does roku work in mexico

Could it be that you are thinking about moving to Mexico from the US and asking, ‘’does Roku work in Mexico?’’

The truth is that Roku only works in some countries, and Mexico is not included in the number.

I know it can be quite frustrating, especially if you are used to the Roku channels.

So, is it possible to watch these Roku channels even after changing your location? Read below to understand if Roku can work in Mexico.

If you want to stream Roku channels in Mexico, you may need to change your IP address using a VPN. You can either use a virtual VPN on your computer or set the VPN on your router.

Does Roku work in Mexico

Roku does not work in Mexico. However, with a VPN you can access the Roku channels in Mexico.

The VPN hides your true location, so the system will think that you are in the UK, US or a country where Roku works yet you are in Mexico.

You must have a Roku account first, connect it to a VPN and you will be free to stream American Roku channels in Mexico. Let us check these steps one by one.

How to Create a Roku Account If you are in Mexico

create a roku account in mexico

If you want to stream Roku channels, you must have a Roku account. See below the steps to set one if you are outside the US and, in our case Mexico.

Step #1. Set the VPN

Since your computer has an IP address that shows the country you reside in, you need a VPN to hide these details. You can then surf the web without anyone knowing your location.

Step #2. Create an Account with Roku

If you have another Roku account, you may need to close it then open a new one. Visit the Roku website to create one.

Fill in the necessary details, then press ‘continue.’ You will be directed to a page that needs you to set a PIN. Ensure it is strong enough so that no one may access your details.

Step #3. Pay                

The next page allows you to pay for the Roku service. You can do it via PayPal or any other way provided. PayPal is the most convenient method because it does not affect your Roku account.

However, you must ensure that you have provided a valid US zip code and address in step 2.

If you use a credit card, it should be the one you were issued in the US. Meaning, the address on your credit card should resemble the one you provided above.

Step #4. Power On Your Roku Device

Once you finish the steps above, you can power on the Roku device. If you have ever used the Roku device, you will need to factory reset it first.

To easily factory reset, press the home button five times and the ‘up’ button once. Press the ‘REW’ and the ‘FFW’ two times and select Factory reset.

Step #5. Merge the Roku Box and the Roku account

You need to connect your Roku box and your computer to one router. Open the Roku Website then select the option, ‘’Link a device’’. Your Roku box will generate a shortcode; kindly enter it.

How to Connect Roku Using VPN to Watch US Channels?

You should be able to watch US channels in Mexico using the Roku device after you connect to the VPN using the methods below.

Method #1: Connect your router to the VPN?  

 Roku cannot terminate a VPN connection on its own. So, you can still watch the American content in restricted areas like Mexico.

All you need to have is a router that can connect to a server and a VPN service.

Note that not all routers can accept a VPN connection. So, you must upgrade your router’s firmware to either Tomato or DD-WRT.

Since you are not in the US but in Mexico, your router will require you to connect it to a VPN server based in the US. Therefore, your IP address will also read as a US-IP address.

Follow these steps to Connect your upgraded router to a Mexican VPN tunnel.

  1. Go to Roku’s website and navigate to the ‘country selection page.’ Select the US.
  2. Enter a valid US Zip code.    
  3. Go to your Roku device home screen, press the up button, select settings, click on factory reset.
  4. Reconnect the router to network.

You are now free to watch Roku in Mexico. No one will know about your true global location. Hence you can stream content from Hulu or Netflix on your Roku device while in Mexico.

Method #2: Connect Roku to a virtual VPN

You may be wondering, does the American Roku work in Mexico using a virtual VPN. But yes, it does.

Since not all routers can support VPNs, you can set up your virtual VPN on your device or computer. You can then share your Wi-Fi connection with the people around you if you have any.

Use these steps

  1. Choose a VPN software that is reputable and can perfectly work with Roku.
  2. Ensure you register with the VPN.
  3. Launch the VPN, then set up a connection.
  4. Ensure you choose the US as your location.
  5. Share the Wi-Fi network.

How To Share Wifi Network On Windows

Sharing the Wi-Fi network also has some steps to follow depending on your device. Use these steps for Windows.

Step 1: Open Run on your device, then press Windows + R.

Step 2: Name your Wi-Fi connection.

Step 3: Open connection settings on your device, then choose the network corresponding with your VPN.

Step 4: Once you find one, right-click on it, then scroll down and click Properties.

Step 5: Select ‘‘allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.”

How to share Wi-Fi Network on Mac

You can also share the Wi-Fi with other people if you are using a Mac computer. Follow these instructions

  1. Go to ‘Sharing Menu’ on your device.
  2. You will see a box beside the Internet sharing icon.
  3. Click Start, then open the menu bar.
  4. You should see a green light beside the internet sharing status.
  5. Activate your Wi-Fi, then connect your Roku to your Mac’s hotspot.
  6. The VPN then covers your Roku if the process is correct.

Let us see if watching Roku from Mexico is safe or puts you at some risk.

Does Roku Stick Work In Mexico Without Any Limitations?

Even though you may successfully connect your Roku device using a VPN, you may not watch some channels.

Nowadays, it is somewhat common for some leading channel providers to block connection requests if they realize you are using a VPN-enabled IP address.

The best thing is that not all service or channel providers will block connections. Every day, VPN providers are adding servers and IP addresses to their network. Hence, it is quite impossible to block all these IP addresses.

How to Use Roku In Mexico Safely

If you fear that you may not view your favorite channels via Roku in Mexico, you may need to test if the channels work.

It would be best to select a service provider that will allow you to test the service first or allow you a money guarantee if your channel is blocked.

With a VPN, you can watch American Roku channels in Mexico. Connect the VPN to your router or use a virtual VPN on your computer to access the channels.

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If you have been wondering, does Roku work in Mexico? I think you now know that it is possible. You can freely enjoy the American channels on a Roku device while in Mexico, even though in an ‘illegal’ way.

What you need to have is a VPN that will hide your Mexico IP address. Choose your location as the US and provide a valid US IP address. Follow the setup, and you will be good to go.

Roku works in Mexico if you use a virtual VPN on your computer or set up one on your router. Then, you can access American Roku channels in Mexico after setting a Roku account.

Nicole B