dynex tv won't turn on

When your Dynex TV won’t turn on, keep reading the best fix guide available!

If Dynex TV refuses to turn on at all, then the problem is either with the device’s power supply or your remote.

It’s recommended to attempt turning on the TV using the front panel power button before you continue to exclude the remote as a possible failure.

To fix Dynex TV that won’t turn on at all, power cycle the device and plug it into a different power outlet as you avoid strips and dividers. Replace the power adapter of the Dynex TV and inspect the power input port.

Let’s explore what are the causes reported by users having the same problem and move on to the solutions to attempt at home.

Why Wouldn’t My Dynex TV Turn On?

First of all, it’s recommended for you to determine whether your TV’s LED is active or not.

Let’s say that your Dynex TV’s red light is ON and you can see it. In most cases that means that your TV is unable to be turned on from the remote.

If you see no light, however, the issue could be elsewhere:

1. No Power in TV

If no electricity supply is reaching your television, you will be unable to turn on the TV from anywhere.

2. Faulty Power Adapter

There could be a problem with the power adapter of your Dynex television and you will have to replace it to fix the issue.

3. Problematic Power Source

An issue with the power source of your Dynex TV will prevent the device from being started.

4. Interference

There could be interference including other IR receivers nearby, receiving the remote signal, instead of your Dynex TV.

Now that you know what could be happening to your Dynex TV, proceed with the troubleshooting we’ve prepared to fix your device.

How To Fix Dynex TV Won’t Turn On?

fix dynex tv won't turn on

The solutions we’ve provided for your Dynex TV in our guide are meant to be applied consecutively.

With each solution, we intensify the approach and it would be appropriate to follow the fixes in order.

Tip: Make sure to test your television’s functionality after each of the fix attempts.

Here’s how to fix your Dynex TV that cannot be turned on in easy steps:

Solution #1 Boot With Power Button

If you were trying to start your Dynex TV using the remote by now, you should attempt to turn on the device using the front panel power button.

You can use that power button to either turn on your TV or shut it down once it is already running.

Dynex doesn’t change the placement of its power button with each model and you can often find it on the right-side panel of the device.

It is positioned between the MENU and Volume/+ button and has to be pressed once to start the television.

Solution #2 Soft Reset Dynex TV

soft reset dynex tv

The next thing you should attempt is the soft reset process on your Dynex TV. That is a method that works by holding the power button for 60 seconds.

This will cause the TV to power circulate and will drain additional electricity to boot.

Here’s how to perform a soft reset on your Dynex TV:

  1. On your TV, locate the power button.
  2. Hold down the power button and wait.
  3. Standby for 60 seconds while holding the power button.
  4. Test turning on your Dynex TV after the soft reset.
Note: Ensure that you hold the power button for 60 seconds at least to complete the soft reset.

Solution #3 Power Cycle Dynex TV

If a soft reset couldn’t help your TV, it’s recommended to perform a power cycle on the device.

Unlike the soft reset, a power cycle on your Dynex TV will replenish the entire electricity supply.

Here’s how to power cycle your Dynex TV in easy steps:

  1. On your Dynex TV, press the power button once.
  2. Unplug the power adapter of your Dynex TV.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes while your Dynex TV is unplugged.
  4. Reconnect the adapter of your television back into the source.
  5. Test.
Tip: Inspect the power cable and TV power entry for visible damage.

Solution #4 Use Different Power A Source

use different power source

If you’re unable to boot your Dynex TV after power cycling it, chances are that the power source isn’t sending sufficient electricity.

If that’s the case, what you should do is grab the power adapter of your Dynex unit and plug it into a different source.

Use a power outlet that is proven to work, but be aware that electricity insufficiency is possible shortly after a power outage.

If that’s the case, wait at least an hour before making any conclusions in regard to your Dynex TV or power source.

Note: Avoid connecting the TV to power strips and dividers for the rest of the guide.

Solution #5 Replace The Power Adapter

If nothing worked so far, you should replace the power adapter of your Dynex TV.

If no indication is recognized by you that the TV is functional, the power adapter has most likely gone faulty and you would need to acquire a new one.

Here’s how to change the electricity supply adapter of your Dynex television:

  1. Go over to the television device.
  2. Disconnect the adapter from both of the ends.
  3. Grab a new universal adapter for a replacement.
  4. Connect it to the appropriate power input on the TV and then the source.
Note: Dynex TV uses a standard power adapter ($6.90), so any desktop computer power cable will do just great!

How To Fix Dynex TV Red Light On But Won’t Turn On?

led light not turning on

If your TV has a red light on, it means that it is receiving power. That’s good, and in such a case, the trouble is either related to the remote or interference.

Here are some quick tips to fix your Dynex TV that has a red light on but refuses to turn on:

1. Power Cycle Remote

Grab your Dynex remote and remove its batteries. Press each button on the remote and reinsert the batteries. Install the compartment and test turning on your TV.

2. Solve Interference

Remove any solid objects between your Dynex TV and remote. Such objects could be furniture, RF receivers, or other televisions. Interference could even be caused due to a height difference.

3. Replace Remote Batteries

Disassemble the remote’s compartment and remove the batteries. Replace them with new ones and test your Dynex TV.

Note: Keep in mind that the solutions that were previously in our guide can also help if your TV’s condition is unfunctional but has the red light on.

Thus, to fix a Dynex TV that refuses to start up, power cycle the device and use a different power source. Perform a soft reset on the device and replace the power adapter. Lastly, remove any interference between the remote and TV and test.

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Bottom Line:

After learning why Dynex TV won’t turn on and how to fix the issue in easy steps, we hope we were of your assistance.

It’s not excluded that your Dynex unit has come to an end-life and needs to be soon replaced!

Nicole B