.
  4. Wait for 2-3 minutes, while Alexa is unplugged.
  5. Re-attach the device’s power cable to the source.

How to Reboot a Network Router:

  1. Press the router’s Power button until the device shuts down.
  2. Unplug the A/C Power Cord from the back of your router.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds, while the router is unplugged.
  4. Reconnect the router to the power.
  5. Test…

After rebooting both your speaker and AT&T router, attempt to connect to Alexa…

Note: All of your devices connected to AT&T WiFi will be temporarily offline!

Solution #2 Place Alexa Closer to the Router

place alexa closer to router

For a stable and reliable connection, your Alexa must be placed as close as possible to the router.

We know each smart home needs a Dot in every room, regardless of how far away it is from the router, but sometimes this is a common mistake users don’t think of.

  • For a quality WiFi connection, Alexa must be within 20 meters of the router!

No matter whether Alexa is connected to a 2.4GHz or 5GHz thread, it must still be close to the router for the device to function optimally. 

We won’t give you any advice on where particularly Alexa should stand in your home, but make sure it’s as close as possible to the router.

If you consider Alexa close enough, try to place it in another corner of the room that the speaker is already in and test it!

Tip: Keep moving Alexa and reconnecting it to the WiFi to test its current position.

Solution #3 Test your AT&T WiFi Network

connect device to at&t wifi

To understand whether this problem is caused by your AT&T Network, we’ll run it through a few tests, to rule out some possibilities.

Keep in mind that it’s not enough for the WiFi to be just there, as it also has to be meeting some recommendations, in regard to speed and strength.

Let’s begin with testing your AT&T WiFi network through other devices!

Method #1 Through Other Devices

For this method, we’ll require you to connect other WiFi devices to the network and test.

You could use your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, and any device, as long as it supports WiFi.

Here’s how to universally connect any smart device to WiFi:

  1. Head into the Settings.
  2. Go to WiFi.
  3. Choose your AT&T Network.
  4. Press on “Connect”.
  5. Enter the “Password”.
  6. Press “Connect” again.

Once your device is paired to the AT&T Network, try some streaming, play online games, or do anything that’ll let you know how the network is performing.

do a speed test on your wifi

Method #2 Via Speedtest

If the AT&T Network was fine on the rest of your devices, you should run a speed test to figure out the speed of your WiFi.

Here’s how:

  1. On a connected device, launch a Browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Press on the “GO” button.
  4. Wait for the results.

If the speed is anything below 20-25 Mbps, your network speed is not enough for Alexa to function and connect. Talk to AT&T about a potential raise in network speeds.

Notice: Low internet speeds could also be temporal, or a result of outage/maintenance!

Solution #4 Reinstall the Amazon Alexa App

reinstall amazon alexa app

Chances are that there is a problem with your Amazon Alexa application. All issues with a particular mobile app could go away by reinstalling the service from your phone.

By reinstalling, we mean deleting the app and then downloading it from the app store again.

Here’s how to reinstall your Amazon Alexa app:

  1. Head into the App Store of your mobile device.
  2. Locate the Amazon Alexa app and press on it.
  3. Choose “Uninstall” on the front page (a green button).
  4. Once the app has been uninstalled, click on “Download”.
  5. Wait for Alexa to download and install…

Once the app has been removed from your mobile device, you’ll be able to download it again, by pressing on the same spot.

While the application is not already installed, the button that had “Uninstall” on it, will have “Download”.

Note: You’ll download and install the Amazon Alexa app’s latest firmware version as well.

Solution #5 Enable the AT&T Skill

link echo dot on amazon app

Many users who have been failing to connect their Alexa to AT&T WiFi said that linking their Amazon account to AT&T could fix the connection.

It’s a simple thing to try, yet, it has a great chance to get your Amazon Echo Dot hooked up with your AT&T Network in no time.

  • The AT&T Alexa Skill has to be enabled through the Amazon Alexa app!

Follow these instructions to link your Alexa with AT&T:

  1. Launch the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device.
  2. Head to the “More” tab.
  3. Choose “Alexa Skills”.
  4. Scroll down or use the search field to find the AT&T Skill.
  5. Press on “Enable Skill” and then move on to “Link Device”.
  6. Follow the instructions necessary to complete the linking.
  7. Attempt to connect your Alexa to the WiFi network…

Once you have the AT&T skill enabled on your Alexa for smart devices of this type, the speaker should become recognizable by the network.

Although this is not proven to work at all times, it’s still a great solution to try, especially if Alexa is still refusing to connect after everything.

Note: You’ll need your AT&T login credentials, to complete the linking of your Amazon Echo.

Solution #6 Factory Reset the Alexa Speaker

factory reset amazon alexa app

By performing a Factory Reset on your Alexa speaker, you’ll flush all of the device’s settings, as well as any bugs that are preventing the WiFi connection.

In fact, the factory reset is our most powerful solution so far, since it’ll envelop any problems with the functionality of the Echo.

Here’s how to reset your Amazon Alexa in easy steps:

  1. Go to the Amazon Alexa app and head into the “Echo & Alexa” tab.
  2. From there, choose the speaker you wish to reset.
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Factory Reset” and Confirm.
  4. On your speaker, hold the Action Button for 20 seconds.
  5. Wait for the light ring to turn off and on again.
  6. Your device is in setup mode.
  7. Head back into the Alexa app.
  8. Follow the steps…
Alert: Keep in mind that all settings and configurations of the speaker will be reset after this.

Quick Recap:

When Echo Dot won’t connect to AT&T WiFi, start by rebooting your router as well as the speaker one after another.

Enable the AT&T Skill for Alexa to make the devices compatible, test your WiFi Network and perform a Factory Reset on the speaker!

Nicole B