does my tv have hdmi arc

Many people often wonder “Does my TV have HDMI ARC?”. Look no further because you’ve found the ultimate HDMI ARC guide.

We will explain how to distinguish your TV’s HDMIs from one another and how to identify the ARC amongst them!

To check whether your TV has an HDMI ARC, simply take a look at the side & back panel of your TV. Each HDMI slot will be labeled above the input itself, including the HDMI ARC.

Let’s examine your TV and find out what HDMI there are and whether there is an HDMI ARC or not.


Some users do not know the specifications and the differences between an HDMI ARC and a regular HDMI.

In short, an HDMI ARC contains the Audio Return Channel, which is designed to reduce the significant number of cables between your home theatre and TV.

Since if you’re looking for an HDMI ARC, we assume you’re seeking to connect a home theatre or multiple HDMI inputs.

Note: Using that type of connection will save you the trouble of using an optical/audio cable.

This cable is not important at all times but is quite recommended for the full home theatre experience most users desire.

In fact, not having to bother with a lot of cables is what makes users get a home theatre and TV that support HDMI ARC cable connection.

What Is The Difference Between HDMI And HDMI ARC?

The major difference between a regular HDMI and an ARC one is that the ARC unit is designed for a double mode of audio transmitting.

Therefore if you’re not planning to use the ARC for audio, you won’t be missing much if you use a regular HDMI.

HDMI ARC practically copies the regular HDMI’s functions but also has volume/channel and sound enhancement, which is mainly meant for sound systems and home theaters.

Another big bonus of the HDMI ARC is that you will avoid using any optical or audio cables that your sound system uses.

The wiring when using an HDMI ARC is going to be reduced quite a lot, so this is why a large number of users prefer using this type of connection.

Does My TV Have HDMI ARC? – Best Ways to Know!

check for tv hdmi arc

In short, all TVs are equipped with HDMI but some of them may not support the ARC input.

Generally, TVs released after the 2009s are most likely to have an HDMI ARC connector on their back, where you can plug the HDMI cables.

Getting to know whether your TV has an HDMI ARC or not is really simple. All you have to do is take a look at the back of your TV and examine each of the cable slots there that supports an HDMI cable.

Method #1 Looking For The Labels

As we’ve mentioned above, each HDMI connector will have its source labeled above the input itself.

If for instance, your TV supports HDMI 1,2,3, SIDE, and ARC, above each connector, you will be able to see the source of the HDMI.

Once you have a cable inserted into the given HDMI slot, it could be read from the TV using the source menu.

Method #2 Checking The Source Menu

check source menu

If your TV supports HDMI ARC, it will be included in the source menu.

By opening the given source menu, you will see all available sources that you can select for your TV to read and plug cables to.

If you don’t seem to find the ARC via the first method, opening the source menu is another great workaround that will let you know of all sources your TV has.

Method #3 Visit the Manufacturer’s Website

The third workaround to determine whether your TV supports HDMI ARC or not is to visit the manufacturer’s website.

Open the browser on your device and search for the official website of your TV brand.

You will most likely be provided with a search field that will allow you to locate and view the specifications of the exact TV model you have.

From there, check all of the ports included in your TV and determine if any of the HDMI connectors is ARC.

Note: Most manufacturers allow their clients to download a file with all of the TV’s specifications and view them uploaded on your PC.

Method #4 Open TV Manual

read tv manual

You can always open the manual that was shipped with your TV and determine whether the device supports HDMI ARC or not. 

Generally, these manuals are written in sections, so you will be able to easily navigate to the spot in the manual where all included ports & connectors are written.

One of the 4 methods will definitely help you understand if there is an HDMI ARC on your TV.

Let’s now learn more about the HDMI ARC and review the differences and improvements it includes in comparison to the regular version.

What If My TV Does Not Have HDMI ARC?

what if no hdmi arc

Not having an HDMI ARC is not a big loss, given the fact that these HDMIs are mainly used for audio.

If you’re seeking to connect a regular device that supports HDMI to your TV, it is not of great importance to have an ARC connector.

Even for audio systems, the difference between a regular ARC and an HDMI is the sound enhancement the ARK has.

If your TV doesn’t have an ARC, don’t worry, it is not a big deal.

Even though not having an ARC connector nowadays is a rare occurrence, your TV would still have up to 3-4 regular HDMI slots you can connect your devices to.

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Thus, to find the HDMI ARC on your TV, you can either examine the hardware of the device or check the manufacturer’s website. You could also open the source menu and determine if there is an option labeled as “View HDMI ARC” or “Mirror HDMI ARC”.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know “does my TV have HDMI ARC”, we hope that you were fully informed of the connector’s specifications and what it exactly does.

Don’t get discouraged if your TV doesn’t have one, after all the connector simply provides an audio enhancement for the home theater setup and it is not a “must-have” port.

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