does ring keypad need to be plugged in

Wondering does Ring Keypad need to be plugged in? Keep reading!

The Ring keypads have an inbuilt battery that can be charged and then last for as long as possible, based on the keypad’s usage.

In this guide, we’ll answer how long the keypad can last without being plugged in and how to increase the battery life.

Let’s learn more!

The Ring keypad can be used unplugged or plugged using the included USB power cable and adapter. It takes a few hours for the keypad to fully charge and the battery can then last several months and when used in power save mode, up to 12 months without power.

Can You Unplug The Ring Keypad?

can unplug the ring keypad

Yes, users can unplug their Ring Keypads from the AC line and install the device wherever suitable, even always from a power outlet.

The device’s battery lasts for a long time without being charged, of course, depending on how frequently the device is used.

Unplug the device from the power by disconnecting both sides of the power cable!

Then the device will start utilizing the battery, which we assume has been charged by now, and the keypad should stay turned on and functioning for at least several months.

When it’s time to be charged, users only need to relocate the keypad close to a power outlet for a few hours!

Note: The Ring Keypad can also function well while plugged into the power!

Ring Keypad Battery Notifications!

the ring keypad battery notifications

The Ring Keypad Battery notifications are one of the most important things to know when you’re the owner of a Ring Alarm System.

The keypad will straightforwardly tell you whether the battery has plenty of juice, it’s low, or is about to turn off. We need to recognize the notifications!

Here’s how to know when the Ring Keypad battery is low:

  • There is a battery icon with a LED light underneath.
  • No Light – The battery is full or has plenty of juice (a couple of months).
  • Yellow Light – The battery is low, and will last a maximum of a few days.
  • Red Light – The battery is dangerously low, and the device will turn OFF at any moment.

The best time to plug our Ring Keypad into the power is when the Battery Lights Turn Yellow!

This will guarantee that the keypad will charge and won’t turn OFF when we’re out or on a vacation.

There is an included USB cable and power supply for you to plug the keypad into the power until the battery gets full. 

Tip: Enabling Power Saver increases the battery life by a few months!

When Does Ring Keypad Need To Be Plugged In?

why ring keypad need to plugged in

There are occasions in which you’ll need to plug in your Ring Alarm Keypad to power in order to keep your home secure.

Such occasions could be when the battery of your keypad is dying, therefore can’t sustain the device running for a long time. That happens after years of usage.

A good Ring Keypad battery lasts up to 12 months in a power-saving mode!

Without the power-saving mode, the approximate lasting time would land somewhere between 7-8 months, depending on how the device is being used.

Frequent usage leads to shorter battery life and when the keypad is not used so frequently, the battery is expected to last longer.

Why Plug Ring Keypad Into A Power?

Users need to plug their Ring Keypads into the power once every few months.

As we’ve discussed above, when the yellow light appears, it means that the battery is low and this is the prime indication that the device has to be charged.

When the red light comes up, it would be hours before the device turns off. It might happen while you’re out on a vacation!

When the yellow battery indication appears, plug the Ring Keypad into the power!

The charging takes from 3 to 5 hours, based on how long the battery is. The battery light will be blinking in green while charging and later turn solid green when the battery is full. 

Tip: It’s better to charge our keypads before we go out on a long trip for peace of mind.

How To Boost Ring Keypad Battery Life?

how to boost battery life

The Power-Saver mode only compromises a few aspects, which increase the battery life by several months, based on how old your keypad is.

Here we’ll review how to enable the Battery-Saver and what features we’re giving up on in order to boost the battery life.

The Battery-Saver disables the Ring Keypad motion sensor!

The motion sensor allows the keypad buttons to light up every time it detects motion or when a button is pressed in the dark.

With the Power-Saver the motion sensor will be disabled, which is one of the greatest battery consumers.

To be honest, we can live without this feature!

How To Enable The Power-Saver?

You can enable the Battery-Saver mode for your Ring Keypad through the mobile application of the device.

To start you’ll need to open the app and press the “Devices” button to be able to select the Ring device you want to manage features for. Select your Ring Keypad.

Then you’ll need to tap on the Gear Icon, to enable or disable Power-Saving Mode.

how enable power saver

With the Power-Saving mode, you can expect at least 1 or 2 months more of battery lasting time, therefore there is no need to charge the device that frequently. 

In case your Ring Keypad is new, there is nothing wrong with using the device normally, without the Battery-Saver mode. 

  • Without the Power-Saved the Ring Keypad will last at least 9 months!

There are no other drawbacks besides the motion sensor so nothing else to worry about!

Let’s next learn about the Ring Keypad battery and how to know when something is wrong:

Ring Keypad Is Not Charging? (Red Battery Light)

Now that we’ve learned does the Ring Keypad have to stay plugged in, and that we can use the device even when away from a power outlet, it’s time to review some frequent issues.

When the Ring Keypad is connected and charging, the battery LED should blink in green!

In case your Ring Keypad is not charging even when connected and the barry led is RED, there is a problem with the power income and we need to understand what’s causing this issue.

the ring keypad not charging

Here are some troubleshooting steps to undertake when Ring Keypad is not charging:

  • Unplug and plug both sides of the power cable!
  • Change the power source
  • Use another USB Cable
  • Reset the Ring Keypad using the included paper clip.

In case your Ring Keypad is still not charging and the battery LED remains RED all of the time, the problem could be more complex than we expected.

The next step is to acquire new power supply equipment or contact Ring Customer Service for more help!

Tip: Test the power outlet using another device to justify its functionality!

Quick Recap:

Hence, the Ring Keypad does not have to be plugged into function since its battery can last up to 12 months on a Power-Saver mode. The device takes up to 5 hours to charge and then even be installed away from a power outlet and function until the battery gets low!

Final Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned why does Ring Keypad need to be plugged in and how to use the device using its battery, we understand better how our equipment works.

It’s important to remember that you can always receive help, by contacting Ring Support when something does not work quite as expected. Good Luck!

When the battery equipment of your Ring Keypad is not able to charge the device we strongly recommend getting a replacement MicroUSB j4home DC-DC Ring Alarm Keypad.

The converter module 12V to 5V is the perfect power supply equipment for your Ring Keypad!

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