bose soundlink connected but no sound

In case your Bose SoundLink connected but no sound, we have the easiest possible solutions for you!

If your Bose SoundLink is connected but there is no output coming out, the issue will be mainly observed with your Bose device.

Although there could be an issue with the connectivity, we’ll go over everything to identify and solve the problem.

If the Bose SoundLink is connected but no sound coming out, clear the previously Bluetooth-connected devices and attempt to re-pair your Bose SoundLink. Increase the SoundLink’s volume along with the TVs and re-ensure that your SoundLink is getting a sufficient power supply.

Why Bose SoundLink Is Connected But No Sound?

Bose SoundLink’s audio output might be interrupted due to several causes.

We’ve extracted the most frequent causes that are reported by Bose SoundLink users so you could understand what you’ll be dealing with.

1. Device Power Issue

Your Bose SoundLink might have power fluctuations; therefore it will not output any sound.

2. Connectivity Problem

Issue with the connection to the receiver of your SoundLink could also impact the audio output.

3. Bluetooth Interference

The Bluetooth function of your Bose SoundLink may interfere, therefore the audio output will be impacted.

4. Too Low Volume

The volume from your Bose and the receiver should be increased enough for you to hear the audio’s output.

5. Receiver Problem

Lastly, there could be a problem with the receiver that your Bose SoundLink is connected to, therefore the sound output will be impacted.

Let’s now proceed to the best troubleshooting solutions that you can perform against the possibilities and solve your issue in a matter of minutes!

How To Fix Bose SoundLink Connected But No Sound?

fix bose soundlink connected but no sound

Before we proceed with any of the upcoming solutions, you should attempt to restart your Bose SoundLink device to solve the sound output problem.

This will additionally help with any other bugs or glitches your device may have developed.

If a reboot didn’t help, here’s what to do to fix the sound output of your Bose SoundLink:

Solution #1 Reconnect From Receiver

You should first reconnect your SoundLink from the receiver. This will help you understand whether the problem was temporary and if it can be solved easily.

Here’s how to reconnect your SoundLink receiver:

  1. On your receiver device, open the Bluetooth settings.
  2. Go to the Devices tab and search for your Bose SoundLink device.
  3. Tap the “Disconnect” button and wait for your SoundLink to unpair.
  4. Again, go to the wireless settings on your receiver and reconnect to the SoundLink.
Note: Ensure that during that time, your SoundLink device doesn’t shut down or go through any outages so you can successfully reconnect the device.

Solution #2 Charge SoundLink

charge soundbar

Your Bose SoundLink may be running dangerously low on charge, therefore the sound output could be impacted.

The thing you should do is make sure that your SoundLink device is sufficiently charged before proceeding any further.

We assume that you’re familiar enough with how to charge your SoundLink, check if it is attached to the power source and the LED indicator of the charger is lit up.

This means that the SoundLink is being charged and it will soon be ready.

Note: Charge your soundbar for at least 20-30 minutes before attempting to play music.

Solution #3 Change SoundLink Sources

Your Bose SoundLink device has 2 general sources which are respectively AUX and Bluetooth.

Even though you’ve connected a Bluetooth device to your SoundLink, the source may still be selected at AUX and you won’t get any audio output from your Bose device.

Here’s how to change the sources of your SoundLink:

  1. Go over to your SoundLink and check if the Auxiliary LED is a lid.
  2. Examine the Bluetooth light as well.
  3. Determine whether the Aux or the Bluetooth light is flashing.
  4. Press the Bluetooth button to switch from Aux to Bluetooth.

Once the Bluetooth light is lit up, pair your device to the SoundLink and everything should work correctly.

Note: If the Bluetooth light was already lit, make sure not to press the Bluetooth button, cause this will not change sources.

Solution #4 Re-Add SoundLink From Bluetooth Device

devices re-add

There’s a quick workaround for wireless problems such as the one you’re experiencing with your SoundLink.

By re-adding your SoundLink from the remembered Bluetooth devices on your smartphone or Bluetooth receiver you will refresh the connection.

To re-add your SoundLink from the Bluetooth device, follow these instructions:

  1. On your Bluetooth device, open the Settings tab.
  2. Click on Wireless and head to Bluetooth or Devices.
  3. Locate the Soundlink’s connection and tap “Forget this device”.
  4. Hit the Bluetooth button on your SoundLink again, and re-discover the device.
  5. Press the connection on your Bluetooth device to pair with the SoundLink.
Note: Once re-added, your Soundlink’s configuration will be erased. 

Make sure to re-establish the settings configuration on your Bluetooth device for the Bose SoundLink.

Solution #5 Reset Bose SoundLink

If nothing worked so far, you should perform a factory reset on your Bose SoundLink device.

This will help with major software bugs or glitches your device has developed and you will be able to easily fix the sound output of your device.

Here’s how to reset your Bose SoundLink easily:

  1. Ensure that your SoundLink is up and running.
  2. Locate the Mute button on the device’s front panel.
  3. Hold the mute button for 10 seconds.
  4. Release the mute button once the lights on the speaker blink.
  5. Press the power button to resume the system of your SoundLink.
Alert: Don’t release the mute button before you see the lights blink, because otherwise you will simply mute your SoundLink but not reset it.

How To Fix Bose SoundLink Connected To MAC But No Sound?

no soundlink on mac

If your Bose SoundLink doesn’t seem to be outputting any sound when connected to your MAC, you should check on several essentials.

Here’s what to do to fix the sound output of your SoundLink when connected to MAC:

1. Increase MAC Volume

The volume of your Bose SoundLink will be shared with your MACs. Increase the volume of your MAC and check if your SoundLink will start outputting anything.

2. Re-Enable Bluetooth

On your MAC, go to the wireless settings from the top of the screen and select the Bluetooth icon.

Disconnect from your Bose and reconnect after 30 seconds. Lastly, re-enable the Bluetooth on your MAC.

3. Move SoundLink Closer

The farthest your Bose SoundLink could be from the MAC is 10 meters. Ensure that your Bose device is closer than 10 meters from your MAC.

4. Play Different Media

The current media or song you’re playing from your MAC might have a corrupted audio line. Play a different media to determine if your Bose will start outputting sound.

Note: Keep in mind that the solutions above are also applicable whenever your MAC is running into an issue.

If these bullets didn’t work to fix your MAC, scroll up and attempt to solve the problem using the solutions.

Thus, to fix the problem when your Bose SoundLink is connected but there is no sound, power cycle the device and ensure the correct source is selected. Next, reset the Bluetooth settings of the device that is connected to your Bose, play different media, and increase the volume.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why the Bose SoundLink connected but with no sound, solve the issue with the solutions that we’ve described above.

It is possible that your Bose Soundlink’s life has come to an end, and you will have to either contact a technician for additional assistance or replace your device!

Nicole B