coway air purifier red light

Coway air purifier red light is usually an indicator that there is some issue with the air filter or the environment air quality.

A red light on Coway purifiers usually isn’t a cause for alarm and can be remedied in a few steps.

To fix a Coway air purifier’s red light glowing, check the sensor for the air quality readings and clean the pre-filter. Next, reset the filter indicator button and check for any obstruction.

Now that you are aware of how to clear the issue let’s see what can cause a red light indicator.

Why Does My Coway Air Purifier Have Red Light?

coway air purifier red light reasons

Coway air purifier warning lights vary from model to model, but in most cases, a red light indicates that your filter is dirty or the air quality is bad.

Most Coway purifiers have a preset internal clock or timer that counts down and glows red to notify you to change the air filter.

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Here are the most common reasons why a Coway air purifier red light appears:

  • HEPA or Carbon Filter Needs Replacement
  • Pre-filter is Congested with Dust
  • Air Quality Sensor Malfunction
  • Blocked Air Intake or Airflow
  • Irregular Power or Voltage
  • Poor Air Quality or Dusty Environment

Now that you have become aware of the most frequent reasons for a Coway purifier to glow or blink in red, let’s try some fixes.

How to Fix Coway Air Purifier Red Light

Tip: Coway purifiers come with an asymmetrical polarized plug as a safety feature and not a defect.

Step #1: Reset the Filter Indicator 

step 1: reset the filter indicator

Coway air purifier red light always on can oftentimes be very promptly addressed by resetting the indicator or button that is glowing.

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If you notice that the red light is next to the reset filter button, you can try to manually clear the issue.

Here is how to reset your Coway filter indicator manually:

  1. Turn off your Coway air purifier completely.
  2. Locate the Filter Reset button or indicator, usually on the top panel of your Coway.
  3. Press the filter reset button, hold it for 6-7 seconds, and release it once the red light disappears. 
  4. Connect the Coway purifier again and let it run for a few minutes.
  5. Check if the red light blinking is now gone.

If the red light issue is still blinking, then it indicates that there is an underlying issue with the filter or airflow rather than a minor software glitch.

In this case, proceed with the steps below.

Note: When placing your Coway device, never coil or put the power cord underneath any carpets.

Step #2: Check the Air Quality Sensor

step 2: check the air quality sensor

A red light that glows, especially if it’s a solid red color and not blinking, can indicate an air quality issue for some Coway purifier models.

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If the air quality is too dusty or smoky, your device will struggle to take in air, and in turn, the filter will get used up faster. 

Here are the exact steps to ensure your Coway purifier air quality sensor is working:

  1. Turn off the Coway purifier from its power button.
  2. Inspect the air purifier outer shell for any small sensors.
  3. On some Coway models, you might need to remove a side panel to access the air quality sensor. Consult the instruction guide if unsure where this sensor is.
  4. After finding the air sensor, take any soft cloth dipped in cleaning alcohol and rub the sensor to remove any dust or other obstructions.
  5. Power on your Coway again and monitor if the air quality changes from red to green or yellow.
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If you notice that the air quality indicator or your device is glowing in red, you might need to perform further cleaning and configuration steps to resolve the issue.

Note: Coway air purifiers are not meant to operate in excessively humid rooms or environments.

Step #3: Check for Obstructed Airways

step 3: check for obstructed airways

Most Coway purifiers have air intake vents that can get congested with dust or covered in other materials, thus blocking the airflow.

To prevent this from occurring, you must never place any obstacles near the air intake or below the device.

Here are the steps to check for obstructed airways and clean them on your Coway purifier:

  1. Turn off your Coway and unplug it from the power outlet.
  2. Remove the front cover or side panels, depending on your exact model.
  3. Visually inspect the intake and exhaust vent for blockages.
  4. If you notice dust built up, take a can of pressurized air and remove the dust whilst outdoors.
  5. Alternatively, run the air exhaust and intake vents under running warm water to remove the dust. Use detergent if needed.
  6. Reassemble the Coway device and power it on again.
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Please note that this step is for the air vents and not for the pre-filter or filter itself.

HEPA filters are not designed for washing, as they store dust particles inside the filter that can’t be removed with water.

Note: Don't put Coway air purifiers directly under a running air conditioning unit.

Step #4: Clean the Pre-filter

step 4: clean the pre-filter

The Coway air purifier red light meaning can not only be a filter replacement alert but also caused by an obstructed or dirty pre-filter.

Pre-filters for Coway air purifiers are designed to catch larger dust particles so they don’t deplete the primary and more expensive main filter.

Here is how to properly clean the Coway air purifier pre-filter:

  1. Turn off and then unplug your Coway air purifier.
  2. Open the front-facing panels or pre-filter covers, sometimes secured via a sliding plate.
  3. Carefully remove the pre-filter, ensuring it does not damage the air purifier base.
  4. Take the air purifier pre-filter outside and shake it side-to-side to remove loose debris.
  5. Take the pre-filter and run warm water over it, then take soapy water and scrub it gently.
  6. Let the pre-filter completely dry down, then verify if it needs more cleaning.
  7. Reinsert the Coway pre-filter, turn the device on and see if the red light goes away.
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If, after these steps, your red light still blinks, it’s likely that you might have to perform some more advanced troubleshooting steps.

Note: Your air purifiers should be cleaned at least once monthly, depending on usage and pollution levels.

Step #5: Ensure Proper Placement

step 5: ensure proper placement

If you have washed the pre-filter and ensured pathways are clear on your Coway device, a red light could be due to an incorrect device placement.

Having the Coway run in very smoky rooms or ones with lots of dust can cause it to always have a red light. 

Here is how to check your Coway air purifier for optimal placement: 

  • Don’t have the Coway air purifier placed next to stoves, microwaves, heaters, or other heat generation appliances.
  • The Coway air purifier should be placed with at least 3 feet of space between it and any furniture or walls.
  • Don’t put the Coway purifier on an angled surface; always ensure it’s on level ground.
  • If the device is plugged into a power strip, it could malfunction if too many devices are also plugged in at the same time.
  • Remember, an air purifier can’t substitute for regular dust removal; don’t leave the device running in overly dusty rooms.
Note: Hard resetting the Coway purifier will delete any stored data and revert settings to their default. 

Step #6: Replace the Filter

step 6: replace the filter

If you have done all of the steps above, and the red light persists, it’s time to replace the main filter.

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Before you order a new filter, ensure it’s the correct type and for your exact model.

Note that the same types of filters might not be interchangeable between different Coway models.

Here is how to properly replace the filter on your Coway purifier:

  1. Unplug your Coway purifier from the power socket.
  2. Remove the front cover of your Coway purifier and remove the pre-filter.
  3. Remove the plastic packaging or wrap of your new true HEPA filter.
  4. Insert the new filter carefully, ensuring it clicks into place and is facing the right way.
  5. Reinstall the pre-filter and cover panels
  6. Restart your Coway purifier and wait a few minutes for it to recalibrate.

The red light should now be gone. If not, perform the first step in our guide to reset the filter replacement indicator internal timer.

Note: Some Coway air purifier models allow you to adjust the air quality sensitivity - lower it if the red light persists.

Quick Recap

Thus to fix the Coway air purifier red light, check if the air quality sensor is clear, then clean the pre-filter.

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Next, check your device for proper placement and order a replacement filter if needed.

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