connect alexa to ihome speaker

It’s really easy to connect Alexa to iHome speaker. Since the integration is supported at its full capacity you’ll need to discover and use the necessary features.

It does not matter, whether you’ve got an Alexa source device such as the Echo dot, or simply you want to hook up your smartphone’s Alexa to the iHome speaker.

The method is the same for Alexa in general, and we’re about to reveal the steps that will help you out.

To connect Alexa to the iHome speaker you would need to enable the “iHome skill” in the settings to provide an allowance. That will enable you to discover your iHome speaker in the Alexa application and connect both devices together.

Now that you’re aware that it’s entirely possible and what the operation includes, let’s jump straight into the steps and get your Alexa connected to the iHome speaker.

How To Connect iHome Speaker To Alexa In Easy Steps?

how to connect alexa to ihome speaker

In general, connecting Alexa to an iHome speaker is possible with any model.

The pairing process can only be done if you’ve enabled the iHome skill within the Amazon Alexa application.

By doing this, you will make the iHome device compatible with Alexa.

Note: Although iHome can connect without the skill, enabling it will make iHome discoverable for all of your connected Echos.

Step #1 Get/Open The Alexa

Assuming that you’ve already installed the Alexa app, you must access the platform first to get your iHome speaker paired.

There’s a chance that some users don’t currently have the Amazon Alexa app installed on any of their devices and will have to acquire it before proceeding any further.

open alexa

If you have Echo Dot, you must certainly install the application, which can be downloaded from the dedicated device app store.

If you already have Amazon Alexa, simply open the application and proceed with our next step.

Note: If you already have Alexa installed, ensure that it is up to date.

Step #2 Enable The “iHome” Skill

Although the skill is not important, it’s still strongly suggested to have it enabled.

This will unlock a lot of features for the iHome speaker you’re about to connect to your Alexa.

There are even more skills that can be enabled, bringing even further functionality so we suggest checking them out.

Here’s how to toggle the iHome skill within your Amazon Alexa application:

  1. On your phone, open the Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Go to Alexa Skills.
  3. Search the list and locate the “iHome” skill.
  4. Tap it once to enable it for your Alexa.
Tip: To understand the skill better, you can tap on the “Info” button beneath the skill tab.

Step #3 Go-To “Pair New Device” On Alexa App

pair device alexa app

Now to get the iHome speaker connected, you must access a specific tab from the Amazon Alexa application settings.

As the heading suggests, you must navigate to the “Pair New Device” option in the Alexa settings of your Echo Dot.

Here’s how to start pairing your iHome speaker in the Alexa app:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  2. Head to the settings tab.
  3. Select your own Echo device from the side menu (the Echo you wish to pair with).
  4. Next, navigate to “Bluetooth Devices” by clicking the button on the top of the screen.
  5. Finally, press the “Pair New Device” button.

Your iHome device might not appear in the list but there is nothing to worry about yet.

In the next step, we’ll make sure to prevent discovery problems and get your devices connected.

Note: If you’ve navigated correctly, you should see a list of all devices available to pair with your Alexa.

Step #4 Prepare Your iHome Speaker

prepare ihome speaker

A little preparation step before you get the iHome speaker connected is to get it ready and discoverable by Alexa.

What you have to do during this step is ensure that the iHome speaker is charged and turned on.

Here are factors of preparation you must undertake before connecting:

  • Ensure that the iHome speaker is charged.
  • Position the iHome device next to the Echo Dot speaker.
  • Connect iHome to the same WiFi as your Alexa.
  • Turn on the iHome speaker by pressing the power button on the top.
  • Make sure that Echo Dot is plugged to the power.

This is everything you need to do before your iHome speaker is ready to be connected to Alexa.

After checking out the requirements and taking care of them, proceed with our next step to get your iHome speaker connected.

Tip: If your iHome speaker’s battery is low, make sure to charge it for at least an hour.

Step #5 Discover & Connect iHome Speaker

And now to connect Alexa to iHome speaker, you must get the iHome speaker discovered by your Alexa application.

If the speaker is up and running, you will be able to instantly locate its connection in the “Pair New Device” section of the Alexa application.

Here’s how to discover your iHome speaker through the Alexa app:

  1. Ensure that you’re already at the “Pair New Device” tab within the Alexa app.
  2. Scroll down the sections and tap “iHome”.
  3. Press on the type of your iHome speaker from the following menu.
  4. You should get redirected to a new tab that will search for devices of this type.
  5. Once the connection is discovered, tap on it once to connect.
Keep in mind that if nothing happens after connecting your iHome speaker, the connection most likely failed.

Carefully repeat all of the instructions you see above until you can hear the successful Bluetooth connection announcement.

Notice: If the pairing was successful, you will hear a “Connected” announcement on your Echo device.

How To Control An iHome Speaker With Alexa?

control ihome with alexa

Once the Bluetooth connection is successful, you will be able to command iHome with a variety of commands.

To say for the least, all voice commands that your iHome accepts can be sent from Alexa now.

For instance, you can say things like that:

  • “Alexa, play some music on my iHome speaker?”
  • “Alexa, what’s the battery of my iHome speaker?”
  • “Alexa, shut down my iHome speaker?”
  • “Alexa, take my iHome incoming call”

Test it around and you will find out the most comfortable commands you can say to your iHome through Alexa.

You can now use your devices as per your desires and enjoy their functionality the most.

Note: For a full list of commands, you can check the iHome voice control page.

Thus, to connect Alexa to your iHome speaker you need to enable the “iHome skill” in the Alexa app first. Then make sure that your iHome speaker is turned on, press the “Pair new device” in the Alexa app, and select “iHome” from the list.

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Bottom Line:

This is how to connect Alexa to iHome speaker and now you should be able to tell Alexa what you want the iHome speaker to do.

We’ve provided you with some essential commands to test but there are many more things you can do. Feel free to explore the possibilities and get to know the functionalities of your device better.

We hope that this post was helpful and that you managed to get your Alexa hooked up to your iHome speaker. Find more similar posts in our online tech blog.

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