chefman electric kettle won't turn on

Your Chefman Electric Kettle won’t turn on and you can’t figure out why? 

As simple devices as electric kettles are, they could also develop faults that may be difficult to figure out.

We could quickly tell that this problem occurred due to a power insufficiency throughout the kettle’s mechanism.

So, let’s learn how to fix this in easy steps!

To fix when your Chefman Electric Kettle isn’t turning on, press the Power Switch 2-3 times and connect the baseplate to a different outlet. Next, reinstall the kettle from the plate and reconnect its adapter. Finally, get a new corded base for your kettle.

Let’s learn more about this problem before we start troubleshooting!

Why Is My Chefman Electric Kettle Not Turning On – Answered!

the electric kettle won't turn on

When an electrical device refuses to turn on, we could quickly assume that this is occurring due to a Power Problem with its mechanism.

Although the Chefman Electric Kettle setup is simple, there are a few components that could go faulty, and the device will not turn on.

Here’s what prevents the Kettle from working:

  • There’s a problem with the Power Source of the Kettle
  • The Power Adapter of your Chefman Kettle is not working
  • There’s an issue with the Kettle’s Baseplate
  • The Power Switch or the pedal mechanism isn’t working

This is what could mainly impact the electric kettle’s mechanism.

Luckily we’ve found an audible solution for each of the possibilities in the upcoming solution guide!

How to Fix When a Chefman Electric Kettle Won’t Turn On?

how fix blink live view

After identifying what particularly causes your Chefman Electric Kettle startup issues, let’s move on to the troubleshooting guide.

All of our solutions are meant to be followed in chronological order for the reader to achieve the best results with the troubleshooting!

Let’s jump in!

Solution #1 Press the Power Switch Multiple Times

Perhaps, the Baseplate’s Power Switch hasn’t been pressed.

If you were using your Kettle for a while now, chances are that the power switch of the plate got stuck and needed a little more force in order to activate.

This is common for all electric kettles since the switch is what actually triggers the heating process.

press the power switch
  • Plug the baseplate into power, and press the Power Switch 3 Times!
  • However, don’t get the wrong idea by “a little more force”.

The switch on your electric kettle is delicate and could easily break apart if you’ve pushed it too mighty.

You should hear a click the moment you push the switch all the way down and it makes the contact.

Note: Your Chefman Electric Kettle has a power indicator that should light up if it’s working!

Solution #2 Reconnect the Baseplate’s Adapter

reconnect the baseplate

In order for the baseplate to start heating the kettle, the Power Adapter must be secured in the power source.

You might’ve accidentally left the adapter unplugged or have not secured it in the wall outlet and that’s the reason the device refuses to work.

Follow these instructions to reconnect the Base:

  1. Unplug the Power Cable of the kettle.
  2. Wait for 5 Minutes while the kettle is unplugged.
  3. Re-attach the Power Cable of the device back into the source.
  4. Test.

We strongly suggest attaching the baseplate only to a wall outlet that is proven to work.

Using a power strip to power your kettle might be the problem in your situation.

Especially if the strip gets overwhelmed by too many devices plugged in, it could cause an issue.

Note: Ensure that the power adapter is securely attached to the source before proceeding!

Solution #3 Connect to a Different Outlet

connect to the different outlet

There’s a high chance that the issue with your Chefman Electric Kettle is being caused by a Defective Power Outlet.

This is an often occurrence that really confuses users since it’s hard to believe that the actual power source of your device has gone faulty.

Solution: Connect the Kettle to an alternative power outlet.

Once the baseplate has been connected elsewhere, grab your kettle (if it wasn’t along with the plate) and secure it to the base.

Press the Power Switch on the baseplate and attempt to turn on the heating. Also, ensure that the kettle is installed in the baseplate securely.

Note: The kettle shouldn’t budge or move around if it is securely installed on the baseplate!

Solution #4 Reinstall the Kettle in the Base

reinstall in the base

There’s probably an issue with the Kettle’s installation on the Baseplate!

There could be something blocking the kettle from connecting with the baseplate securely and therefore preventing the plate from heating up.

You should uninstall the kettle from the baseplate, plug it in again and then attempt to trigger the heating function of the plate.

Follow these instructions to reinstall the kettle:

  1. Ensure that the baseplate is Plugged In.
  2. Grab the kettle’s Handle.
  3. Pull the kettle out of the baseplate’s grip.
  4. Wait for 30-40 Seconds while the kettle is uninstalled.
  5. Place the kettle back onto the baseplate (watch out for the contact points).
  6. As you position the kettle, wait for the Click of the contact points.

If you’ve placed the kettle correctly onto the heating baseplate, it should automatically be withdrawn as a result and position itself on top.

There is a bud on the baseplate that must go into the kettle’s opening, in order for the devices to start making contact.

Note: The kettle shouldn’t be blocking the switch of the baseplate if positioned correctly!

Solution #5 Clean the Kettle’s Contact Spots

clean the kettle spots

There’s a high chance that the Baseplate or Kettle’s Contact Spots are Obstructed.

If the kettle fails to make clear contact with the corded baseplate, it will not heat up or won’t turn on at all as a result.

What you should do now, is remove the kettle from the baseplate and clean both devices completely, to make sure no debris is blocking the contact spots.

Follow these steps to clean your Chefman Electric Kettle setup:

  1. Disconnect the kettle from the Baseplate.
  2. Get a Wet Cloth.
  3. Turn the kettle upside down.
  4. Using the cloth, Begin Collecting Debris inflicted on the bottom of the kettle.
  5. With the same wet cloth, Clean the Surface of the Baseplate and its contacts.
  6. (Optional) Use another cloth to dry up the baseplate and kettle.
  7. Install the kettle back into the baseplate.
  8. Attempt to use the device.

If now the kettle and baseplate are debris-free, the contact between the two devices should be easily achieved, without having to press the kettle down on the plate.

Alert: Using either device while they are still wet could result in a hardware malfunction!

Solution #6 Get a New Corded Base

connect the corded base

If nothing worked out so far, it would only make sense to Get a New Corded Base!

Since the baseplate is where hardware faults usually develop, you should get a new plate with a cord to use for your Chefman Kettle. They come at an approachable price.

Once you have your new corded base, plug it into power and place the kettle on top.

The moment you press the power switch on the baseplate, the heating should begin and the kettle should start warming up as a result.

This should help you solve the problem at once!

Note: If you’re looking for a replacement Kettle Base, check on the bottom of the guide!

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Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix when Chefman Electric Kettle refuses to turn on, press the Power Switch multiple times at least and reconnect the Baseplate’s Adapter. Next, reinstall the Kettle in the base and clean the Contact Spots. Finally, purchase a new Corded Base!

Wrapping Up:

Today we’ve learned what to do when the Chefman Electric Kettle won’t turn on

Even the simplest devices with the simplest mechanism could sometimes experience hardware faults.

However, with our solutions, you’ll resolve this problem in the blink of an eye.

If you happen to experience more issues, contact Chefman or use your warranty!

Nicole B