can you cut govee led lights

If you’re wondering whether you can you cut Govee LED lights or not, then in this post we’re about to reveal what happens, before you do so.

Many LED lights are designed in a way that you can shorten their length so they can fit the environment in which you would like to position them.

Since many comments online suggest not to cut the Govee LED lights, here we’ll experiment and find out what actually happens.

You are able to cut Govee LED lights without impacting their functionality if you know where the section connectors are located. Cutting the strip anywhere besides the spots intended to be separated, can lethally damage your Govee LED lights strip.

Now that we’ve got a basic idea of whether Govee lights can be shortened, let’s learn more about the general question.

About Cutting Your Govee LED Lights Strip

When you purchase LED lights strip with a pre-determined place for them to be installed, sometimes the length is either shorter or longer than necessary.

The Govee LED lights stretch up to 65ft which is enough to cover the requirements of most users.

led lights govee

There are a few reasons why people cut LED Strip lights:

  • Shortening the LED lights length
  • To reconnect the strip elsewhere
  • Because the strip is disconnected and not working
You can either twist the LEDs in a way that will be suitable for your needs or directly shorten the lights' length to fit your project.

However, when twisting the LED there isn’t much that you should be aware of, but when cutting them, there are quite a few essentials to understand beforehand.

When your project requires shorter Govee LEDs and twisting the body of the light does not work, yes, you can shorten them to align with your needs.

However the flexibility of the LEDs allows users to experiment, but if you’re here to cut your Govee lights, let’s proceed further.

Alert: Cutting the LED strip will disconnect all bulbs located after the cut and prevent them from being attached back.

Pros & Cons When Cutting Govee LED Lights Strip

pros cons govee led lights

Let’s find out more about what are the benefits and the downsides of cutting Govee LED lights and how this can affect the user experience.


  • Uses less electricity – The shorter the strip the less power it will use.
  • Can fit your project perfectly – When the length is too long.


  • The danger of damaging the strip – If not cut properly, your LED might stop working.
  • Losing bulbs – The loose part of your Groove strip will no longer work.
  • Irreversible – Cutting LED strips cannot be undone.

Depending on the above pros and cons, you can take your decision on whether you want to cut your Govee LED lights strip or not.

If you have made up your mind and you’re ready to shorten the length of your strip, let’s proceed with learning more about the cut itself.

Note: Almost any LED strip is designed in a way to be cut without any damage.

So, Can You Cut Govee LED Lights Safely?

can you cut govee

To answer this frequently asked question, we would need to explain how the LED strips work in general.

Since the start of your Govee LEDs comes out from the control panel, the power is being transferred in this direction to the end of the strip.

You can cut Govee lights, and they would continue to work, without losing any of their functionalities. This only applies if the cut is clean and it’s done correctly.

What You Need To Cut LEDs?

The process requires a knife or scissors to work with and the operation is delicate since there is a high chance of lethally damaging the strip.

Before you cut it’s important to determine what length would be perfect for you and how much of the strip you’re ready to throw away.

Also, you cannot cut the Govee LEDs wherever you want to. There are special sections on the strip that connect parts of the strip into one.

This is where the cut should be done and it should be extremely accurate since even the simplest deviation might cause trouble.

Note: The cut-off part of the strip will still work if connected to the top of the Quick Connector.

How To Cut Govee LED Lights?

how to cut govee

If you already made up your mind and you’re ready to shorten the length of your Govee LED lights strip, we strongly recommend following the guide below.

As we’ve already mentioned, any diversion from the cut spot might lethally damage your LEDs leaving you with a useless device.

With that being said, here is how to cut Govee LED lights strip:

Step #1 Disconnect Govee Lights

Even though it has been proven that you cannot get shocked while the LEDs are working and you’re cutting them, it’s still recommended to disconnect them from the power supply.

Simply upload the LEDs from the power outlet until you’re ready with the cut.

Step #2 Find The Cutting Spot

A cutting spot can be found in multiple places across the Govee LED strip. The cutting spot is a 3 vertical copper mini strip.

This is where you can cut your Govee LEDs without impacting their functionality.

You can cut anywhere you see the vertical copper strips, and losing part of the strip will be a waste that you should be prepared for.

Step #3 Cut The Govee LED Strip

cut govee strip

Take a sharp object such as a knife or scissors and determine where you’ll be cutting the lights.

It’s important to measure the length you need and perform the cut at a suitable place since there would be no going back.

If you’re going to perform the cut with a knife, place the Govee LED strip flat on a surface that will most likely be impacted by the knife.

With the scissors you can simply hold the strip or have someone stretch it for you, so you can cut exactly in the middle of the copper connectors.

Step #3 Test Govee LEDs

govee led test

If you’ve performed a clean-cut, exactly in the middle of a place with 3 copper connectors, your Govee LED lights strip should be working as before.

Simply connect the lights to the power and turn them on. Test all functionalities such as color and behavior to make sure that everything works.

Note: The loose part of the LED strip still works, but requires a Quick Connector to be plugged into.

Quick Recap:

You can easily cut Govee LED lights by using a knife or scissors. You need to perform the cut exactly in the middle of the copper separators, connecting the LED sections, while the lights are disconnected from the power.

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Last Thoughts:

Now that we’ve answered the question “can you cut Govee LED lights?” and how exactly to perform the separation, you’re ready to attempt it yourself.

Keep in mind that this post and the source do not carry any responsibility in case of a failed attempt.

Remember that the cut is an irreversible action and the warranty of your LEDs will be discounted.

Nicole B