bose soundbar 700 remote blinking

Wondering why your Bose soundbar 700 remote blinking? It’s simple!

Whenever the remote of your Bose soundbar 700 starts to blink, you’ll need to wait for a few moments to check whether the occurrence is not accidental.

In case the blinking continues for more than 2-3 minutes, keep reading to learn what’s the indication and what to do!

When Bose soundbar 700 remote starts to blink the device will be intermittent or will not be able to control your soundbar.

The problem is typically in the battery, but sometimes there are other factors such as signal proximity and stability as well as software issues!

It’s important to first categorize the possibilities so let’s take a quick look!

Why Bose 700 Soundbar Light Blinking On Remote?

bose soundbar remote blinking

The light on your Bose 700 soundbar remote is related to the power of the unit.

Hence, whenever this light is blinking, the remote has lost connectivity to the Bose soundbar.

There could be quite a few different possibilities and the most important thing to remember is that the reason might not always be the remote itself.

Let’s explore!

  • Worn-Out Remote Battery
  • Low Power Product Battery
  • Distance Between Remote & Soundbar
  • Universal Remote Pairing Failed
  • Soundbar Software Problem
  • Remote Signal Interference
  • Your Product Needs Service

These are the possibilities behind the blinking light on your Bose 700 remote, and we’ve managed to find a solution for each of them. 

The solution only requires a few minutes of your time so let’s jump right in!

How To Fix When Bose Soundbar 700 Remote Blinking?

how fix bose soundbar remote

As we’ve discussed, there are quite a few different possibilities for the blinking light on your Bose soundbar remote.

Each of the solutions below is targeting a different possibility so make sure to apply them all in chronological order.

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Reboot The Bose Soundbar!

The first and easiest solution is to restart the Bose soundbar

You can use the power button to Shut Down the device or take the restart one step further and disconnect the soundbar from the outlet to perform a power cycle.

Then you should turn the soundbar back on and check whether the light on the remote is still blinking.

In case that didn’t help, jump into the next solution!

Solution #2 Power Cycle Remote – (Best Working)

power cycle the remote

Since the red light indicates that the remote has lost connectivity to the Bose soundbar, it’s easy to assume that a restart would help.

The power cycle does the same and will also reset ALL remote services, and power supply, and discharge the unit.

Follow the steps below to perform a working power cycle!

  1. Turn the remote upside down.
  2. Open the circular battery compartment.
  3. Use any sharp object to gently eject the battery.
  4. Press ALL Buttons on the remote twice.
  5. Hold the Power Button for 30 seconds.
  6. Reinsert the battery and close the cover.

If the blinking light is now gone, then the remote should be able to turn on and control the Bose soundbar.

In case the light is still there or the remote can’t control the soundbar, keep reading!

Note: Ensure to insert the battery the right way with the text on top!

Solution #3 Keep The Remote In Range!

keep remote in range

When the light on your Bose soundbar remote is blinking persistently, the best next step is to move as close to the soundbar as possible.

Try to put the remote right in front of the soundbar and test turning ON/OFF device using the Power Button.

In addition, level the Bose soundbar with the remote and try to check whether the remote has any functionality over the soundbar or not. 

Important: Inspect the remote’s front-facing side (the IR eye) for any obstructions that are blocking the signal.

Solution #4 Insert New Battery

It’s extremely important to try with a fresh battery before drawing conclusions!

Based on the remote that you’re using for the Bose soundbar, the battery could be 1 x CR2032 3V Lithium Battery or 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries for universal remotes.

You can find these in almost any dollar store or market so make sure to test them with brand-new batteries first.

In case this doesn’t work, proceed with the next solution!

Solution #5 Pair The Remote (Universal Remotes)

pair the remote

In case you’ve got a universal remote that is believed to support Bose Soundbar 700, you’ll need to undergo a setup process.

It’s quite easy to do so and only requires the reader to follow the steps in order so let’s get your universal remote paired to the Bose soundbar in no time!

Note: The Bose Universal Remote uses 4 x AA alkaline batteries!

Pair Universal Bose Remote Via App:

  1. Download the Bose Music App (Google Play or App Store).
  2. Connect your Bose 700 Soundbar to the same WiFi as your smartphone.
  3. Select your Bose 700 Soundbar and go to Settings.
  4. Scroll down and tap on Advanced and tap the Remove Option.
  5. Press and hold the Volume Down + Navigation Button for 5 seconds.
  6. On your smartphone tap on Pair New Remote.
  7. Reinsert one of the 4x batteries.
  8. Press the Volume Up button and tap Done.

Pair Universal Bose Remote Manually:

  1. Disconnect your router from the power (to disconnect the soundbar).
  2. Next, clear the pairing memory of the remote.
  3. Press the Volume Down + Left Navigation button for 5 seconds.
  4. Do the same on the Bose 700 soundbar by pressing the Action Button for 5 seconds.
  5. The light on your Bose 700 soundbar will start to glow.
  6. Press the Volume Up button once.
  7. Plug back your router into the power.

When the Bose 700 soundbar connects, the light should no longer be blinking and the remote should be able to control the device.

In case this does not work, power cycle your equipment.

Solution #6 Use The Correct Battery

use the correct battery

Even if you have already replaced the battery with a new one but the light on the remote is still blinking, you might be using the incorrect battery.

It’s recommended to use a CR2032 3V Lithium Battery and avoid inserting rechargeable units.

It’s also important to ensure that the battery is not intended for lower-voltage products!

This way you will use one of them and always have a replacement when the blinking light appears.

One will last for months, based on your usage but you can be confident that they are the right ones!

Tip: CR2032 3V Lithium Battery can be found in any 1 dollar store!

Does Your Remote Need Servicing?

do remote need servicing


If the blinking light won’t go away no matter what you attempt, perhaps the unit needs servicing so it would be best to seek help.

Local tech stores might provide a repair service for Bose 700 soundbar remote and probably for universal units as well.

Tip: Check if your warranty is still intact.

Quick Recap:

Thus, Bose soundbar 700 remote blinking appears whenever the remote has lost connection or the power supply is insufficient. We need to restart the entire equipment, power cycle the remote, and replace the batteries before pairing the remote.

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more relevant content check our blog!

Nicole B