google home music without subscription

Wondering whether Google Home music without subscription is possible?

Search no further and continue reading because in this post we’re revealing everything about Google Home supported musical platforms and how to use them.

Most importantly, we’ll answer how to listen to music from Google Home without paying for it.

To listen to Google Home music without an active subscription you only need to select a music platform in the application settings. This way whenever you ask your Google Hub to play music, the device will have a source directory to use.

Let’s first learn which are the supported music platforms, which are the best, and then reveal the step-by-step guide on how to acquire it.

Can You Play Music On Google Home Without Subscription?

google home music no subscription

Google Home has multiple music sources available that you can subscribe to and listen to music on your devices.

When connected to the given source, any smart hubs and speakers you have attached to your Google Home account will be able to stream music from that musical platform.

Available Music Platforms On Google Home?

Google supports just a couple of music sources that are proven to match your taste for music.

The music sources that Google Home supports are the following:

  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • YouTube Music 

You can connect either of these platforms to your Google Home account and have your device play music from them as much as you want.

However, the free version of each platform has its own limitations so let’s learn what they are.

Google Home Platforms Without Subscription?

If you’re looking for a source that doesn’t require an active subscription and can stream music to your paired devices, you should know that all of them are free.

However, there is a nasty catch that you definitely need to be aware of.

If you’ve activated a music service on your Google Home account without a subscription, all of your devices will also stream the ads this platform includes.

Note: With all musical platforms, an active subscription removes 100% of the ads.

How To Play Music On Google Home Without Subscription?

play music without subscription

Although all of the sources have a free ad-supported version, in this guide you will get familiar with how to use YouTube Music.

YouTube Music has the most content out of all the sources and has the least ads according to the users.

Note: With the steps down below, you will also be able to get any of the other sources connected to your Google Home.

Step #1 Get The Google Home App

The mandatory step of this guide is to get the Google Home application installed on your device.

Since this is from where you will be adding the music source, you must have the application installed beforehand.

  • If you don’t have the Google Home app, go to the App Store/Google Play on your device, press the search field, write “Google Home” and download the first result.
  • If you already have the Google Home app, simply open the app on your device and move on to the next step.
Tip: If you already have the Google Home app, ensure that it's updated to the latest version.

Step #2 Navigate To The Settings

To add any source to your Google Home, you must first navigate to the Settings tab situated on the home screen of the app.

From within the settings, you will also later navigate to the “Music” options, where you can add music sources to your account.

To access the Google Home app settings, from the home screen, press the options icon located in the middle of your screen. You will get redirected to the settings page, from where you can later add the desired music source.

Note: The settings icon has a little cogwheel labeled on its center and is in gray color. It’s situated next to the “Add” button.

Step #3 Enter The Music Option

Once within the settings, next, you will want to find the option that stands for Music.

This is Google Home’s gateway page for all music sources and this is the place you will be adding a source to your Google Home devices.

This feature is located almost at the very bottom of the page and is under the section “Google Assistant services”.

This section has all of the services your Google Assistants can benefit from, including your home hub devices.

Enter the music option and proceed with our next step.

Step #4 Make A Music Source “Default Provider”

set default provider

In this step, you will have to make one of the sources you see, your default music provider.

This means that whenever you tell one of your Google Home assistants to play something, they will be taking the music from that very source you’ve selected as default.

Although we’ve mentioned the best default (without a subscription) choice is YouTube Music, feel free to test out any platform you like.

Once you’re done with your choice, simply tap the little dot next to your choice and it will get colored.

From now on, all music on your Google Home-connected devices will be from the source you’ve selected.

Notice: To change the provider, go to the same page but select the dot next to another source.

Step #5 Test Out The Music

Although this step is not mandatory, it’s recommended that you test the music source to identify if something has gone wrong.

For this step, go next to one of your Google Home assistant-supported devices and just say “Hey Google, play some music for a workout”.

The assistant should automatically play the most searched result in YouTube Music or the platform you’ve chosen.

Music should start immediately, but you might hear an advertisement before the actual song comes on. Most advertisements generate before the actual song starts.

Note: Adds may occur at each 5-minute milestone of the song.

Can You Stop Google Home Music Platform Ads?

can you stop ads

The straightforward answer is no. You cannot prevent ads from playing on the music source you’ve activated on your Google Home.

The only way to stop the ads from playing would be if you subscribe to the chosen platform, but then only this music service won’t have ads.

Google Home Free Music Limitations:

Here are the limitations of the free usage of each platform:

  • Spotify – 128kbs bitrate with only souffle mode available.
  • YouTube music – From 20 to 30 seconds ad every 5 minutes.
  • Pandora – Playlist limitations, ads, and 250 stations limit.
Note: Google Home music is not available since 2020 and has been replaced by YouTube music.

So, Google Home Music Without Subscription Possible?

Yes!. To acquire Google Home music without an active subscription you would need to open the Google Home application and go to Settings. From there choose “Music” and proceed with selecting a default provider of your choice.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you’re aware that it’s possible to listen to Google home music without subscription, you’ve probably already selected a default provider.

Depending on the limitations we’ve listed above, make your choice and enjoy your source without having an active subscription.

We hope that this post was helpful for you and in case you’re having other inquiries about Google Home and its functionality, make sure to check our online blog!

Nicole B