DSC alarm trouble light low battery

When the DSC alarm trouble light low battery appears on the keypad, there could be quite a few different factors to inspect before drawing a conclusion.

The two general possibilities are that either your battery is dead (can no longer charge) or something else is preventing the battery from charging.

In the guide below we’re about to cover everything so let’s learn more about what the solutions include.

When the DSC alarm trouble light – low battery appears, users need to restart the system and wait for a few hours in order for the battery to charge. In case the problem is still there, the DSC alarm system should be restored to factory settings.

What Does Low Battery Light On DSC Alarm Mean?

 low battery light mean

The DSC Alarm manufacturers have made it possible for users to identify whenever their device needs a battery replacement.

This can be determined by looking at the blinking patterns and the light of the LEDs of your alarm.

The trouble light shows that the main panel battery is less than 11.1V DC.

When talking about low battery with your DSC alarm, the color of the LED should be a bright yellow color.

This identifies that your DSC alarm is low on battery.

Sometimes the problem might not be “low battery” so it’s recommended to attempt the solution below and find out whether that would help.

How Do You Clear Low Battery On DSC Alarm?

how clear the low battery

To clear the “low battery” trouble light on your DSC alarm you’ll need to locate and determine where the problem is coming from.

Since there could be quite a few suspects, we made sure to include everything in the solutions below.

Let’s start with a simple restart…

Solution #1 Turn The Alarm OFF & ON

The first and most basic step that you should undertake to fix the problematic yellow light on your alarm is to power the device off and then on.

By restarting your system you have a good chance to resolve temporal software-related problems.

Here’s how you can power your DSC alarm system off and then turn it back on:

  1. Locate the power panel of the system (every security system has a panel).
  2. Locate the power button or switch (based on the DSC alarm system design).
  3. Press the power button to turn off your system.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes while your system is shut down.
  5. Press the power button again to reboot.
  6. Check if your DSC alarm is still blinking in yellow light.
Note: Make sure to keep the system OFF for at least 5 minutes or the power reset process won’t be as effective.

Solution #2 Reconnect The System Battery

reconnect system battery

The panel you’ve interacted with in the previous solution has a big battery box.

This is from where your DSC alarm system gets power and this is why the keypad is blinking in yellow.

When the battery inside the box is low or disconnected you’ll see the yellow light!

You can reconnect the DSC alarm’s battery in the following way:

  1. Go and access the contents of the security panel.
  2. Switch the system OFF, to avoid the danger of an electric shock.
  3. Locate the wires that go into the battery box.
  4. Disconnect their inputs from the poles.
  5. Wait for 60 seconds.
  6. Re-attach the wires to the battery.
  7. Turn your system back on.
  8. Check if the yellow light is still blinking.
Tip: You can take a picture with your phone of the wiring setup, in case you cannot remember how to install the battery back.

In case the yellow light is still blinking, proceed with the next solution:

Solution #3 Recharge The System Battery

recharge system battery

In case reconnecting the battery still makes the yellow LED blink, then it’s time to recharge the battery of your DSC system.

The battery typically lasts up to 2 years but if the time has come, then you might need some help to recharge the unit.

To recharge the system battery, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the panel of your DSC alarm system.
  2. Disconnect the battery using the quick hold buttons.
  3. Clip charging connectors around the poles of the battery.
  4. Plug into power.
  5. Wait for the battery to be charged.

If you’re finding it difficult to charge the battery, you should know that the charging process is the same as with a car battery.

They can be recharged without harming their functionality.

Note: A home alarm system battery takes around 3-5hours to charge from zero to the maximum, so be patient.

Solution #4 Reset The DSC Alarm

reset dsc alarm

When the yellow light keeps on blinking even after recharging the system battery, you can attempt to reset the DSC alarm.

This problem is likely to be related to the system as a whole, rather than an issue with the hardware or low battery problem.

Here’s how you can reset the DSC alarm:

  1. Go over to the keypad.
  2. Enter your master code to unlock the panel.
  3. Using the keypad, insert “72” and press the “Reset” button.
  4. Wait for the alarm to be reset.
Note: The reset process of a DSC system can last around 5 minutes and the device will restore functionality once that time interval elapses.

Solution #5 Check Power To Alarm

check power alarm

In case of a low battery, the alarm should start “beeping”.

This alarming noise often appears after a long power outage during which the alarm’s battery has been drained out.

You should wait 24 hours after the power outage for your battery to recharge.

In case the “low battery” trouble light won’t go away then you may need to check for a blown fuse or the circuit breaker has tripped.

In case you got so far in the guide, chances are that your DSC system is not receiving power.

  • Maybe the transformer is dead?
Tip: Use a multimeter to check the power source where the transformer is plugged in.

Signs of Dying DSC System Battery?

signs of dying dsc battery

In case you’re frequently hearing a “beeping” noise out of your DSC alarm and you’re starting to suspect the condition of your battery, here you’ll find the common signs.

Keep in mind that part of the following alarm behavior could be observed in other system-related problems.

Here’s how to recognize if your DSC alarm battery is dying:

  • Takes almost no time to recharge.
  • DSC alarm randomly restarts.
  • The alarm doesn’t work for long when the power is out.
  • Frequent beeping/yellow light – low battery.
When you’re observing more than 2 or more of the above-listed bullets, there’s a high chance that you’ll need to replace the battery.

How To Replace a DSC Battery?

how replace battery

The DSC system uses a 12V 4Amp battery box that you can find online for about $20.

It’s important to order the same exact type of battery so the unit can be installed.

The system battery is held by two connectors (red & black wires) and users only need to flip the circuit breaker and disconnect the unit.

The battery box has red and black spots marked, respectively, on the 2 wires that users need to connect.

Tip: When the new battery is inserted, users need to wait for a few hours for the unit to charge.

Quick Recap:

Hence, when the DSC alarm trouble light “low battery” appears on the keypad, users need to restart the system, charge the battery and inspect the transformer. Another good move against such a problem would be the factory reset.

Last Thoughts on DSC Alarm Trouble Light Low Battery:

That was everything about the DSC alarm trouble light low battery.

We hope that you no longer see the troublesome indication and that your DSC alarm is operating as normal.

Keep in mind that the battery of your DSC alarm takes up several hours to recharge after a power outage so seeing the yellow light is not something to be concerned about.

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