asko dishwasher f11 error

Are you getting the Asko Dishwasher F11 error code on display? We got you covered! Asko dishwashers often produce different error codes due to improper maintenance and cleaning.

F11 error is one of the most frequently appearing errors and luckily it’s easy to fix without spending a penny so let’s learn more!

The F11 error in the Asko dishwasher is mainly caused by drainage issues in the machine that only requires some human attention.

To fix the F11 drainage issue error from the appliance, you need to unclog the dishwasher drainage to clear the water path!

Let’s first get a thorough understanding better the F11 Asko dishwasher error!

What Causes Asko Dishwasher Code F11?

causes of asko dishwasher code f11

If you are experiencing the F11 error code on your Asko dishwasher display, it means your appliance is malfunctioning because the water is not draining properly.

The dishwasher’s filters and hoses will gradually clog with dirt or food particles that you need to remove. Thus, recognizing the causal factors will help in dishwasher troubleshooting!

The following are the most frequent causes of Asko dishwasher error F11:

  • Clogged Drain Hose
  • The drainage Filter is blocked
  • Garbage Disposal is Full
  • Defective or Dirty Dishwasher Pump
  • Dishwasher Technical Bug
  • Blocked Air Gap

Now after getting an idea of the causes of the problem let’s jump right in!

Asko Dishwasher F11 Error Fixed in Minutes!

asko dishwasher f11 error fixed

It is now clear that the F11 error is appearing due to a drainage issue in the dishwasher and that’s why it is obvious that you have to troubleshoot those areas.

Before you start, be sure to follow every step properly to avoid any damage to the appliance!

Solution #1 Clean Dishwasher Pump

Drainage issues usually arise when the water does not drain from the Drainage Pump due to clogged food particles or dirt buildup.

Therefore, unclog the pressure pump to clear the drainage way, which will fix the F11 error code from the Asko display.

clean dishwasher pump

Here is how to clean the dishwasher pressure sensor:

  1. Unplug the dishwasher from the Power Source.
  2. Open the door and head over to the bottom cabinet.
  3. Hold the disposal handle and rotate it to the left to take it and filter it out.
  4. Take an old toothbrush and insert it into the pressure sensor oval hole..
  5. Move the brush thoroughly around the hole.
  6. Use a syringe or use any hose to flow water pressure directly into the pump hole.
  7. Take out all dirty water from the dishwasher
  8. Next, run a wash cycle for about 7 minutes.
  9. Test…

If cleaning the pump doesn’t work, then run a test to check if the sensor pump is faulty!

How To Test Dishwasher Pump Sensors?

Simply run a Diagnostic Cycle on the dishwasher to activate the pump. Notice the sound coming from the dishwasher and look into the sink as well.

If a humming sound comes from the dishwasher but the water is not draining from the hose, then the pump is defective.

Solution #2 Unclog The Drain Hose

Check the drain hose next after cleaning the drainage pump. Since the debris, food particles, seeds, or other objects will clog over the hose and cause the blockage.

Therefore, you need to unclog the hose to clear the pathway but don’t be worried, unclogging the hose is very easy!

unclog the drain hose

Here is how to unclog the Asko dishwasher drain hose:

  1. Turn off the Asko dishwasher power. 
  2. Take out the dishwasher from the cabinet to access its back.
  3. Unscrew the lower back panel of the dishwasher and place it aside. 
  4. Locate the drain hose from the bottom and disconnect it using pliers.
  5. Also, disconnect the hose from every connection to take it out for cleaning.
  6. Run the warm water in the hose.
  7. Then take a long and straight soft-bristled brush to scrub the hose to unclog dirt.
  8. Again, run the water to clear the dirt from the hose.
  9. Connect the hose back to the dishwasher the way you disconnected it.
  10. Run a wash cycle to test the dishwasher for the F11 error code…
Note: Replace the hose if the previous one is found broken, defective, or completely clogged!

Solution #3 Reset Asko Dishwasher

reset asko dishwasher

Sometimes, like other appliances, the Asko dishwasher often gets technical glitches that simply require human attention.

It is possible that there may be nothing wrong with the dishwasher drainage but the error is still on display because of a system glitch or operational glitch.

Hence, resetting the machine should solve the Asko dishwasher fault F11!

Here is how to reset the Asko dishwasher:

  1. Unplug the dishwasher from the electrical source.
  2. Wait for about 5 minutes, without skipping.
  3. Plug in the dishwasher to the power outlet.
  4. Run a short wash cycle to test.

If resetting the dishwasher doesn’t address the F11 error from the display, try the next method!

Solution #4 Unclog The Air Gap

unclog the air gap

When water is not properly drained from the dishwasher through the sink line, it keeps staying in the Asko appliance and appears as an F11 error.

If the above ways haven’t worked and the error continues to show, then check the air gap that is set up on the sink for any blockage.

Here is how to unclog the dishwasher air gap:

  1. Locate the Air Gap in your kitchen sink.
  2. Hold the cover to take it off.
  3. Next, lift the air gap cover.
  4. Remove the dirt from the top of the air gap.
  5. Use a straight soft bristle brush tool and insert it into the air gap.
  6. Move the brush up and down to clear the stuck debris from the air gap.
  7. Before closing the air gap cap, test the dishwasher by running water.

As you remove the obstruction in the air gap, you’ll know that the dishwasher is draining properly if the water starts to flow one inch high.

If that doesn’t happen, then no worries, try the following methods!

Solution #5 Clean The Garbage Disposal

clean the garbage disposal

If your Asko dishwasher has a built-in garbage disposal, the issue may be with the disposal rather than the drain hose, pump, or other components. 

Here is how to clean the dishwasher garbage disposal:

  1. Unplug the dishwasher from the Power Source.
  2. Open the dishwasher door and remove the bottom rack.
  3. Locate the filter and Garbage Disposal at the bottom.
  4. Hold the disposal and rotate it to disconnect it from the dishwasher.
  5. Take out the cylindrical shape disposal and filter.
  6. Wash them under lukewarm water for about 2 minutes.
  7. Next, take an old toothbrush and scrub the garbage disposal and filter.
  8. Again, wash them under water, and be sure to clear all dirt.
  9. Place the filter and garbage disposal back into the dishwasher’s bottom.
  10. Close the dishwasher door and run a wash cycle to test the appliance for errors.
Tip: When you’re ready with the cleaning, power OFF and ON your Asko dishwasher!

Solution #6 Replace The Control Board

replace the control board

If the F11 error is still shown on the dishwasher display after trying all the aforementioned solutions, the control board may be defective.

The only possible resolution is to replace the control board if your Asko dishwasher warranty is voided or expired.

Alert: We strongly recommend NOT to open the Asko dishwasher if the warranty is intact!

Here is how to replace the Asko dishwasher control board in easy steps:

  1. Switch OFF the Asko dishwasher power supply.
  2. Unscrew the top front panel of the dishwasher.
  3. Locate the control board within the appliance.
  4. Note down the wire’s orientation for later.
  5. Disconnect all connected wires from the board.
  6. Unscrew the control board and take it out.
  7. Set up the new control board in the same place.
  8. Screw the board tightly with the provided screws.
  9. Connect the wires back in the correct orientation.
  10. Screw the front panel back into the dishwasher.
  11. Turn on the power and check for an F11 error on display.

In case the F11 error persists on display and you are unsure of what might cause this issue, then it is best to contact a local professional for the dishwasher repair.

You can also reach out to Asko Support to get further help and repair your appliance.

Quick Recap:

Thus, whenever the Asko dishwasher F11 error appears on display, unclog the drainage hose, and pump, and power cycle the appliance to test for the error.

In case that doesn’t help, clear the air gap and garbage disposal before replacing the dishwasher’s control board.

Check our blog for dishwasher troubleshooting guides!

Nicole B