arlo live streaming not working

Is the Arlo live streaming not working? In that case, you won’t be able to see what is happening in the surroundings. Such a situation requires fixing ASAP.

When the Arlo live streaming fails, you can start troubleshooting by checking your internet connection.

Further, a firmware update can be necessary, as well as optimizing the camera’s surroundings, checking the battery status, or turning 4K off to spend fewer data.

The guide below will provide all the necessary information to perform the troubleshooting steps correctly.

Arlo Live Streaming Not Working – Reasons

your arlo live streaming not working

Sometimes your Arlo won’t live stream, and you will wonder what is happening.

The causes behind the issue can vary, and you will have to inspect some different components.

What causes the Arlo camera to have trouble live streaming includes:

Weak Wi-Fi Signal

If the camera is too far from the router or there is interference, the live stream will constantly buffer or cut.

Internet Issues

Your connection must be stable and fast enough to transmit the Arlo camera footage.


The firmware on your camera can be either outdated or corrupted. Those situations will prevent the camera from communicating with the servers.

Camera Malfunction

There is some hardware or deep software issue on your camera, which prevents it from performing its ordinary functions.

How To Fix Arlo Live Streaming Issues

how fix arlo live streaming

Given the sort of issues you see are making it impossible to live stream the Arlo footage, you now imagine how to fix it.

However, we will still help you by providing the correct steps you must perform. So pay attention and don’t skip any piece of information!

1. Check The Internet Connection

When you face issues related to live streaming, you first must check how your internet connection is behaving.

That can be assessed by running some very simple tests. The first is to check on your phone or PC if you can access other services.


  1. On your PC or phone, find your favorite site to test the network’s speed;
  2. Wait a while for the test to finish;
  3. Check if the test result matches what you hired from the ISP.

Arlo live streaming is purported to consume only 1 or 2 Mbps. That means any connection should safely transmit it without problems.

However, your router might have to split its frequency to allocate data for a wide array of devices (your phone, PC, Echo Dot, and so on). 

So if the network’s speed is only a bit below what it should be, live streaming might face issues.

How To Fix The Issue

how fix arlo issue

We will help you restore your network’s correct speed and manage it when the speed is not optimal.

Do the following:

  1. Disconnect other devices from the network;
  2. Press the power button on your router;
  3. Turn it on again after a minute;
  4. Connect the Arlo system to the network;
  5. Start a live-streaming session;
  6. Reconnect the other devices to the network.

The steps above intend to make your network prioritize Arlo’s connection, so it will allocate more data to make the live streaming a smooth experience.

2. Update The Camera’s Firmware

update arlo camera firmware

Arlo firmware updates are deployed automatically. However, it is possible that your camera didn’t receive the firmware due to a malfunction.

In that case, you can easily perform a manual update. The base station or Arlo SmartHub can also benefit from updating the firmware.

Here are the steps you must follow to update your Arlo devices:

  1. Open the Arlo app;
  2. Tap on “Settings”;
  3. Now tap on “My devices”;
  4. Choose the camera;
  5. Click on “Device info”;
  6. Tap “Firmware”;
  7. Choose “Update.”

It is common for the Arlo camera to have its LED blink blue and amber while a firmware update is ongoing. 

Then, the camera will turn the LED off for up to 2 minutes. Once you check that the camera has synced to its base station and the LED starts blinking blue, it is ready to use again.

Note: The models compatible with the manual firmware update are: Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 2, Pro, Wire-Free, Q, Q Plus, Go.

3. Optimize The Arlo Camera Position

optimize the arlo position

Sometimes the live streaming failure is caused by weak Wi-Fi, but that is not your router’s fault.

Instead, the camera might be positioned badly, making it difficult for the wireless signals to reach the router.

So here are some great tips to enhance the Arlo camera connection:

  • Keep the camera within the router’s strong waves. You can check on the Arlo Secure app the number of bars on the Wi-Fi icon, which indicates how strong the connection is;
  • If your main router has to handle too many devices, you can opt for a second router or a signal repeater that is placed closer to the Arlo camera;
  • Place the camera in an area where the environment doesn’t mess with the Wi-Fi strength;
  • Keep each Arlo camera at least 6,5ft away from each other;
  • If the camera is connected to an Arlo SmartHub or Base Station, it must be within 300ft of range.

What Sort Of Environment Weakens Wi-Fi

what environment weakens wifi

When we recommend you place the camera where the Wi-Fi doesn’t become weaker, we are talking about the materials used in the area and the number of objects. 

Walls or ceilings will interfere with Wi-Fi depending on their make.

So here are some materials that won’t let many Wi-Fi waves through:

  • Brick;
  • Concrete;
  • Stucco;
  • Ceramic;
  • Stone;
  • Metal;
  • Water (such as aquariums);

So the best nowadays would be to live in a wooden house because wood doesn’t block Wi-Fi signals as much as other options.

4. Turn 4K Live Streaming Off

turn off your 4k live streaming

Depending on your phone, it might face incompatibilities with Arlo’s 4K Live View.

Also, 4K is very demanding on your network, so activating it when there are too many devices already pulling data might result in the live streaming not working. 

Here is what you will do:

  1. Open the Arlo app;
  2. Tap on the “Settings” icon;
  3. Select the camera that’s showing troubles;
  4. Scroll down on its settings;
  5. Tap on “Video Settings.”
  6. Toggle off the “4K Live Streaming” option.

5. Check The Power Level

check the power level

Many Arlo models run on batteries. The batteries can be defective, or they are not fully charged. First, you have to check on their status from the app.

Here is how:

  1. Open the Arlo app;
  2. Tap on the “Settings” icon;
  3. Select the camera that you need to check;
  4. Tap on “Device Info.”
  5. Look for the “Battery Level” option.
If the battery is too low, you must put the camera charge. After it is charged, you must try the live-streaming option again. 

6. Replace The Batteries

replace the arlo battery

Suppose the camera is fully charged. Also, you have tried all other options so far. In that case, you must check the battery’s physical condition. 

Remove The Battery

Even though batteries are less prone to failure nowadays, they can still get defective over time.

And, if your camera doesn’t detect enough power, it will compromise functions such as live streaming.

Do this:

  1. Remove the camera from its housing;
  2. Find the battery;
  3. Pull it off from its attachments;
  4. Check for signs of wear and tear.

Test The Battery

test the arlo battery

Sometimes the battery will look off, presenting damages. Other times, you will have to grab a multimeter to get proper info.

Do the following:

  1. Set a multimeter to continuity;
  2. Touch its probes to the battery’s ends;
  3. Check how the multimeter reads.

Perhaps no continuity will be shown, or the result will show an unstable electrical current.

In both situations, you must buy a new battery and put it into the Arlo camera.

What We Learned

You can try many solutions when the Arlo live streaming is not working. As you have seen in the guide, the problem might lie with the battery, the network, or the camera itself.

Most of the time, fixing doesn’t take a lot of work.

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Nicole B