bose soundbar 700 volume not working

Wondering why Bose Soundbar 700 volume not working. Keep reading!

Bose Soundbar gives a theater-like sound when any audio is played on.

However, sometimes, when the Bose Soundbar is connected to smart devices via wire or wireless, no sound comes from the soundbar.

Let’s learn why?

When no sound is coming from Bose Soundbar 700, we need to reconnect the device to the source unit and tighten ALL cable connections. The next step is to select our soundbar as the primary audio output from the device’s settings.

Let’s move further to learn how you can fix the SoundBar volume problem!

How To Fix Bose Soundbar 700 Sound Not Working?

how fix bose soundbar

If your Bose Soundbar 700 is connected to a smart device, but when you play a show or audio, the Bose makes no sound you need some solution methods.

You must take a few steps to resolve this issue so that you can start outputting sound from your Bose soundbar.

Lets’ begin with the obvious!

Solution #1 Use HDMI ARC Input

The very first thing that you need to check is the cable connection between devices.

There may be a chance that the HDMI cable is loosely connected from any end.

This will prevent your TV or source device from recognizing the soundbar, therefore, no audio will be outputted.

Here’s how to properly connect your Bose soundbar to a TV:

  1. Unplug the TV from the power.
  2. Unplug the Bose Soundbar from the power.
  3. Disconnect the HDMI cable from both ends.
  4. Connect one end of the HDMI to the Bose soundbar’s port.
  5. Plug the other HDMI end into the TV’s HDMI ARC (not standalone ports).

After connecting the cables, check whether the Bose Soundbar is making a sound or not.

If not, then the television has to be adjusted for the soundbar. Let’s jump into the next solution!

Solution #2 Set Bose As Default Audio Device!

set the bose as default

In case the audio playback is still coming from the source device’s inbuilt speakers and not from your Bose soundbar, we need to change the settings.

Almost any smart TV nowadays has a default audio device that has to be selected.

All we need to do is select our Bose soundbar!

Note: Older TVs might not have this option!

Set Default Audio Output on Any Smart TV:

  1. Go to the TV’s Settings.
  2. From there go to the Audio tab.
  3. Select Default Music Speaker.
  4. Choose your Bose Soundbar.

Set Default Audio Output on Apple TV:

select audio output on apple tv
  1. From the Home Screen, go to Settings
  2. Select the Video and Audio tab.
  3. Choose Audio Output.
  4. Select your Bose Soundbar.

The menu options labels hardly depend on your TV’s brand and model.

In case you’re using a console or any other source device, rather than a TV, there surely is a default audio option.

All you need to do is find the Video & Audio options and select your Bose Soundbar from there!

Tip: Restart your Bose soundbar source device after the settings configuration!

Solution #3 Check HDMI-CEC Settings

check the hdmi settings

If your Bose and connected devices are attached via HDMI cable, then there is a high chance that the audio channel is incorrectly set.

This is why we’re going to enter the HDMI-CEC settings and test different options to see whether this will help.

Here is how you can enable HDMI-CEC settings:

  1. Open the Bose Music app. 
  2. Go to Settings from the top right corner. 
  3. Look for the Power section by scrolling down the menu. 
  4. Tap on the Advanced CEC option. 
  5. Now select Option 4 or Option 5, which works in your case. 
  6. After selecting the CEC, tap on the back arrow from the top to exit. 

When you’re ready, play any audio from any connected device to check the sound.

In case the audio is still not coming from your Bose soundbar, perhaps something else is wrong!

Note: Don't forget to increase the Bose unit volume to full. 

Solution #4 Switch To Optical Cable!

switch to the optical cable

If you are still unable to make the sound come from the Bose soundbar, then that may be due to incompatibility.

Not all TVs have an HDMI ARC that you can use, perhaps you might need to switch to an optical cable for the setup.

Here is you can set up the optical cable to Bose soundbar:

  1. Connect the optical cable to the TV’s port.
  2. Plug the other end into the Bose soundbar.
  3. Turn ON your Bose soundbar.
  4. Follow Solution #2 to select your Bose as the default audio output.
  5. Test whether the audio will now work.

In case your Bose soundbar 700 is still not outputting sound, check whether you’re interacting with the correct volume source.

Press the Volume Up on your TV’s remote and hit the Left/Right arrows to change between the headphones’ volume and the TV output volume.

To discover the best Optical Cable that you can use for Bose soundbar, scroll to the bottom!

Tip: Increase the volume on both sources and play something to test.

Solution #5 Factory Reset Bose Soundbar!

factory reset the soundbar

In case Bose soundbar 700 is still not outputting sound, then the device might be internally glitched and has to be reset.

So, doing a hard reset on the Bose unit may get it back to default settings and then you can simply connect them again to the smart devices. 

Alert: Keep in mind that doing a factory reset may remove all the Bose settings. 

Here is how you can factory reset your Bose Soundbar 700:

  1. Turn on the Soundbar using the power button. 
  2. Open the Bose Music mobile app. 
  3. Go to My Account from the top right corner. 
  4. Look for the Manage Products from the list.
  5. Click on Edit from the top right corner. 
  6. Now select your Bose device and tap on the Delete button from the top left corner. 
  7. Take the Soundbar remote. 
  8. Hold the Power and Forward buttons at the same time for 5 seconds
  9. Wait for some minutes until the Bose Soundbar resets. 
  10. As the reset process completes, solid amber and white lights will show up. 

When you’re ready, jump back to Solution #2, to make sure that your Bose soundbar is selected as the default audio speaker.

Surely, the audio should start coming from the soundbar instead of the inbuilt TV speakers.

In case that did not help, let’s learn what else we can do!

Bose Soundbar 700 Volume Not Working Still…

the bose soundbar still not working

In case your Bose soundbar 700 volume is still not working, and no sound is coming from the device, perhaps your TV is muted.

Unmute the TV, and increase the volume to at least 80% to be able to hear the playback. 

  • In case that doesn’t help, test connecting the soundbar to another source!

You can use consoles such as PS4, PS5, or Xbox. In addition, you can even connect your Bose soundbar to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

This will help you understand whether the issue is coming from the soundbar or from the TV/source device!

Need Help?

need some help

In case this guide’s troubleshooting methods cannot help you in solving the sound problem with the Bose unit, then reach out to Bose Customer Support.

Explain what you’ve already tried and with a bit of luck, the problem will be gone in no time!

Quick Recap:

Hence, the Bose soundbar 700 volume is not working because the HDMI or Optical Cable connection is loose. We’ve also learned that on every source device we need to select our soundbar as the default audio source for the music to start outputting.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned why Bose Soundbar 700 volume not working, we’re ready to address each possibility and solve the problem in no time.

We truly hope that this guide was helpful so for more relevant content check our blog.

Need Optical Cable?

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