belkin n300 wi-fi range extender orange light

Whenever you’re having Belkin n300 Wi-Fi range extender orange light flashing you shouldn’t be too worried because it’s not an uncommon problem.

It basically happens when there is no internet at all. It will also light when there isn’t a stable internet connection on the extender.

It will affect the extender as it relies on your primary router to get a signal projected to longer distances.

This problem is simple to fix as you can reboot your router and reconnect the extender. It will rescan the available networks and connect to the strongest ones. There are additional ways to fix the orange light, like checking cable connections, updating your firmware, and more.

Having a strong and stable internet connection is important. Losing it will interfere with your productivity significantly.

Why Is The Belkin N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender Orange Light On?

wifi range extender orange light

The orange light is generally an indication that there is a system problem. It could bring up a solid orange color or blink in the same color.

This makes it easier to identify the cause of the problem and thus fix it.

  1. There is no internet available in the connection. It could be a problem with your system or the internet service provider you are using.
  2. An outdated firmware will make the orange light come on.
  3. There is a settings error on the Wi-Fi range extender.
  4. Obstacles blocking the extender from receiving a strong signal such as walls and distance.
  5. Signal interference from 2.4GHZ and 5.0GHZ Bluetooth connections.
Once you understand what causes the errors, it will be easier to find the right solutions. 

In addition, you should understand the different lights on the extender and what they show.

This article contains solutions for fixing Belkin n300 Wi-Fi Range Extender Orange Light flashing.

How To Turn Off The Orange Light On The Belkin N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender – Solutions

how to fix orange lighr

Before proceeding with these solutions, you should ensure that the range extender is properly powered.

In addition, ensure it is within range of a strong internet connection. You can also turn off other wireless connections that could be causing interference.

Once these solutions don’t work, you can use these methods;

Method #1 Update the Firmware

Outdated firmware on the Belkin n300 Wi-Fi Range Extender will bring up the orange light.

Although they are designed to automatically make the updates, it is preferable to manually check for updates.

This is how to check for updates;

  1. Access the range extender’s online platform through your browser.
  2. Under the settings option, select check for updates.
  3. Enable the automatic updates option and click on check for updates
  4. Download the updates and install them into the range extender.
  5. Save the new change and close.

This will fix the orange light problem and improve the connections. Updates include software that will ensure a sustained connection.

NOTE: All Belkin WiFi extenders are set to automatically update firmware but sometimes the automatic updates may not kick in so you have to do it manually.

Method #2 Check the Cable Connections

check cable connection

This solution involves checking all the cable connections to ensure they are correct.

Run through the power cable on the range extender and ensure it is getting the right wattage. Replace the power outlet with one with a higher rating.

Also, check the cable connections on the router and its modem. Ensure they aren’t broken or bent, as this could be a reason.

Securing the entire cable connection will turn off the orange light on the device.

Method #3 Check the Internet Connection

The orange light mainly stems from poor internet connections. You can confirm the state of your internet connection by performing a speed test.

Use your browser to check the internet speed and make adjustments to the router based on this.

It could also result from your internet service provider problems, and you can contact them to restore the connection.

Connect the range extender directly to the router, and it will receive a strong connection.


  1. Check if there is any scheduled maintenance by the ISP.
  2. Bad weather may disrupt a good internet connection.
  3. Make sure there are no issues with your internet modem.
  4. Pay your internet bill on time.
TIP: You may also need to make reconnections and adjust your router and extender's position. Once correctly adjusted, the orange light will automatically go off.

Method #4 Reposition your Wi-Fi Extender

reposition wifi extender

Wi-Fi extenders have a maximum distance beyond which the connection will become poor and weak.

You should check this from the user guide and use it to reposition your Wi-Fi extender.

Disconnect it from where it currently is and find a position close to the router while still being enough to get the best use from it.

You can move with the extender until the orange light goes off and set it up at that point.

While doing this, you should also ensure there aren’t any obstacles in front or around the extender.

The most common of these is microwave ovens and Bluetooth devices. Clear these obstacles, and the connection will become strong. 

It will turn off the orange light on your Wi-Fi range extender.

Method #5 Reset the Belkin n300 Wi-Fi Range Extender

reset belkin n300 wifi extender

Resetting is a convenient way to revert any recent settings that have created signal problems.

It will restore it to the previous settings by the manufacturer, allowing you to make new settings. It will also help to fix the orange light on the interface.

This is how to reset the extender;

  1. Press and hold the reset button at the back using a pin.
  2. Wait for 45 seconds until it shows a blue light.
  3. Once it restarts, connect to the new Wi-Fi network “Belkin.setup.”
  4. Connect a PC and the wireless extender to the same network to proceed with the process.
  5. Visit the web-based platform for Belkin and log into your account.
  6. Select the “utilities” option and activate “restore default settings.”

You will receive a confirmation on the reset Belkin n300 Wi-Fi Range Extender Orange Light completion.

You can now reconfigure it to solve the orange light error. It will begin working well.

TIP: Make it a habit to often reset your Belkin n300 Wi-Fi range extender at least once every two weeks. Resetting the extender solves a myriad a problems before they cause inconveniences.

Frequently Asked Questions

questions about wifi extender

Will The Wi-Fi Extender Slow Your Internet?

Several factors determine your internet speed. The most significant is your internet service provider.

The effects on your internet speed once the extender is connected will depend on your internet plan.

Can You Have The Extender Plugged And Connected Continuously?

The main reason for getting an extender is to boost your connection.

You can thus choose to have it connected at all times. You can also turn it off when you don’t need the connection.

When you follow these instructions and the problem persists, what should you do?           

In this case, the best option is to contact the manufacturer – Belkin, for assistance. The company will identify the exact cause of the problem and help you through it. 

They can also get you a technician to help out. You should ensure your Wi-Fi connection is strong enough for the extender to connect to. This will solve your problem.

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Final Thoughts

The internet is an important part of everyday living.

It should thus be strong enough when you need it, which is why when Belkin n300 Wi-Fi Range Extender Orange Light you should fix the connection problem right away.

The above guide provides simple ways to fix your connection. It will ensure the red light goes off and that you can enjoy a strong internet connection.

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