dsc alarm panel beeping after power outage

What makes the DSC alarm panel beeping after power outage?

The beep is an indication of a low battery and frequently appears when the power has been gone for a longer period of time.

Another reason for the beep is when the battery of the DSC alarm is faulty and can’t withstand even a minor power fluctuation.

Let’s now learn more about why the alarm is beeping and what’s causing the sound:

Why Is DSC Alarm Beeping After Power Outage?

The general idea of a DSC alarm panel is to “beep” whenever an intruder is breaking his way into your home.

However, keep hearing your DSC alarm panel beeping as a result of a power outage or electricity fluctuation could eventually get on your nerves.

This power outage beeping with the DSC alarm often happens when the panel has a low battery.

As soon as the power kicks back in, the panel will start to recharge from the power source and begin working normally again.

  • When this happens, you’ll hear the “beep”.

Let’s now learn how you can fix the power outage “beep” with your DSC alarm panel:

DSC Alarm Panel Beeping After Power Outage – How to Fix?

fix dsc alarm panel beeping after power outage

When you’re ready to stop hearing the constant false alarms you’ll need to undertake a combination of methods that we’ve aligned into the solutions below:

Solution #1 Wait For The Battery Service Period

Your DSC alarm panel requires a little checkup after each power outage to check if there’s a battery service period at hand.

Since the alarm panel works on the battery during the power outage, once the power comes back, it takes time for the battery to recharge.

To check the battery service period, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the alarm panel.
  2. Click on [1] to learn more.
  3. Open the Settings of the DSC alarm panel using the sliders.
  4. Go to “Battery”.
  5. If the screen displays “Low Battery”, there’s a service period you should wait out.

The average service period lasts around 24 hours.

That’s the time your DSC alarm panel takes to completely charge after the power outage, but this period can vary. It all depends on how long the power was out.

Note: Make sure that your DSC alarm’s transformer is connected with the circuit breaker, thus the device is not using the battery.

Solution #2 Correct Time & Date

correct date and time

The DSC alarm panels are also well-known to beep when the time and the date are not correct.

Unfortunately, a power outage may impact the alarm panel and decalibrate both, the time and the date.

You can correct the date and time through the alarm panel, using the settings.

  1. Press the “ * “ key on your alarm panel.
  2. Enter the master code for the console.
  3. Go to Date & Time using the slider buttons.
  4. Insert the correct values for your DSC alarm panel using the on-screen controls.
  5. Once done, hit “Save” and exit the configuration of the alarm panel.
Note: The alarm panel will verify the date and time automatically.

Solution #3 Insert Master Code Twice

To immediately prevent your DSC alarm panel from beeping, you should insert the master code twice.

Enough users reported that this solution works on most of the DSC alarm panel models and can put an end to the annoying ring.

Here’s how to insert the master code twice to make your DSC alarm stop beeping:

  1. Expose the keypad.
  2. Enter the 4-digit master code once and wait for 2 seconds.
  3. After 2 seconds, insert the 4-digit master code once again.
  4. Wait for your DSC alarm to stop beeping.
Notice: This is only a workaround, to solve the problem permanently proceed with the solutions below.

Solution #4 Refresh Alarm From Operatory Console

Your DSC alarm system, like any other security system, has a main power supply panel that provides the alarm and the control panel with power.

A smart move would be to refresh the console by toggling its power ON and OFF from the operating console.

Here’s how to refresh the alarm using the operatory console of the DSC system:

  1. Go to the panel that supplies the DSC system with power.
  2. Open the panel by moving the latch.
  3. Unplug the AC power adapter of the console from the adapter inside.
  4. Wait for a minute or two while the power to the system is stopped.
  5. Re-attach the adapter back into the source in the power panel.
  6. Check if the beeping of the DSC alarm panel will stop now.
Note: Make sure that you’ve left all cables in the main power supply of the system as they were before closing the latch.

Solution #5 Reset The Alarm

reset alarm

The reset is one of the most drastic measures against the beeping problem with the DSC alarms.

The factory reset will reset ALL settings of your alarm system as they were when you’ve taken the device out of the box.

Here’s how to perform a reset on your DSC alarm:

  1. Open the access door on the unit.
  2. Locate the “RESETbutton.
  3. Press the reset button and hold it down for 2 seconds
  4. Next, type “*72” in the console.
  5. Hit the “RESETbutton again.
  6. Wait for the reset to be initialized and applied.
  7. Check the sensor of the alarm.
Note: When writing down the reset combination (key), for the reset process, make sure that you also include the “ * “ before “72”.

Solution #6 Change The System’s Battery

change battery

If the Alarm panel is still making the beeping sounds, then perhaps your system is in desperate need of new batteries.

Your system cannot keep working when the backup battery inside of the control panel is bad.

Even when hardwired, the power still goes through the backup battery.

In that regard when the battery is bad, you’ll constantly hear “low battery beeps” when the power is out.

Alert: This process only works for DSC power series, GE, and Ademco alarm systems. 

For all-in-one systems, contact your service provider to replace the battery.

Here’s how to replace the batteries of your control panel in easy steps:

  1. Open the control panel of the system.
  2. Locate the battery (usually a big black box, on the bottom of the panel).
  3. Disconnect the cables from the terminals of the battery.
  4. Grab a new 12 V battery that matches the one inside your panel.
  5. Use the cables to connect the new battery by its terminals (red goes into positive, black terminal goes into negative).
  6. Install the new battery and place it inside the control panel.
Tip: In case your system doesn’t work with the new battery, test by switching the terminals.

DSC Alarm Reset After Power Outage

power outage issue

In case your DSC alarms reset every time the power goes out, the problem might be related to the operating system.

The best move against the problem would be to RESET the DSC alarm system by holding the reset button and inserting the *72” code.

This is the only way to reinstall the operating system and in case the resets continue to appear, the instance to contact would be DSC customer service.

Tip: Share what you’ve already attempted with the DSC customer support.

Quick Recap:

The beeping from your DSC alarm is coming from the battery. This is an alert for “low battery” and the problem can be solved by waiting out the service period. Users with this issue should also reset the DSC alarms to refresh the operating system.

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Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned that the DSC alarm panel beeping after power outage appears because of low battery, you should know what is the next move.

The best way to approach the problem is by charging the battery and resetting the DSC alarm.

This would be enough to help you understand whether you need a new battery or if the problem was incidental.

Nicole B