arlo camera won't update

Are you facing a situation where the Arlo camera won’t update? That is certainly unfortunate, as the camera needs to update to keep in touch with the servers.

When the Arlo camera fails to update, you must first check if you have the correct network settings and try power cycling or factory resetting the camera. If those do not work, you can try to disarm the system or check for wireless interferences around your house.

We understand some of the solutions can sound sophisticated to those that are not tech experts.

However, the guide below will tackle the entire situation. Hence, you will understand how to avoid and solve such an issue in a few minutes.

Arlo Camera Won’t Update – Reasons

the arlo camera wont update

Sometimes the firmware won’t update the Arlo camera, and you will be left wondering what’s gone wrong.

Fortunately for you, we aim to disclose the main reasons behind that malfunction and suggest the best solutions.

Here are the main causes:

Internet Connection

The most common cause of update failure for the Arlo camera is your internet oscillating or suffering any other sort of trouble.

Corrupted Download

Perhaps the download has gone through the end. Still, the connection to the server was not good, so the downloaded firmware got corrupted.

Hardware Malfunction

If you were downloading a firmware update to try and fix an issue on your camera, but it didn’t work, the camera’s hardware may be damaged.

Compatibility Issues

If installing manually, you must apply the correct update for your camera model.

Low Battery

If you are using a wireless camera with a battery, ensure its battery is sufficiently charged before putting it to update. 

How To Fix An Arlo Camera That Won’t Update

how fix arlo camera wont update

Usually, updating the firmware on the Arlo camera is meant to be a troubleshooting step.

However, when that becomes a problem too, what should you do? Below you can find six solutions to solve that situation.

1. Check The Network Settings

First, you must ensure that you are connecting the Arlo camera(s) to the correct network.

Since the Arlo camera will connect to your Wi-Fi through the phone, you must connect the phone to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

If you are not sure, do the following:

  1. Swipe to check your Wi-Fi settings;
  2. If your phone picks up two networks in your home, you must be able to identify them;
  3. Usually, the 5GHz will have “5G” on its name, so don’t connect to it!

2. Enforce A Manual Update

enforce a manual update

Perhaps the issue you are facing is that your Arlo camera is not receiving automatic updates from the app, and you still haven’t learned how to do a manual update. 

After all, whenever you try to check the live view, you are prompted by a message telling you to update.

Do the following:

  1. Open the Arlo app;
  2. Go to “Settings”;
  3. Now tap on “My Devices”;
  4. Choose the camera that must be updated;
  5. Click on “Device info”;
  6. Now select “firmware”;
  7. Tap “Update”

After the procedure, you must be able to check that camera’s live view again. 

Note: If that is not possible, it means the update hasn't gone through. In that case, follow the next solution.

3. Power Cycle The Camera

power cycle arlo camera

Power cycling is one simple method you can try when your Arlo camera is not responding even to a firmware update.

  • A power cycle is nothing more than letting the camera rest and then booting it up again. 

Power Cycle Wired Models

Here are the step to power cycle a wired Arlo camera:

  1. Turn the camera off;
  2. Wait 10 seconds;
  3. Turn the camera on again.

Power Cycle Battery-Powered Models

And here is how you must power cycle if your Arlo has a battery:

  1. Turn the camera off;
  2. Remove the battery;
  3. Wait a few seconds;
  4. Reinstall the battery;
  5. Turn the camera on again.
Note: Sometimes, the power cycle is called a "soft reset." Because it is a soft reset, it will not eliminate your app and camera settings. Instead, it will only reset the hardware for a while.

4. Disarm The System

disarm your system

Sometimes, the Arlo camera must be disarmed to receive updates, be they deployed automatically or manually. 

Without disarming the system, the update will seem like it is taking forever to download and install.

Here is how you can arm or disarm a single device:

  1. Open the Arlo Secure app;
  2. Click on “Mode”;
  3. Select the camera you want to disarm;
  4. There is a pencil icon with “Disarmed”/” Armed”;
  5. Touch it and ensure that the camera remains “Disarmed.”

Disarm All Devices At Once

Alternatively, you can disarm all your Arlo devices simultaneously if they allow that function.

Here is how:

  1. Open the Arlo Secure app;
  2. Touch on “Mode”;
  3. Tap on “Disarm All Devices” if possible.
Tip: After disarming the Arlo camera, try Solution #2 again. While disarmed, the Arlo software should have no trouble receiving the necessary update.

5. Find Sources Of Wireless Interference

find sources of wireless interference

Nowadays, everyone has a lot of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. Because of that, routers are becoming more and more powerful. 

Thus, some Arlo users have found that neighbors with a strong 2.4GHz Wi-Fi were interfering with their ability to connect to the Arlo cameras and update them.

Move The Camera To Install The Firmware

Solving that will require you to do the following:

  1. Identify if your Arlo camera is within a neighbor’s Wi-Fi range;
  2. Take the Arlo camera from that spot and get it closer to your router;
  3. Install the firmware update;
  4. Put the Arlo camera back into the correct spot.

Manage The Router’s Position

Of course, suppose that the Arlo camera is not working in the designated spot. In that case, you might have to give up that place.

However, if that is a good strategic spot because of safety measures, you can try one of the following:

  • Put your router closer to that spot so the Arlo camera receives a better signal from it;
  • Buy a signal repeater to extend your Wi-Fi strength;

Change The Wi-Fi Channel

change your wifi channel

The most common reason behind the interference happening in the first place is that you and your neighborhood might be using the same channel. 

  • Each frequency has a range of channels available, with 5GHz having over 20 channels and 2.4GHz having 11 channels.

Do the following:

  1. Download NetSpot software into your MacBook or Windows PC;
  2. Open the app;
  3. Allow it to scan the area and get info about Wi-Fi networks;
  4. Take note of the channels used by the 2.4GHz networks nearby.

With that info in mind, you must do the following:

  1. Open your web browser;
  2. Type your router’s IP and press enter;
  3. Once inside the router’s settings, go to “Wireless settings”;
  4. Click on “Channels”;
  5. Select a channel that is less used by your neighbors or not used at all.
Save the changes and exit the router's settings. The router will reboot, so wait a while before you try to connect the devices and update your Arlo camera.

6. Factory Reset The Camera

factory reset arlo camera

A factory reset will eliminate all the camera’s settings, meaning you will have to later pair it again with the app.

However, it can also eliminate corrupted files preventing the successful update.

Here is how you can do it:

Factory Reset A Camera Connected To The Cloud

If your camera is online, you don’t need to turn it off. You can do this:

  1. Open the Arlo Secure app;
  2. Touch on “Devices”;
  3. Click the camera that must be reset;
  4. Touch the gear icon;
  5. Touch the device name;
  6. Touch on “Remove device”;
  7. Confirm.

Factory Reset An Offline Camera

If the camera is offline, the resetting method is different:

factory reset the offline camera
  1. Remove the camera from its housing (if possible);
  2. Press the Sync button for 15 seconds;
  3. Release when the LED blinks blue;
  4. Wait for the LED to blink amber three times;
  5. Launch the Arlo Secure app;
  6. Go to Devices>the camera you are removing>gear icon;
  7. Tap the “Device name”;
  8. Select Remove device;
  9. Confirm.
Note: Next, you will have to go back to the app's home and touch the "+" sign to add the camera again. That goes for both methods.

What We Learned

As you have seen, when the Arlo camera won’t update, you have many options to draw from.

Most of them will get your camera going in only a few minutes. However, let’s suppose none of the solutions work.

In that case, the issue is most likely a hardware one, and you must contact Arlo to get a replacement (if you are still under warranty).

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