comcast on demand error 14

Wondering what Comcast on demand error 14 means? You’ve come to the right place!

The error 14 of Comcast OnDemand usually occurs due to a weak signal or most likely because of an interrupted cable.

The issue has several well-known causes and here we’ll explain the problem in detail and provide you with the best solutions.

To resolve the Comcast error 14 with OnDemand content, try tightening your cables and power cycling your cable box. Make sure to clean your Digicard, reconnect ALL cables, and if nothing works, call the “non-interactive” Comcast hotline.

Let’s explore the causes that could display the error 14 on your Comcast OnDemand before we move on to the troubleshooting.

What Is The Error 14 Comcast On Demand?

The error 14 of Comcast OnDemand generally appears due to a weak signal reaching your cable box.

We could also say that the signal is slightly weak, because it is strong enough to go through in the format of High Definition, but not reliable enough to enable your OnDemand.

In overview, to resolve the Error 14 on your Comcast OnDemand, you must actively troubleshoot the signal reaching your cable box.

Therefore, our solution guide will focus on improving the weak signal so you could enjoy your OnDemand content.

What Does Error 14 Look Like?

You will know that you’re having the Comcast OnDemand error 14 if you’re seeing “We’re sorry, you are having difficulty. Please retry your connection” on your screen.

You may also be provided with the error code, which should be #14.

Here are some of the causes for Error 14 that appear on OnDemand:

1. Cable Box Issue

A problematic cable box might not transform the signal properly, so your reception will become weak.

2. Faulty Cables

An issue with the wiring in your setup might also result in weak signal/reception.

3. Comcast Problem

Comcast might be having some troubles at the moment and you will have to wait for a certain time to start receiving a good signal again.

4. Weak TV Signal

On rare occasions, the signal between your cable box and the TV could become weak and you might get Error 14 as a result.

Let’s now proceed with the best troubleshooting solutions to resolve bad signals in your Comcast configuration.

How To Fix Comcast On Demand Error 14?

fix comcast on demand error 14

Bad signals are not an easy thing to troubleshoot. Almost every time, you might end up calling your service providers, because in most cases, the issue is on their side.

However, we will guide you through the best solutions so if the issue is on your side, you’ll definitely get it solved!

Solution #1 Reboot Cable Box From Device Settings

There is a way to reboot your cable box, using the device settings. It has a different effect than the regular plug/unplug method.

The restart would reboot all services and hopefully solve the weak signal and error 14.

Follow the steps down below to reboot your Comcast cable box from the device settings:

  1. Press the Xfinity button on the remote unit.
  2. Go to Settings and highlight Device Settings.
  3. Tap OK and go to Power Preferences.
  4. Choose “Restart” and confirm.
  5. Wait for the cable box to power off and boot back up.
  6. Test the OnDemand content.

If the issue still seems there, let’s try a different approach in regard to the cable box’s power.

Solution #2 Hard Reset Your Cable Box

reset the cable box

The problem could be directly related to your Comcast cable box.

The easiest way to troubleshoot problems with the signal transformation (your cable box’s job) is to apply a hard reset to power cycle the device.

Here is how to hard reset your cable box to resolve the problem in no time:

  1. Power OFF your cable box.
  2. Unplug the power adapter and wait for 5 minutes.
  3. Wait until the cable box feels cold on touch.
  4. Re-attach the power adapters and go to your OnDemand service.
  5. Test out the signal.

Note: It is recommended to diagnose the cable box’s power supply.

There might be a problem with the electricity that is coming in your cable so it is suggested to use a different power outlet than the one you’re using.

Solution #3 Reconnect ALL Cables

A problem with the setup’s wiring is the most frequently reported cause for error 14. In that regard, going over all of your Comcast cables to inspect them, would be your next step.

The best way to inspect your wiring is to disconnect ALL cables and then reconnect them one by one.

Generally, Comcast uses an optical unit to deliver the signal to your television.

connect all cables

In that regard, we suggest reconnecting the optical cable along with the rest of the cables that your signal is dependent on.

Once you’re done, double-check if the wiring is secured tightly into their respective slot and check if the OnDemand from Comcast is going to work now.

Solution #4 Clean The Digicard

On the back of your Comcast set-top box, there is a Digicard, responsible for trafficking the signal.

If the card got dirty or hasn’t been connected correctly, your Comcast signal could become ultimately weak or disappear until further notice.

The best you can do is clean the digicard to renew the signal. Follow the steps below to clean your Comcast TV box’s Digicard:

  1. Examine the back of your set-top box until you find an adjustable latch.
  2. Pull it down to eject the Digicard and clean its hardware using a dry cloth.
  3. Blow onto the holes of the digicard to remove any dust that may have gotten inside.
  4. Re-attach the Digicard back into the respective slot and lock it in.

Go to your OnDemand and check if the issue was resolved. If you’re still getting the error 14, proceed with our next solution.

Solution #5 Call 90405 90405

contact comcast support

Comcast has provided its customers with a call line for active troubleshooting.

What you pretty much have to do is give the “90405 90405” number a missed call (because nobody is going to pick up), while your cable box is on mode for momentum troubleshooting.

Follow the steps down below to fix Error 14 by calling Comcast’s troubleshooting number:

  1. First, turn ON your cable box.
  2. Make sure the device is set to “mode on” (there is a hardware button with adjustable latch MODE ON/OFF).
  3. Grab your phone and call “90405 90405” from your registered mobile number.
  4. Hold for the call to hang up by itself.
  5. Wait.

This automatic method of troubleshooting is very effective since there is no active communication with Comcasts’ employees. They are going to take a look at your cable box’s state as soon as they can, identify and resolve the problem immediately.

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Bottom Line:

If you’re getting the Error 14 on your Comcast OnDemand, power cycle your set-top box and reconnect all of the cables. Next, clean the Digicard and call “90405 90405” for non-interactive troubleshooting.

After identifying and troubleshooting the Comcast on demand error 14, you should be able to enjoy all of your media freely now.

Such problems could often occur and most of the time you can easily solve the problem from home.

Nicole B