can you plug a smart plug into a power strip

If you’re wondering, how can you plug a smart plug into a power strip, there is definitely a lot to learn.

In this post, we will provide transparency on this topic and shine some light on some frequently asked questions and commonly encountered issues.

The short answer is YES. Smart plugs can be plugged into a power strip, but you should be aware of the wattage. If you plug devices that drain too much wattage into a smart plug that uses a single hole, you may find your smart plug or power strip burned.

Let’s first begin with a brief explanation of the components you will be using and the things you should be aware of when plugging a smart plug into a power strip!

Can A Smart Plug Be Used on A Power Strip?

can a smart plug be used on a power strip

Many users use a smart plug to divide a single power outlet into multiple ones. But is that safe to apply with a power strip?

The truth is that you are eligible to plug a smart plug into a power strip and the answer is that it will work.

But you should really mind the wattage and the number of devices you plug into that single smart plug.

Let’s first begin with a brief explanation of the smart plugs and their wattage.

How Does A Smart Plug Work?

Smart plugs are usually meant to divide a single hole of wall outlet or outlet within a strip or divider and it will work.

At least as long as you’re not using devices that use up too much wattage.

Smart plugs are not being used with a power strip, but really there is nothing bad that could happen even if you do.

This is because strips are meant to divide the wattage of a single outlet into multiple ones, while the smart plug has the same usage.

Note: Probably the safest way of plugging a smart plug into a power stripper would be to ensure that there are not more than 3 devices currently consuming power.

If this workaround does not work for you, keep reading to learn how to determine the wattage yourself and later how to avoid possible issues.

How To Determine The Wattage?

It is really important to measure the wattage when plugging a smart plug into a power strip.

There have been countless horror stories regarding electrical issues, such as short-circuits where devices go faulty and electric shocks.

Since you can’t really tell what wattage your power strip can produce, if it isn’t purchased from a trusted manufacturer, you can tell that by taking a look at your smart plug.

Note: A raw measurement of the average power strip wattage can reach up to 1800 watts.

Hence you shouldn’t exceed that unless you want short circuits and other harmful electrical events.

If the smart plug goes below or above the watts of your power strip by much, you should consider upgrading one of your two devices for best performance when dividing the electricity!

How Can I Avoid Using Too Much Wattage?

avoid too much wattage

Now that you’ve measured the average wattage of your device, and you’re wondering how to possibly decrease that usage, we can grant you some suggestions that will perform best in your situation!

Here are some ways to decrease possible wattage usage of your smart plug and power strip:

  1. Know what wattage your power strip can support and don’t exceed it.
  2. Know what wattage your smart plug can support and don’t exceed it.
  3. Don’t plug many devices into one single extension cord.
  4. Don’t connect power strips to other power strips.
  5. Don’t plug multiple devices or things into a single circuit.
  6. Turn off or unplug the power strip whenever none of the devices plugged into it are working.
  7. Connect your power strips into wall outlets to support the balancing between the current.
Note: These recommendations should help you decrease the possible wattage usage and avoid unwanted technical complications with your smart plug and power strip.

Now that we’ve covered the question – “Can you plug a smart plug into a power strip?”, let’s learn what will happen if you accidentally exceed the recommended wattage.

What Will Happen If I Exceed The Wattage?

If you exceed the wattage that your devices support, there are many things that can occur and you may not even notice.

Except for the power shortage and electrical shock which are eligible to be seen, one of your devices can be an object of one of these power malfunctions:

  1. Blown fuse or trip the breaker.
  2. Possible failure of a device plugged into the power strip.
  3. Blown electrical circuit.
  4. Electrical shock and power shortage.
  5. Possible fire situation.
  6. Electrical malfunction of your power stirp and smart plug or both.
  7. Melting or burning of the area where the devices are surfaced.
Notice: It is possible that none of these events will occur immediately.

Devices could be malfunctioning only to develop the problem over time, so the device must be in sight for the next minutes or hours.

It’s best to unplug the power strip and wait to see if something will happen. This is the only way to make sure if you’re not certain that your devices are an object of failure.

How To Choose a Smart Plug with Appropriate Wattage?

If you’re all the way here into the post, it is possible that you have already purchased a smart plug.

It is very important to mind the wattage of the strip you will be plugging that smart plug and determine whether the wattage will match.

It is best to advise technical workers and purchase a combo of power strips and smart plugs that will perform best.

Even if there aren’t many good combinations out there, it is still good to get the recommendation from an expert who knows his job!

Here are some interesting smart plugs you can check out!

1. Check-in Smart Plug

This smart plug is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, plus you get the timer functionality feature.

2. TOPGREENER Smart plug

This smart plug will offer you energy monitoring and can be connected to Wi-Fi via its own smartphone app. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.

3. VOCOlinc Smart Plug

This smart plug can be connected with iOS devices and has its own app that provides Wi-Fi connectivity. Can be used with HomeKit and Google assistant too.

You can plug smart plug into a power strip. Smart plugs are compatible with power strips and will work efficiently when plugged into one. However, some devices might be unstable if the wattage doesn’t match.

So, it is important to choose a compatible product and measure the wattage of the power strip you are going to plug it into!

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Bottom Line

Knowing the answer to the question “can you plug a smart plug into a power strip?” you shall no longer wonder what would happen.

You can now measure and determine risks so you can decide how to proceed yourself. We wish you luck and trouble.

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