can i get philo on my samsung smart tv

Can I get Philo on my Samsung smart TV? You’re not the only one asking this!

Acquiring the Philo application on your Samsung TV is possible but it requires a few essentials that you need to ensure.

If you’ve never downloaded an app before then our guide will definitely not only help you get Philo but also teach you how to get all supported applications from the Google Play Store.

To get started, locate and start the Google Play Store on your smart Samsung TV. Use the search bar to type “Philo” and open the application page. Next, press the Install button, and the application should automatically download on your TV.

Once the application is installed, log in to your existing account or create a new one to start streaming online content.

Can I Get Philo On My Samsung Smart TV?

The answer is yes. You can download, install and enjoy the Philo streaming platform on your Samsung TV anytime, as long as you have an account to log in with.

See, most streaming platforms, Philo including, require a registration to enjoy the TV shows/movies that the app has to offer.

Besides that, there are certain requirements that your Samsung TV must meet before actually logging into Philo and starting to watch content.

Here we’ve extracted the most important requirements that you must be aware of before starting to get Philo on your Samsung TV.

The Requirements For Philo On Samsung Smart TVs?

requirements philo samsung tv

We’ve extracted the most important requirements that your Samsung smart TV must have/meet, in order to download the Philo application so you can enjoy its content:

1. Active Internet Connection

The most important thing is the internet connection of your Samsung smart TV. Philo, like other platforms, requires a strong, reliable internet connection so it can stream its contents.

2. Available Storage For Installation

The Philo application will take a certain partition of your Samsung TV storage. You must ensure that your smart device has enough storage to download and install the Philo application.

The average storage the Philo app will take on your Samsung TV is around 100-500 megabytes.

3. Latest System Software

Last, but not least is the requirement for the latest software for your Samsung TV.

Your smart device must be updated to the latest available version to support Philo and its most recent version.

Alert: Check whether your Samsung TV meets all of these requirements before proceeding to the guide for acquiring the Philo platform.

How Can I Get Philo On My Samsung Smart TV?

get philo on my samsung smart tv

We’ve designed a step-by-step tutorial for the ones of you that are not quite familiar with how to acquire new applications on their smart Samsung TVs.

If you have never done it before make sure not to skip any steps for flawless operation.

Here is how to acquire the Philo application on your Samsung smart TV.

Step #1 Enter Google Play Store

The app store (Google Play Store)of your Samsung TV is where you will be downloading the Philo application from.

There, you should be able to update the application whenever the new update scripts come out.

Additionally, this is also where you will manage the Philo app and view the latest news regarding the platform.

To enter your Samsung TV’s app store, all you have to do is go to the home screen of the device and select the Google Play Store.

It should be displayed somewhere on the middle of the screen or at the partition that has all of the applications in it. Once you have accessed the Google Play Store, proceed with our next step.

Step #2 Start Philo App Download

download philo app

Now that you’ve accessed the app store on your Samsung smart TV, the next step is to trigger the download sequence of the Philo platform.

Moreover, you will not only download the application but will also install it onto your TV, whereby you can later access it and stream content.

To start the Philo application download, follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Once in the app store of your Samsung TV, tap the search field.
  2. Using your Samsung smart TV remote, type “Philo”.
  3. Tap on “Search” and press OK.
  4. Once the results appear, select the first one, which should be the Philo app.
  5. Get sent to the download screen.
  6. Locate where the “Download” button is.
  7. Tap the “Download” button once by first highlighting it.
  8. Wait for the Philo app to start downloading.
Note: Once the Philo app gets downloaded, it will install it onto your Samsung TV’s HDD.

Step #3 Locate & Open The Philo App

Once the Philo app is downloaded, the next step is to locate it and enter the platform.

This won’t be hard, since Samsung has made it easy for users to locate applications once they get installed.

You should look for the Philo app on the home screen of your Samsung TV, around the app section. Highlight the app using the OK button and press again to access it.

Note: The Philo application should now open.

Step #4 Register In Philo

register on philo

Unfortunately, the free trial of Philo’s ON DEMAND live TV is only 1 week long.

After that, you can either pay a monthly subscription to keep enjoying the contents of Philo or stop using the application.

In the very beginning, however, you must first register.

Here’s how to register in Philo:

  1. Once you open Philo app on your Samsung TV, tap on “Register”.
  2. Input the required details and passwords.
  3. Confirm your account via email.
  4. Trigger the 1-week free trial by inputting your payment information.

I Already Have A Philo Account Activated?

Better for you. Having an active Philo account will save you a lot of trouble registering and getting all of your credentials accepted.

If you have an account, simply tap on the login icon that will appear upon opening Philo app on your Samsung TV. Then input your login username and password and you’re good to go.

Notice: Philo will automatically charge you after the 1-week free trial ends, so ensure to remove your credentials beforehand, if you do not wish to pay.

Step #5 Start Watching Philo

watch philo

Once logged in or registered in Philo you’re all set!

From this moment on, you can stream and watch any TV show or movie you want, as long as your subscription is intact.

Keep in mind that there is an automatic monthly renewal that will charge funds by itself if the subscription is left active.

Be aware that after the 1-week trial if you do not wish to keep the subscription you have at Philo, you need to cancel it.

Thus, to acquire the Philo application on your Samsung smart TV, head to the Google Store and open it. Using the search bar, type “Philo” and hit the install button to download the app. Then you would need to register/sign in to start viewing the Philo app contents.

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Bottom Line:

Now when we’ve answered the question, “can I get Philo on my Samsung smart TV” you should be all set.

In case something is wrong, and you cannot find/install the application, the next step would be to contact Philo customer service for additional assistance.

Nicole B