cync motion sensor not working

If your Cync motion sensor not working, keep reading to learn the best ways to fix the issue!

If your Cync motion sensor device doesn’t seem to be working properly, we have a solution for you!

Similar issues could occur with the device if there’s a power problem, incorrect motion sensitivity, or even a dirty sensor “eye”.

To fix a Cync motion sensor that isn’t working, first power reset the sensor and boost the motion sensitivity. Then, make sure that the sensor is aimed correctly and clean the sensor’s “eye”. Only then, you shall execute a reset on the sensor to fix the issue.

If you’re wondering what could be causing the problem in the first case, check out the upcoming list of potential suspects to understand the problem better.

What Are The Most Frequent Cync Motion Sensor Problems?

most frequent motion sensor problem

When searching for the problem with your Cync sensor, you may want to consider several factors as the potential causes.

For instance, your sensor’s work will be disrupted if there’s a problem with the power of the device or when it is pointed to an incorrect position.

Here are the most frequent reports from users who share the same issue as you:

Problem with Sensor’s Power

If the batteries of your sensor go faulty or there is a problem with the power circulation, your sensor will stop working.

Insufficient Sensitivity

an insufficient sensitivity

Unlike putting the sensitivity to the max level available, setting it too low will prevent the device from capturing any motion.

Dirty Sensor “Eye”

The lamp of your sensor is where the motion detection happens. If dirty, the device won’t capture any movement until cleaned sufficiently.

Incorrect Sensor Aiming

Aiming the sensor toward a surface or wall directly will put movements that should genuinely be captured, outside of the device’s range.

Those were the possible issues that can occur with your Cync sensor.

If you wish to troubleshoot the problem, keep reading so we can get you familiar with the best fix guide.

How To Fix Cync Motion Sensor Not Working Easily?

how to fix cync motion

The solutions coming up in our guide were listed for consecutive troubleshooting.

Make sure to follow the order of the solutions and test your sensor after each one of them to determine if the issue was solved.

Here’s how to fix your Cync motion sensor that isn’t working:

Solution #1 Power Reset Motion Sensor

The first solution is easy. You need to perform a power reset on your Cync sensor to fix the problem.

This will completely discharge your sensor and solve any power bugs and glitches along the way.

Here’s how to power reset your Cync motion sensor in easy steps:

  1. Go over to your sensor.
  2. Pull the side compartment cover latch down.
  3. Once exposed to the batteries, eject the first battery.
  4. Turn the sensor around and eject the other battery, positioned in the identical position as the first one, but on the other side.
  5. Standby for 5 minutes.
  6. Re-insert the batteries back into your sensor.
Note: Make sure that you put the batteries on the correct electric poles otherwise they won’t make any contact.

Solution #2 Boost Motion Sensor Sensitivity

boost motion sensitivity

There’s a possibility that you’ve lowered the motion sensor’s sensitivity way too much.

That’ll prevent the device from capturing even the most noticeable move in its range.

In that regard, we recommend boosting the sensitivity to solve the problem with your motion sensor device.

Here’s how to boost the motion sensitivity of your sensor in easy-to-follow instructions:

  1. Go into the Cync app.
  2. Tap the System settings for your motion sensor.
  3. Go into the motion sensitivity tab.
  4. Put the motion sensitivity setting to vary from 30 to 90.
Note: Putting the sensitivity lower than 30 or more than 90 will be the opposite of optimization and cause unwanted outcomes.

Solution #3 Aim The Sensor Correctly

aim sensor correctly

Chances are that you haven’t aimed the sensor correctly.

That’s to say because if you’ve put the sensor into an obstructed position, where its sight is blocked, you will often notice that no motion has been captured.

In that regard, we will want you to relocate or reposition your sensor’s head part to capture a field of the area that can be captured from its position.

In other words, make sure that the sensor’s FOV isn’t obstructed by an object, wall, or a solid object that prevents the device from capturing motions.

Note: In addition to aiming the sensor, ensure that the head part’s mechanism is secured, thus, the sensor doesn’t lose grip over time.

Solution #4 Clean The Sensor’s “Eye”

clean motion sensor eye

If the problem wasn’t solved by now, there are high chances that the “eye” of your Cync motion sensor got dirty or smudgy and this prevents the device from capturing movement.

In this solution, you need to clean the surface of the sensor’s “eye” and make it functional again.

Here’s how to clean the sensor’s vision point in easy steps:

  1. Go over to the sensor and take it off the wall.
  2. Grab a slightly wet and dried tissue.
  3. Using the wet napkin, collect and soften all of the dirt on the sensor.
  4. Then using the dried tissue, dry up the sensor’s “eye” and get the remaining dirt on the device.
Note: Don’t reinstall your Cync motion sensor before its “eye” has completely dried or it could corrode if it’s cold outside.

Solution #5 Reset Your Motion Sensor

reset motion sensor

The last thing you should attempt if the problem wasn’t solved by now is to reset your Cync motion sensor.

That will erase all software configurations made on the sensor and revert all of the settings back to their factory values.

Here’s how to factory reset your Cync motion sensor easily:

  1. Ensure that your sensor has power (press the top button once and make sure the device blinks in blue).
  2. Press the same power button 10 times after waiting 15 seconds from the last click.
  3. Wait for the rapid blue light flashes from your sensor’s “eye”, indicating a successful reset.

Don’t worry if the sensor blinks once during the first click of the 10. This means that the device has got power and you can proceed with the rest of the 9 clicks.

Tip: If your sensor doesn’t flash after 10 clicks, plug it into a USB charger and re-attempt the same sequence.

In Short

To fix a Cync motion sensor that isn’t working, power cycle the device and replace the batteries. Clean the motion sensor’s “eye” on the front and position it correctly. Boost the motion sensitivity of the device and lastly, factory reset the sensor.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know why the Cync motion sensor not working, we hope you were able to solve the issue without giving it much thought.

Similar problems can occur with everyone, but with the correct approach, you’re always capable of solving them without having to reach out for external assistance.

Nicole B