chefman electric kettle keeps beeping

Why does the Chefman electric kettle keeps beeping? Stay with us to know!

The 1.8-liter Chefman electric kettle is a great addition to your kitchen, especially when you need to boil water quickly.

It works perfectly, but the beeping that the kettle sounds every now and then could be quite frustrating for some of its users.

Let’s learn more!

The Chefman electric kettle beeps when you turn the machine on when the water has reached the set temperature, and whenever the device automatically turns OFF. Based on the model of your Chefman kettle, there is an easy way to MUTE all indicational *beeps*.

Let’s first learn what the *beeps* mean, and whether you really want to turn them off?

Chefman Kettle – Sound Indications!

chefman kettle sound

The very first thing to know is the sound indications of a Chefman electric kettle.

This is important because after turning them off you wouldn’t be able to know the state of your device. 

This is what each of the *beeps* means!

  • Turning ON the Chefman Electric Kettle = 1 x *beep*
  • Water reaching the pre-set temperature = 1 x *beep*
  • Turning OFF automatically after 5 minutes = 1 x *beep*

These are the developer-intended conditions under which the Chefman electric kettle would beep, and they are meant primarily for an indication.

However, there are other scenarios that might counterintuitively make the Chefman kettle *beep* so let’s jump right in!

Chefman Electric Kettle Keeps Beeping – Solutions!

how fix the chefman kettle

The solution guide will help you MUTE the *beeps* so you can no longer hear them, and also help you prevent them from appearing accidentally.

The problem for some users is that recently the *beep* got so frequent and out of control, that they no longer serve its purpose.

  • We’ll help in both cases – show you how to mute them and how to fix them!

Solution #1 Mute The Machine

To immediately stop the beeps on your Chefman electric kettle you’ll simply need to use a combination of buttons, based on the model of your device.

The process is reversible, which means that to unmute the *beep* indications later, you only need to repeat the steps.

Most of the Chefman kettles are the same in terms of buttons, but some of them had different layouts and labels.

Follow the appropriate guide!

Chefman Kettle With Arrow Buttons:

kettle with arrow buttons
  • Press and hold the Down Arrow + Start Button for 5 seconds!

Digital Kettle With Temp Button:

  • Press and hold the “Hold Temp” Button for 5 seconds!

On some Chefman electric kettles, you will hear a voice narrating “muted” before the *beeps* permanently go away.

However, on some Chefman kettles, you would need to boil some water to justify whether the beep indications are now gone or not.

Tip: In case the beeps are still there, repeat the muting process but hold for longer!

Solution #2 Restart Chefman Kettle

restart the chefman kettle

In case the beeping is uncontrollable, without proper reasoning, it’s good to implement some old-school troubleshooting methods.

To immediately stop the beeping, empty the water, unplug the base of your kettle from the power and embed the kettle on top.

  • Wait for at least 3 minutes before plugging back the base of your kettle!

When you’re ready, plug back the base of your kettle into the power and use Solution #1, to attempt and mute the beepings.

This should stop the device from emitting any of the sounds even if they are triggered by one of the situational indications we’ve previously reviewed.

Tip: Plug your Chefman kettle into a different outlet to test with!

Solution #3 Empty Chefman Kettle Regularly

empty kettle regularly

When you boil a chunk of water, don’t forget to empty the water if you’re not about to use it.

It’s important because when you return the boiling water to the base and kettle might start to beep to indicate that the water has reached or surpassed the desired temp.

You can immediately do this by boiling some water and returning the kettle empty onto the base.

Based on the number of beeps you’ve heard, you can tell whether the kettle indications are okay, or there is a need for more troubleshooting.

In such cases, keep reading!

Solution #4 Boil More Water!

Sometimes the frequent *beeps* on a Chefman kettle, come from the lack of water.

The reason why this happens is that the less water is in the chamber the faster it will start to boil.

try boil more wtarer

Hence, you might encounter a weird issue when you’re using anything below 250mL.

As per the Chefman user manual:

If the water is less than the “MIN” sign, the kettle will emit constant beeping”!

As the water starts to evaporate the temperature within the chamber rises and changes quickly, which sometimes makes the Chefman kettle keeps beeping.

This is why it’s always better to use more water, so fill the kettle at least to the halfway point or at least one liter.

Note: Don’t forget to empty the water you don’t need after working with the Chefman kettle!

Solution #5 Reset The Chefman Kettle

reset the chefman kettle

There is no specified way to factory reset a Chefman kettle but there are a lot of people that created a steps guide, which, according to them, helps.

This will refresh the kettle and hopefully, the *beeps* that appeared without proper reasoning will be fixed in minutes!

Here’s how to reset the Chefman electric kettle in a few easy steps:

  1. Press and hold the Power Button (Start/Stop/Temp)
  2. Hold the button for at least 5 seconds.
  3. When ready, release the button and unplug the kettle.
  4. After a few short moments, plug the kettle back in.
  5. Empty the water completely!
  6. Fill at least 1 liter of the water tank.
  7. Embed the kettle on the base.
  8. Turn on the heating.

By the time you’ve reached the final step, you must have heard at least 1 *beep* That indicates that the kettle is turning on.

Now, when the water reaches the set temperature, you will hear another beep and when the kettle turns off you should hear the final one.

This is the normal indication of the Chefman kettle and to mute them go back to Solution #1.

Quick Recap:

Now that we’ve learned why the Chefman electric kettle keeps beeping, we know that we can completely mute the machine or settle any potential issues. To instantly remove the beeping press and hold the Down Arrow/Temp + Start buttons for 5 seconds!

We hope that you were able to mute or get the beeping of your Chefman kettle settled and for more relevant content, check our blog.

Good luck!

Nicole B