cuisinart coffee maker buttons not working

Are the Cuisinart coffee maker buttons not working? That can be the result of how you press the buttons every day, or it can also be some other casualty. Fixing it is probably feasible.

When the buttons of your Cuisinart don’t work, you must first assess the power cord and the buttons’ condition. Further, it might be necessary to disassemble parts and investigate the electrical wiring or the heating element.

Depending on how confident you feel about disassembling your coffee maker, some solutions in this guide don’t require it.

However, complete troubleshooting might involve inspecting electric components and replacing them to get the appliance to full work.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Buttons Not Working – Reasons

reason why the cuisinart coffee maker buttons not working

You might notice that some or all of the buttons on your Cuisinart Coffee Maker are not responding accordingly.

That can happen for many reasons, all of which we will explore and present solutions to.

First, however, here are the most common causes behind that annoying issue:

Clogged Dirt

Some buttons might have accumulated dust. That can happen if you live in a house with too much dust.

Failing Connections

The internal wiring of the buttons might have started to fail. They might be disconnected (slightly or entirely), or the wiring has been damaged.

Water Damage

If the coffee maker has been exposed to water or moisture, it may cause the buttons to malfunction.

Faulty Power Cord

The power cord might be frayed or damaged. In that case, the buttons can’t connect to a power source to process the requests.

Fix The Cuisinart Coffee Maker Button Problem

how fix cuisinart coffee maker

The next step is finding out how to solve the problem. You will have to disassemble some parts and investigate carefully.

If you do not feel confident to disassemble your coffee maker, you must ask someone else, such as a professional.

1. Check The Power Cord

The power cord can be damaged, not delivering enough power to the coffee maker, thus making the buttons seem at fault.

So here is what you are going to do first:

  • Look closely at the power cord to see signs of wear and tear, such as the cover being too thin, damaged, burnt, cracks on the insulation, etc.;
  • Try out the Cuisinart on a different power outlet;

Test The Cord

try and test the cord

Next, grab a multimeter (if available) and do the following:

  1. Set it to continuity;
  2. Touch the probes to the cord’s prongs;
  3. Check the result.

It will probably show some continuity, but the results might float. That indicates the power cord is at fault, as it can’t keep a consistent power deliverance. 

Replace The Power Cord

You must acquire a power cord with the same power specifications as the coffee maker.

That will ensure compatibility and no further electric problems.

Then locate where the power cord is attached and do the following:

  1. Remove the screws securing the cable;
  2. Detach the internal wiring to let go of the cord;
  3. Connect the new power cord to the internal wiring;
  4. Screw all the securing screws;

Then test the new power cord and see if the coffee maker works as intended. If the issue was truly at the cord, it would work. 

2. Check The Buttons’ Condition

check the button condition

If we decide to investigate the buttons next, it is important to consider a few things:

  • If they got sprayed with water or exposed to moisture, their wiring might have been damaged;
  • If you press them too hard, they might become somewhat loose and stop responding;
  • Depending on your environment and the Cuisinart model you have, some buttons can crack (those turning buttons, for example).

Clean And Dislodge The Buttons

clean and dislodge the buttons

There are some palliative actions you can take to try and restore the buttons’ functionality if they seem lodged or there is a lot of dust accumulating:

  1. Grab a soft, dry cloth;
  2. Wipe all the dust you can find on the Cuisinart and its buttons;
  3. Grab a toothpick;
  4. Use the toothpick to remove clogged dirt and dust;
  5. If any button seems lodged, try using the toothpick to dislodge it.
Note: When using the toothpick, be careful not to further damage the buttons. Cuisinart models will vary, and so will the button layout. Some are more prone to being lodged or getting damaged.

3. Check The Internal Wiring

check the internal wirings

Is the Cuisinart coffee maker brew button not working?

If that and other buttons are not working even after you have tried cleaning them, you will need to detach the LCD to check the internal wiring.

Here is how you can do that as safely as possible:

  1. Find where the LCD/button display is fastened (on some models, you need to lift the lid and push or slide the button case);
  2. Carefully unscrew, unclip, or slide out the button component;
  3. Detach the panel to reveal the inner wiring;
  4. Gently remove the dust;
  5. Check for loose or damaged wiring;
  6. If the wiring is only loose, reattach it;
  7. Check the button mechanisms to see if they are lodged;
  8. Dislodge anything if necessary.

Once nothing is left to investigate or seemingly fix, reattach the component and see how it behaves.

Tip: Remember that internal electronic components are very sensitive to humidity, so ensure your hands are dry or use gloves suited to deal with such parts.

4. Unclog The Coffee Maker

unclog coffee maker

Depending on what the malfunction is affecting and if at least a few buttons still work, you can try to unclog the coffee maker.

For example, if only a few functions don’t work, that might result from dirt inside the Cuisinart.

So you can do the following:

  1. Put 1-part water and 2-parts vinegar in the water reservoir;
  2. Run the device in a normal cycle;
  3. Remove the vinegar with water;
  4. Run two or three more cycles (only water) to fully remove the vinegar.

Wash The Basket

It is also worth washing the brewing basket by hand in some situations.

Here is how:

  1. Take it out of the device;
  2. Use warm water and soap to remove debris;
  3. Scrub well with a sponge or dishcloth;
  4. Wait for it to dry, then reattach.

5. Check The Heating Element

check the heating element

Is the Cuisinart coffee maker clean button not working? If not even the Clean button on your appliance is working, here goes a last suggestion.

The heating element may be the culprit behind the situation. Since it is a very important component, it can make the coffee maker unusable when damaged.

Here is how to check:

  1. Remove the coffee maker’s bottom;
  2. Check the heating element’s condition;
  3. Is it intact, or are there loose parts?

Depending on the answer, you will have to proceed through two different paths:

  • If there are loose parts, you will have to reattach them. Sometimes it is necessary to solder the joints back, and after that, the heating element will work again.
  • If there is no visible issue with the heating element, you must test it with a multimeter set to continuity. The issue might be electric, and you must replace the element.

How To Replace The Element

how replace the heating element

It is easy to find replacement heating elements at specialized stores.

Once you have one with the same electric specs, do the following:

  1. Detach any wires from the defective part;
  2. Remove screws and bolts;
  3. Dispose of the damaged component;
  4. Put the new heating element in place;
  5. Attach the wires;
  6. Tighten the screws.

Next, you must test the Cuisinart coffee maker and see if all its commands are working.

What We Learned

Are your Cuisinart coffee maker buttons not working? The reason behind the issue can vary, and so will the solutions.

In the guide above, we’ve covered very different approaches you can try at home.

Some will require buying replacements or simply opening the appliance to fix problems. We hope your Cuisinart can get back to making delicious coffee.

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